Doe Deer from Displaced to Deva

Doe Deere was recently quoted as stating that, “America was is and always will be great.” If you know her personal story that we’ll share with you here, you’ll understand why her compelling experience crafted her opinion.


A dream, a family and a fated meeting


One, very lucky year made the dream of a girl and her family come into reality. It may have been Doe’s love of the US and absorption in the culture that fueled the opportunity. Whatever the case, once she came, things seemed to be OK until it took a turn for the worse.


Her family arrived and with her mother’s life-savings created jobs and a small apartment. Her mother cleaned houses and Doe, watched the neighbor’s cats. But as time wore on, the money was just not enough to make ends meet. So, with no more than roughly $7 and change left in the bank, they checked into a homeless shelter.


From a small apartment to a far less comfortable and safe one-room, one-bed hole in the wall with no kitchen was traumatic. But this doesn’t mean all was lost. Not by a long shot. ]


Before we explain to you how it turned out, as if you didn’t already know, you have to understand one thing. Her love for America and immigration comes from a deep sense of never-ending hope. A fire always burned in Doe Deere for as long as she can remember with the inner-knowledge that all would be well.


How her opportunity sprung forth


As luck would have it, a feminist who saw the potential in Doe and her family of three displaced females, took a proactive approach in their situation. She was a social worker who introduced them to a non-profit organization called Sanctuary for Families. It proved to be a springboard to her future and that of the entire family. Her mother, now an accountant; her sister, at Columbia University and herself at The Fashion Institute of Technology.