Dissecting The Professional Career Of Greg Blatt- A Revered Business Leader and Executive

Greg Blatt has served in different companies over the years, and Match Group is one of them. IAC and Tinder have also benefited from the leadership skills of Greg Blatt. Prior to becoming an executive at IAC, Greg Blatt was in charge of business counsel and general counsel at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Since he has a background in law, Blatt has also served at Wachtell, Lipton, Rozen & Katz, as well as Grubman Indursky. The two law firms are based in New York. 

After completing college, Greg Blatt lived in different regions and he worked was involved in house painting, working as a bartender, as well as bussing tables. He then went to law school where he developed an interest in finance and corporate law and finance. Blatt then began to work at a large M&A firm that was situated in New York. After that, he gained an interest in entertainment law. He was also writing different screenplays and a novel. His main aim was to work on something that aligned with his personal and creative interests. Martha Stewart was one of his clients (Everipedia). 

After founding her company, she hired Greg Blatt as the general counsel. Greg seized the opportunity. Four years later, Blatt was offered a position at IAC where he would also serve as the general counsel. The company was larger than Martha Stewart. He accepted the job offer, and he was able to learn more about online dating. Greg Blatt saw that the online dating scenery was filled with a lot of potential and he made sure that Match Group, IAC, and Tinder would grow extensively under his regime as an executive. Match Group got its Initial Public Offering under the leadership of Blatt. 

As a business leader, Blatt prefers face to face meetings since they are more productive. He is also very interrogative. He believes that dialogues and questions can help to bring about progress. Also, he believes that flexibility is essential when serving as a leader in any organization. He also executes his ideas promptly. As a leader, Greg Blatt also makes sure that some ideas can be brought to life by utilizing his influence and working with the right people. He believes that positive results can be yielded when a person actively involves their team in their operations.

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