Determination and Innovation: Smita Shah

As CEO and President of SPAAN Tec, Smita Shah is a monumental business leader with vast engineering and business knowledge. Numerous platforms have recognized Ms. Shah for her exponential performance. Crain’s Chicago Business acknowledges Ms. Shah as the nineteenth most connected individual in the state. Her talents have allowed her to serve on the Board of Directors for multiple corporations such as the Museum of Science and Industry, After School Matters, and the Chicago Plan Commission. Her accomplishments have propelled her forward. Ms. Shah has consistently committed herself to innovation for multiple businesses, especially small ones. International companies appreciate her strong determination in economic and cultural growth. As an accredited businesswoman, Ms. Shah has taken every opportunity to assist multiple individuals and to innovate corporations. 


Over twenty years ago Smita Shah started SPANN Tech, and she is extremely grateful she did so. She was only two years out of MIT with her masters when she started the revolutionary company. Now the commissioned businesswoman is an astounding example for other powerful women to rise up in the industry. On the Cochran Show, Shah goes into more detail about her company talking about the importance of engineering, science, technology, and math. At the basis of her company, Shah wanted an innovated platform to work with other creatives on projects and to build communities. At the time of her launch, no one was openly talking about science, math, and the stem term. It did not even exist twenty years ago. 


Smita Shah was one of the only females who was consistently was involved in math. Ms. Shah never counted herself as unique in any way even though she was the only girl surrounded by five boys working on math. She knew that she was different though because she is a brown-skinned female, but she never let that hold her back. It was a normal aspect of her life. Ms. Shah does identify as a big nerd, and she knew she was one. The challenges she did face were men thinking that she was just a regular employee or the marketing girl. This small issue still happens today. Individuals make assumptions and judgments about Ms. Shah continuously, and it is because they are looking from the outside in. Numerous people are surprised about how much she actually knows about engineering and that she graduated at a top-level from MIT. Learn more:


Smita Shah does not allow the assumptions to put her down, but it empowers her to continue in this form of education. The country continuously falls short in the knowledge of math and science, and Ms. Shah wants to break that notion. Forty-seven percent of MIT student population is women, and they are quite successful in the field. Although that is true, Ms. Shah shares that she feels we are still missing the fundamental science and math growth for both genders in school. It is an essential building block to help people in their lives, and without them, you are damaging young individual’s useful skills.

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