Damac Owner Hussain Sajwani Claims That Dubai Benefits Most From Middle East Tensions

The Middle East has for the longest time witnessed some of the most volatile political landscapes. From the Iran-Iraq to the Iraq-Kuwait wars and political turmoil in Egypt and Somalia, these Islamic nations have had their share on misfortunes. And Hussain Sajwan the Daman Owner, a group of international businesses extending from real estate to hospitality, believes that Dubai has benefited most from all these in fights and wars.

Elites troops in

The real estate developer argues that every time the political heat rises in the Middle Eastern countries, their elite class moves in droves into Dubai, which was ranked the fifth safest city in the world. In most cases, they will move back to the tensions subside.

However, some tend to move their businesses and centers of operation from the country and shift them to Dubai, further enriching the already fattened city. Its neutrality in political involvements in these tensions makes it the perfect trading partner with all the idle eastern nations.

Facts back real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani and his theory by illustrating that Dubai benefited most during the Iraq-Kuwait wars as well as during the long periods of political unrest in Somalia. Currently, the two countries have some of the highest numbers of immigrants living in the UAE. Most of these have established thriving businesses in Dubai that have become a part of the City’s backbone.

More about the Damac Owner

Hussain Sajwani established Damac group as the parent company to many of his businesses interests. He has particularly made a name for himself in the field of luxury real estate with his Damac Properties Company established in 2002. Through the outfit, he has worked on some of the most popular residential, commercial properties across the world and partners with equally influential real estate industry players like Donald Trump in some of these projects.

The Damac Owner who is currently ranked 5th on the Forbes list of richest Arabs has his eyes set on the Chinese real estate market. His company, Damac group was also ranked as the fifth fastest growing company in the world in 2017. Getting in an equally fast-paced market like China can only serve to further boost Damac’s fortunes.

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