ClassDojo Communication Platform

ClassDojo is a messaging platform which aims to connect the academic stakeholders, that is school management, teachers, parents and students for easier communication. This product was developed by ClassDojo. which is a technology company based in San Francisco, California. It mainly focuses on identifying and solving common problems in the education sector. The company was established in the year 2011 by Liam Don, who is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Sam Chaudhary, the current Chief Executive Officer.

ClassDojo is an easy to use application which supports most of the available mobile and computer operating systems. Most of its consumers are residents of the United States but its usage has expanded to more countries across the world. Recent statistics show that at least one out of six families in the United States use the application. Since most parents are usually busy, attending PTA meetings is a huge commitment. This application provides a practical solution to this problem since parents are able to follow up on the progress of their children wherever they are. Teachers can directly contact parents on a direct message feature and receive an immediate feedback. In addition, parents get involved in class and school activities through a photo and video sharing feature on the ClassDojo application.

The students also benefit from the application since they can easily communicate with any parent or teacher at will. Most of them find this easier than direct approach which encourages them to put their issues across freely. The students are also provided with individual portfolios. These can be used to share events or learning experience s with their friends, family and teachers. ClassDojo can therefore help the teachers to provide personalized attention to each student. This will also give the students a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. ClassDojo also allows parents and teachers to tutor students on a wide range of social skills. These are necessary in building the students to excel in all scopes of life. Learn more about ClassDojo by going to their website –