ClassDojo App Shows that it Has Staying Power

The ClassDojo app has become a missing link in education that teachers and parents have been waiting for. The app has grown fast as this company out of San Francisco that has turned up the heat in competing for the top spot for the educational technology app. This is a light app that is quick to download, but it is a full feature app that does so much for teachers and parents that need a platform for connecting on the students that are being taught.

In the classroom there was once a time when a chalkboard and textbook where the main learning tools. There was little to no technology in the classroom. An overhead projector may have been the only thing that was technologically based in the classroom for learning tools. Today a large majority of schools have replaced chalkboards with smartboards. There are tablets for test taking and general learning. It only makes sense to have an app in place that is going to make the process of communicating easier between teachers and parents. That is where the ClassDojo app comes into place. It has become the type of app that has shown many teachers that there is another method, aside from a physical face-to-face meeting, for connecting with parents. This ClassDojo app has become the community that people are connecting to in order to show that there is a better way to update and display portfolios for children.

The digital age of educational apps has allowed a company like ClassDojo to come into the education system and actually build a better community for educators. There are a plethora of apps around, ClassDojo has proven that this is an app that has staying power. A large percentage of schools in the United States use ClassDojo. It has become a global sensation in a short amount of time. More people are embracing this because the app is getting more exposure.

It has been featured as one of the best educational apps in Forbes magazine. It has also become the app that has made the list of the 50 Best Resources for Teachers in accordance to Fusion Year Books. This app is also getting a fair amount of attention on social media.

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    The combination of all of these things has made it possible for more people to discover ClassDojo. It has become the app that will forever change communication in education. We at are expecting the awesomeness of the app.

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