Class Dojo

For a very long time teachers have been trying to find better ways of communication between them and their students parents. Sending hand written notes back and forth between school and home with the students was not very effective. A lot of times the notes would get lost or damaged. Sometimes the students would forget to pass on the notes. When ClassDojo was developed teachers were ecstatic. Having a means of communication through technology sounded like the best idea ever.

ClassDojo is an application that teachers use to send pictures, videos, assignments, and notes back and forth with parents. If there is a problem with a student the teacher can easily communicate that problem with the parents. The parents can keep up with what their students are doing in class by viewing pictures, videos, and assignments right from their cell phones. ClassDojo really changed the means of communication between teachers and students.

ClassDojo helps parents stay involved in their child’s education. When parents are more involved with their child’s education the child is more likely to do better in school. Having parents that stay involved with their child’s schooling allows the child to study better. Teachers are pleased with the way that parents stay involved through ClassDojo.

ClassDojo has been a turning point when it comes to education. Keeping parents involved has always been a big goal for teachers, and being able to do that through something as simple as an app on their phones has made it even easier. Teachers and parents love how easy it is to use the app. They love how quickly they can send a message back and forth about work or problems going on at school. ClassDojo is changing education for the better. It is helping teachers and parents do better with educating the students.