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How Rebel Wilson Went From Introvert To Global Icon

Rebel Wilson has made quite a name for herself over the past few years, with much of this popularity exploding after the Australian actress appeared as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Since then, Wilson has had quite a few notable roles in many prominent comedy films; with each new film, her popularity still grew, and […]

Chainsmokers Use Music To Cope With Fame

If it’s music that made you famous in the first place, it might seem odd to use it as therapy for the side effects of fame, but that’s exactly what the wildly popular duo “the Chainsmokers” are doing with their recent wave of new music. Composed of two young and hungry musicians, the Chainsmokers are […]

Alex Pall Answers Questions About The Chainsmokers Rise

Recently, Alex Pall did an interview where he and Andrew Taggart answered questions on how they met and the things that led them to have the Chainsmoker band. The band has seen increasing popularity this year and is only growing in popularity. How It All Began Alex Pall was a DJ when he was a […]