Carsten Thiel’s Marketing Methods

EUSA Pharma’s President of Europe, Carsten Thiel, has successfully launched many medical products over his career. Using his powerful convictions and holding himself to the highest level of medical ethics, Thiel has introduced a variety of life-improving medical products such as Vectibix, Prolia, and Neulasta. He has also improved medical protocols used by doctors and hospitals around the world.

Born in Berlin, Germany, Thiel took an interest in chemistry at a young age. Carsten Thiel studied organic chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Bristol. He then went on the earn a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry.

Thiel’s professional career began at the biotechnology firm Hoffman-la Roche, where he was hired on as the Communications and Product Manager. He quickly climbed the ranks and soon found himself in charge of the company’s scientific marketing division, a position that allowed him to implement his extensive education.

Thiel’s first big product launch came with the introduction of Xenical, a weight loss product. Thiel successfully launched this product by avoiding exaggeration and choosing a slow and steady approach for market gains, protecting the integrity of the product and its producer.

Later in his career, when tasked with launching a colorectal cancer treatment known as Vectibix, Thiel was able to attempt a new approach to marketing. This new plan included educating medical providers and patients about the product. Additionally, Thiel’s plan encouraged doctors to implement biomarker measurements to patients using Vectibix, in order to guarantee the product was working effectively.

Carsten Thiel’s integrity and hard work have made the medical field more effective and safer than ever before. Thanks to him, patients and doctors are more knowledgeable about the products that they are using.

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