Betsy Devos on the Issues

Betsy Devos has been working hard to improve school campus security and better school options for America’s students. Ever since she was appointed to the US Education Secretary office, she has been talking to educators and reporters about her plans for educational choice. However, it’s been a difficult road to get these new policies implemented. Many states don’t want to add educational choice options to their legislature, and Devos has been working overtime to see that states offer these choices to students, as promised.


One of the issues is that parents are having a hard time with common core math. Many parents want their students to be able to pick a school where they can learn and not necessarily go to a failing school that isn’t able to pass standardized tests. These issues have been worsening around the country, and right now, Devos says that the best thing is for states to have more educational choice opportunities.


Last year, Betsy Devos did an interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes.” The interview detailed her plans for educational choice, and why she wants to put students first. It also talked about her struggles with student safety reform in campuses across America, as the nation deals with its gun violence problems.


Many educators have felt polarized by Betsy Devos who isn’t your traditional US Education Secretary. She grew up in Michigan and went to Calvin College, where she became active in politics and joined the campaign for Gerald R. Ford. She also worked in the Michigan Republican Party, and she would eventually become the Chairman for the Michigan Republican Party, leading her to become the US Education Secretary in 2017.


While there are those who don’t like educational choice, Devos has said that people simply don’t understand how it works. In fact, it’s fueled by philanthropy, according to Devos who has had several big names on her donor list. Some of the donations come from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and there are also donations from Bill Gates and Sam Walton. Devos has also contributed to education funds in amounts over $35 million.


She discussed the success of her programs at length with Leslie Stahl, focusing on what she plans next for education reform. She also talked about states where educational choice had been very successful, such as Florida and Louisiana. In Florida, students have the most options for educational choice. They can go to a virtual school, private school, magnet program, homeschooling program, or charter school. There is even a tuition-based scholarship program that students can apply to.


Devos has been working with state educators on new school safety policies since 2018. After the Parkland shooting, she was placed in charge of leading the fight against gun violence in schools. So far, those policies have worked, and Devos has been touring schools with the First Lady since 2019.


It will be interesting to see if any other states sign on for educational choice by 2020. Devos is working hard to see that new policies are implemented in most states by the end of her term.


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