Betsy DeVos Is The Reformer That Washington D.C. Needs

If you’ve paid any kind of attention to the political scene over the past decade, you know just how broken and partisan things have become. The right/left divide has never been greater and this is leading to citizens throughout the country suffering from politicians who are refusing to do their job for the people. The rise of Republican Donald Trump to the Presidency showcased the reality that people are willing to vote for change and that they are willing to try something new. It only makes sense that President Trump would bring in someone like Betsy DeVos in order to head the Department of Education. Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education and she’ll be serving to continue the reformation process that President Trump has started. Let’s get to know Betsy DeVos so we can know what makes her tick.


Betsy DeVos is a reformer, of that there is no question. Born Elisabeth Prince, Betsy DeVos grew up in a small Dutch community located in the state of Michigan. She was raised on the core principles that had helped to make her family so successful: adherence to faith, commitment to family, and a family-wide vow to reform the world around them for the better. DeVos would attend Calvin College as a teenager and it was there that she first began to get active in the world of politics. In Calvin College, DeVos would rally around the political identity that she has since been championing for the past thirty years.


Betsy DeVos is a staunch supporter of education reform at the highest levels of the federal government. She has spent her entire career working in the public spotlight in order to try and introduce education reform to the world. She’s a staunch supporter of school choice and one of the foremost advocates of the charter school system. Thanks to Betsy DeVos’s work, school choice has managed to spread to more than 17 states while affecting 250,000 students with more bodies enrolling into the system every single year. Did we mention that Betsy DeVos had this success while working as a private citizen? It’s true!


For Betsy DeVos, coming to Washington D.C. is just the next step in her lifelong ambition of reforming education around the conservative concept of choice. DeVos will have the backing of the President and the power of 2/3rds of the United States government on her side in order to make her dreams come true.


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  1. Kaliyah Julian Post author

    I think it only takes one who knows the importance of something to act on it. That is what I believe about Betsy DeVos who is working all round to make sure she reforms the education sector. There is need to understand everything about relationship as this will help give one a healthy relationship. Betsy is committed to her family even as she is adherence to faith.

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