Betsy DeVos and a Powerful Planet

Is Betsy DeVos a rare woman? Most people say that she is. Most people can’t fathom others who are like her. She’s long been a woman of many talents. She’s long been a woman who has had many aspirations in this world as well. DeVos doesn’t let obstacles of any kind dissuade her. Obstacles actually only make her feel even more enthusiastic about the tasks that are in front of her.


What are the things that keep DeVos up at night? There are many subjects that fall under this categorization. She puts a lot of time into the schooling universe in America. She ponders educational matters in detail. She has gone to hundreds and hundreds of schools all around America. Her quest for school glory isn’t something that’s confusing to Dick DeVos. Dick is the man who has been her husband for ages now.


What proves that Dick understands his wife’s devotion to educational matters? There are many things that prove it. One thing that stands out, though, is the fact that this businessman set up the West Michigan Aviation Academy. He set it up not too long ago in 2010. It’s a relatively new educational institution in the Midwest. It’s not just in any part of the Midwest, either. It’s at the airport in vibrant and welcoming Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its airport setting isn’t a baffling one. It’s a school that has to be in close proximity to all sorts of aircrafts. It’s an academy that accommodates the schooling requirements of youngsters who are keen on the aviation division. The kids who go to this school often want to become pilots when they’re fully grown. Dick relates to them fully. He’s been enamored by the concept of air travel for eons. His wife grasps his adoration of the air travel realm. It’s something that makes her feel content. She adores seeing her husband in his element.


Betsy DeVos functions as a sedulous Education Secretary in the United States. President Donald J. Trump is the political powerhouse who provided her with that job title a while back. She’s run with the job for quite some time, too. She adores heading to her office in the morning. Sitting down at a desk and thinking about the educational system is something that makes her feel like a million bucks. She wants to do anything possible to push education forward in her huge home nation.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a group that operates within the United States. It’s no shocker that it’s a non-profit organization that was launched by Betsy and her husband. They launched it in 1989. They never get bored of thinking about the foundation and all of its possibilities. They’re driven by the desire to make the entity bigger and stronger by the day. They give it a lot of money. DeVos is a philanthropist in every sense of the term. Her husband is a philanthropist as well. They want to strengthen the planet and its population.


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