Barbara Stokes Gives Back to the Community through the Green Structure Homes of Alabama

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama has been offering donations to various non-profit organizations. Recently, the Habitat for Humanity received a generous donation from the GSH in the form of building materials. As a disaster relief contractor, GSH is dedicated to making sure that relief victims have access to affordable housing. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

The company is based in Huntsville, AL. They engage in the construction of houses that are energy-efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly, as well as fully customizable. Barbara Stokes oversees the operations of the Green Structure Homes of Alabama. As a philanthropist, she makes sure that the company has achieved its goals with minimal discrepancies.


GSH has been dealing with building supplies that are of high quality. Additionally, the Green Structure Homes of Alabama does not deal with left-over or scrap materials. They always make use of new building materials. Some of the materials that they use during the construction process include Hardie Fascia as well as sheets of Drywall since they help to reduce water absorption. GSH also makes use of Linoleum flooring. The Habitat for Humanity will now make use of these materials as a way of making sure that the housing instability in Madison County has been eradicated. With the prowess and dedication of Barbara Stokes, GSH and the Habitat for Humanity will achieve their targets at ease. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.