Axiom Ventures Managing Partner Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger had an early start into the world of business, creating his own firm Business Associates Europe in 2007 while studying in the Netherlands at Maastricht University where he received his Bachelor of Science in International Business. After graduating Tobias started several other businesses where he gained experience in a diverse range of market segments including video games, consulting, finance and film.


Presently his company AXIOM Venture focuses on investing in the entertainment and media industry where the firm aids clients in areas such as movies and television expand and find new and innovative ways to fund their corporations. Alongside AXIOM Venture is AXIOM Pictures which is a European based entertainment fund that focuses on investments in global movie projects.


Tobias’s work has brought him to over forty-three different countries. His travels have enabled him to become a polyglot with the ability to speak six different languages including English, Italian and Spanish His travels and ambitions are matched by his fellow members of the TEDx organization, and he enjoys connecting with wonderful people around the globe in order to make terrific projects come to life. To that end, he is constantly contributing to global business news networks to share his thoughts on developments in the media and entertainment industry. Tobias also believes that meeting people from around the world in a variety of industries gets you out of the bubble of your own industry so you can discover fresh ideas that can be brought back to your own industry that will enable your corporation to stay competitive.


With a work schedule Tobias describes as “fluid,” he has the opportunity to experience something new every day such as attending a myriad of industry events and conferences further aiding his ability to travel. The cornerstone of his day is ensuring that the projects him and his company working on are well supported by research and evidence to ensure that they are taking the best possible steps and avoid leaving things up to chance. Tobias believes that the key to success as an entrepreneur is to trust your gut and make a decision early while there is still time, as keeping an eye open and waiting for the right moment can leave you in a poor predicament later.


Tobias is also a loving husband and father who he lives with in Berlin, Germany.


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