Ashley Lightspeed: Being A Positive and Helpful Person by Studying

Ashley Lightspeed gets paid to learn and make the right decisions overall. This is the truth.

Ashley lightspeed is venture capitalist. This means that she has to make decisions that will help her firm do a good job and bring great returns within the startup land.

Ashley may look at deals that are taking place within the sector of finance, of technology and why one company would make sense for another company to buy. To find more details on Ashley’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Here’s an example below.

Why Did AmEx Acquire a recent Startup?

AmEx’s decision to acquire Resy stems from the corporation’s strategic plan to enhance the value proposition of its cards.

Through Resy’s infrastructure, digital outreach and industry connections, the financial behemoth is aiming to add accessibility to exclusive restaurants to the list of its cards’ features.

It has been noticed in the past few years that cardholder benefits have taken prominence when it comes to appealing to customers. If a card offers a certain edge over the other in terms of air miles or a travel experience, then customers tend to favor it.

With Resy’s ability to provide easier access to high-end and exclusive restaurants, AmEx aims to extend its vast hospitality benefits to include an extended list of top-tier restaurants as well.

AmEx currently has its dining reservation program which already provides exclusive access to a slew of restaurants. Now with Resy’s assistance, it aims to take it to a whole new level in terms of lucrative customer benefits.

As it turns out, the financial institution is in dire need of said features as well. Competitors such as Chase and Citibank already offer their own exclusive cards in the form of Sapphire Reserve and Prestige, respectively. As mentioned above, AmEx does have a program in this aspect. It has just not been as extensive as its competitors.