Article Title: The Aggressive Growth Of The Osi Food Solutions

Article Text:

OSI Food Solution was initially set up in Oak Park town back in 1909. The organization has had immense growth over the years as one of largest fast-food chain suppliers in the world. The OSI Food Solutions have over sixty five set ups in 17 countries around the world. The company started small after the founder Otto Kolschowsky relocated to the United States from Germany.

In 1928, the business changed its name to Otto & Sons after they set up the business in the suburbs of Chicago, Mayhood. OSI Food Solutions gained its greatest breakthrough in 1955 when they partnered with a burger restaurant, the infamous McDonald’s, as their meat supplier. With the enormous success of the company, the built a meat processing plant in the west sides of Chicago. They were now able to increase their productions, shaping the meat products and packaging them ready for supply. The plant also consisted of a preservation mechanism where the meat could be frozen in liquid nitrogen. In the year 1975, the Otto & Sons company Changed their name to OSI Foods; the ‘O’ and ‘S’ standing for the initial titles.

The OSI Food Solutions made partnerships with several other companies for example, Alaska Milk Corporation General Million Corporation (which formed the GenOSI); they were able to supply products to Asia through these partnerships. In the year 2002, the OSI Food Solutions made a major turn by setting up a facility in Beijing, China known as OSI China. The company’s reputation on perfected production and delivery has being able to put them on a global scale for managing to maintain the customer satisfaction and also improve in matters food safety.

Since it was founded, the OSI Food Solutions has being able to expand their venture with various processing plants, poultry farming establishments and warehouses. The organization has been working around the clock to increase its sales through dominating the industry worldwide. The company’s ability to spread their business horizons in The US, Europe and China, has earned them a great deal of respect in the production and supply industry.

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