Article Title: Susan McGalla and Drive For Better Service

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Susan McGalla understands that life may not always be a bed of roses but she also realizes that there is always a silver lining that is present within each moment of life. She understands that it is those challenges that help one to grow and become stronger. She knows that without challenges in life, one would not be able to progress and become more. They would not be able to transform themselves and make a difference within their world.

She has had a long journey and has witnessed many different principles over the course of her path in the corporate sector. One key part of her process is that of investing in herself and in her education. Investing in her education and in herself has opened a variety of doors for her in her life.

She knew that if she invested her time in a great fashion that she would able to have the correct knowledge and skill sets to add value to the environments that she was a part of. She strives hard each day to become an asset a strong value add to each different context.

As such, she is prized and appreciated in the corporate environment and in the startup environment as well. Susan McGalla realizes the importance of being useful and utilizing different tactics and strategies to make a difference in the lives of her co-workers, her peers, and the people she serves on a regular basis. She knows the importance of thinking differently and uniquely. Susan McGalla has seen the value of thinking about problems in a different manner and approaching situations with a calm and collected mind.

One way that she has made a difference in her life and in the lives of others within her life by investing her self and in her education. She continues to learn about the world around her and the issues that are present within to see how she can become a problem solver and become a person who can make a dent in the universe.

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