Steve Ritchie puts emphasis on diversity training

Papa John’s International Inc. has decided to roll out diversity training for all its employees. In an open letter addressed to stakeholders of this company and which was published on the company’s website, Steve Ritchie, the new CEO, outlined this and other measures that he is going to take. Steve Ritchie took over his role with an onerous task of building the relationship with the customers. The diversity training is aimed at teaching employees of the company how to avoid “unconscious bias” while performing their duties. It is the concern of every business owner to known that they are in good books with the customers. One way of building this relationship is by avoiding any cases that might come out as signs of bias against any customer.

Papa John’s employs over 120,000 employees. These are the main people who will be targeted by diversity training. The letter by Steve Ritchie also outlined other measures that Steve Ritchie will take to ensure that the work of the company builds trust with its customer base. An audit of the company’s culture is another measure that will be made under the authorization of Steve Ritchie. This audit is intended to come up with recommendations that will be taken to ensure that the culture of the company is with the business environment of today.

Steve Ritchie also promised to personally lead a tour to the field so that the executives can learn and listen first-hand to the concerns of the people. He wanted to understand what the situation is like on the ground by talking directly to employees and customers. Steve Ritchie has also put together a team of diversity experts who will guide the company on how to deals with crisis. To show the serious efforts, he is taking to make the situation better; he has created an office that will specifically deal with inclusivity and equity.