Jana Messerschmidt of Lightspeed Stands out in the Tech Industry

Jana Messerschmidt has been among the several women to make it through the tech industry. In most instances, many women have been avoiding these industries due to several feminist theories. Thus, creating their wealth in different sectorials. Since time immemorial, the entrepreneurship industry has been much dominated by men due to its competitiveness. Several women have been able to break through the field through their enthusiasm and dedication. Jana Messerschmidt has been one of the few to survive. In the past few years, she joined Light speed ventures where she has been investing ever since. Through Lightspeed, Jana Lightspeed has been able to carry out her investments in high-tech companies across the U.S.

As she has dedicated to offering her best, Jana has mastered the science of implementing the technological advancements in the engineering sectors. Contributing to her wealthy knowledge, she pursued computer Science at the University of Illinois. Later, she needed to continue her foray in the tech industry in different giant companies such as Twitter and Netflix. Working in these companies, she has been able to develop her skills in public relations, marketing as well as enterprise sales among others. Additionally, she has streamlined the course of many companies leading to fruition.

Light speed ventures led Jana Lightspeed to establish her company Angels. She has always been interested in incorporating other women in the technology industries as well as developing their own companies. Besides leading her own company, she has been able to create an upward trajectory in other beginner companies.This is evidenced by numerous ventures that she has engaged on. It is essential to note that Jana Messerschmidt has always dedicated to giving back to the community through different charity missions. Women have embraced her efforts in representing and motivating them in creating wealth in various sectors.