Andrey Andreev could be social media’s next kingpin

When you mention social media kingpins, people like the man known as just “Jack” from Twitter get mentioned quite a bit. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are always mentioned as well. While you may not have heard the name Andrey Andreev all that often yet, there is very little doubt he is one name that is coming up quite quickly. That’s because the dual Russian/British entrepreneur has had quite a bit of success on two different projects that take advantage of social media users. He started off with Bumble and is now working hard to build up Badoo. What is evident in his work is that when Andreev puts his mind to something, it tends to work and work well.

Bumble is already a dating app that is incredibly popular among certain segments of the population. Now Badoo is coming up hard as one of the more popular social media sites and apps around the world. The man behind both sites knows that while Twitter and Facebook might have a stranglehold on the United States, there is ground to be made when talking about Europe and the rest of the world. This is why Badoo has one of the biggest audiences in the world and is only growing by the day. One of the reasons Andrey Andreev‘s project is as popular as it is, is because it does not hide why people might want to use it. There is more than a few dating applications woven into the site. 

It is a social media site that is geared towards meeting people and less about talking to people you already know. When you consider that our world is more digital than ever before, it’s not hard to see why users might be drawn to this experience. More of our day is spent online than ever. Find more information at Businessinsider articles reviews. Whether talking about laptops, or smartphones, people interact online far more than they do IRL. Badoo is taking advantage of that by allowing people to have an avenue to interact and meet people they might not have spoken with if they were both sitting in the same coffee shop.


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