American Addiction Centers Releases a Report on Drug and Substance Abuse in Colleges

Shocking statistics released by the American Addiction Centers on the prevalence of drug and substance abuse in schools, shows that the highest levels of people abusing drugs and alcohol are college students.

The revelation comes at a time when the students are preparing to go back to school after the summer holidays. The report is meant to caution parents who have children in colleges to be on the lookout.

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Drug use in the university college is an epidemic that has no end in sight says American Addiction Centers. It is a vice that if not checked and control will ruin the lives of many students, and they will have a negative experience of college life.

The sobering statistics from the American Addiction Centers shows that the majority of college students are abusing alcohol. The study revealed that in the past month, the number of students who had engaged in drinking was 62 percent.

It shows that alcohol is the biggest threat to a child’s education at the college level. Also, another drug that is continuously abused by college-going students is the amphetamine types of drugs.

Adderall, which is one of the kinds of amphetamine drugs, is the most misused drug by college students. The drug is a mild stimulant drug that is supposed to treat conditions such as ADHD.

Students who use the drug at first are told that it will help them become more alert and have more time to read. What they are not told is that the drugs are highly addictive and that overdependence of the drug will lead to addiction.

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One student that tricked to take the drug while revising for her exam is Missy Pollack. Pollack, an alumnus of the Recovery First Treatment Center, was first introduced to Adderall drug during the final weeks of the very first semester in college while studying for her exams.

The drug gave her a fantastic feeling, and from then on, she knew that it was something that she would keep on trying again and again. Pollack slowly started becoming overly dependent on the drug.

Her health and outside behavior deteriorated, and no one seemed to notice or care. She got hooked to the drug for several years, and during this time all she wished for was to find help which was not coming. Pollack today is nearly five years from her battle with addiction.

She has become an ambassador of fighting drug and substance abuse, and she says that parents should watch out for signs and symptoms of drug and substance abuse among their children.

Some of the things to look at according to Pollack include a rapid change in appearance, unexplained paranoia, hot and cold behavior, and dishonesty, among others.

American Addiction Centers is a leading provider of treatment and care of substance and drug abuse. The Center for decades has been at the forefront in fighting all types of addiction from drug to alcohol and mental health issues.

The Center has an impressive track record of helping people recover from addiction that surpasses the national average. The centers because of its achievements in dealing with addiction have been recognized by leading media outlets such as Forbes, USA Today, and Daily Mail, among others.

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