Alexis Kennedy Risked Everything to Start Indie Gaming Company

If you like the idea of summoning an alien god to do your bidding or searching for forbidden treasures, then you’ll love Cultists Simulator, a game that has been gathering a “cult following” over the past year. It was launched in 2018 by London-based Weather Underground, the company Alexis Kennedy risked everything to start in 2017 along with partner Lottie Bevan.

Before launching his indie gaming company, Alexis Kennedy was holding down a fulltime job as a software consultant. He made the risky decision to quit and start his own business. At the time, his first child was six months from being born. Kennedy said it was his pending role as a father that prompted him to get out of his rut before it was too late.

Alexis Kennedy chose the crowdfunding route to raise start-up cash for Weather Factory. He launched a Kickstarter campaign which generated $104,283 (about £82,000). His target goal was £30,000 or about $38,152. He and his team worked hard to launch his first game for PC by May of 2018. Cultist Simulator premiered for mobile devices in April of 2019.

Alexis Kennedy said walking away from the security of a “real job” to build an indie gaming company is not for the faint of heart. He didn’t earn a dime for a year and nearly lost everything twice.

But Kennedy was determined to make a living while doing work he truly enjoyed. He also had a strong desire to be self-employed and in control of his own financial destiny. Although he said he likes and needs money as much as anyone else, he prioritizes fun over profits.

Alexis Kennedy said indie start-ups in the gaming industry must “live off the crumbs” of the major operators. Fortunately, there are “a lot of crumbs,” he said.