Agera Energy Living Up To Its Corporate Social Responsibility

Before, businessmen and entrepreneurs think of corporate social responsibility as a temporary fad. However, in today’s environment-conscious world, consumers are more intelligent and are now considering the ethical ways of the company that they want to patronize. This change in the consumers’ behavior propels businesses and organizations to do their share and contribute to society. Read more about Agera Energy on

Nowadays, consumers would like to see the business sector actually implement its corporate social responsibility rather than reading about its stand on the subject. They want to see companies with clear objectives and activities that truly pay forward to society. One of the businesses that are really making most efforts in corporate social responsibility is Agera Energy.

It is the leading producer of natural gas and electric energy in the US selling energy to residential, small enterprises, large businesses, and commercial customers. The company is known not only for its products but also for its excellent customer service representatives and outstanding sales staff. The energy retail company is one great example of a business that practices its corporate social responsibility even in its day to day operations.

Agera Energy knows that it is important to make sure that future generations will enjoy clean air, water, and natural resources. Because of this, the energy retail company works really hard so it could offer to its consumers energy-efficient and innovative solutions and renewable products. The company is also leading the retail energy industry in doing positive eco-friendly actions in its everyday operations. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

All of its employees are dedicated in their own little ways to reduce their own as well as the company’s impact in the environment by minimizing its environmental footprint. The company initiated environmental and eco-friendly policies, activities, and education to improve Agera Energy’s environmental performance.

In the workplace, the management installed LED lights to reduce their use of energy. Windows have film coverings to minimize the indoor heat temperature. The trash cans are eliminated and replaced by recycling bins so cans, bottles, containers, and papers are recycled. The company also tapped an independent contractor to take care of their electronics and hazardous wastes.

These ingenious actions implemented by Agera Energy inspired Westchester Green to acknowledge its efforts and gave the company the Westchester Green Business Certification. Agera Energy is the first energy retail company within the US to do this feat.