Academy Of Art University Wants You To Want Them (and here’s why you should)

If you’ve never heard of the Academy of Art University (also previously known as the Academy of Art College), you probably aren’t alone: though graduates go on to work for and indeed form their own prestigious companies, much of their work is behind-the-scenes, even when those scenes are the entire point of the projects. For example, take Avengers: Endgame, the recent box-office smash; most recent entry in the Disney-Marvel Cinematic Universe; and showcase for the myriad talented graduates and alumnus of the Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University, which advertises itself as the largest private arts college in the country, has multiple programs within a variety of artistic disciplines, and to that effect university graduates can expect upstream connections to huge visual design firms such as Industrial Light and Magic (of Star Wars fame), Double Negative (who also did work for Avengers: Endgame), and Weta Digital, among others. Adding to this prestige and these great career opportunities is the school’s 100% acceptance rate (for those aspiring artists in the audience) and participation in New York’s Fashion Week, a chance for aspiring artists to rub elbows with the heads of their intended industries.

In case you suspect that these curricula only cater to the technical side of arts and artistry, among the school’s 25 degree programs are included those ranging from associate’s to those at the master’s level through which The Academy’s many noteworthy alumnus graduate in subjects ranging from the performance arts to radio, television, and film (RTF) production. These include Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame), Heidi Montag (from Laguna Beach), and Raven-Symone (of That’s so Raven).

In the service of a providing a comprehensive and robust artistic education, The Academy of Art University furnishes its students access to faculty whose specialties range from the aforementioned RTF industries all the way to indie comic creators, actors, journalists, and athletes.

With a faculty and curriculum as deliberate and diverse as this, the Academy hopes to nurture every artist within their walls, and it’s hard to argue that they don’t reach their goal.