Aaron Lupuloff And GCPS Foundation Aims To Spark The Development Of Future Schools

Education is an important part of someone’s life. This is where someone builds the foundation of his or her personality and the perception of right or wrong. School activities also affect the child’s aspirations while growing up, as well as discover and develop own skills.

Importance of education is known in the whole world, with the illiteracy rate going down from 87% to 14% after two hundred years. Although there are achievements in making education more accessible, there are also modern problems that are resurfacing worldwide, and that’s the quality of education.

The Ever-Changing State Of Education

One of the biggest challenges in today’s education is the fact that the methods of education before will not work with different generations. Standardized testing is not the ideal learning method for children of the present. It only spurs dissatisfaction of post-graduation students, as well as motivating competition without a focus.

A lot of schools are realizing this and started implementing a different way of learning. Learning through creativity and interaction is the new and one of the most effective teaching method today. It is also emphasized how different children can learn optimally through different methods. Students of today are very diverse, and accounting diversity in the learning system will benefit the children, reports by gwinnettdailypost.com

People like Richard Branson, Quintin Tarantino, and the late Aretha Franklin, are examples of diverse schooling. With its increasing success, personalized learning can finally address the problems of a traditional learning system. However, the biggest problem of this system is the source of fundings needed in order to fulfill its goals. Personalized schooling is not as cost-effective as traditional schooling. Fortunately, there are organizations such as Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation who help in revolutionizing education.

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation And Its Goal

According to youngupstarts, the GCPS Foundation, founded in 2006, is an organization which is focused on enhancing the education system and experience of Gwinnett County children. Because of its diversity, as well as the determination to learn, the Gwinnett County Public Schools received recognition from the local , state, and national levels. The students’ dedication and the quality of education are the biggest factors of its success.

One of GCPS Foundation’s goals is to provide funding to support school resources. The other one is to maintain high-quality education for Gwinnett County students. And last but not least is to make the organization open to the needs and wants of the parents. These three goals are aimed to make future growth possible. It also believes that a good education will help the local economy.

Joining the team of GCPS Foundation is Aaron Lupuloff, the newest Senior Executive Director of the organization. He joined GCPS last 2015 and is one of the people that supports the county through volunteer work. In 2011, his family was inducted to NHS Foundation Hall of Fame for their efforts in making the community better. In addition to GCPS Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff also supports Camp Twin Lakes and Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He is also a founding member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory.