A Year of Remarkable Transition and History-Making at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment management firm. The firm is highly regarded for its highly diversified global investment portfolio. Fortress specializes in a vast array of investment sectors such as private equity, alternative assets, credit fund, and liquid hedge funds as well. The firm has reputable experience and specialized expertise in the named investment sectors. It manages assets of over 1500 institutional investors and private clients globally. This translates to assets worth more than $42.1 billion. Fortress Investment Group strives to drive long-term strong risk-adjusted returns for all its clients. The company currently employs more than a thousand professionals in their main offices in New York as well as other affiliate offices across the world.

Fortress Investment Group has distinguished itself among the investment firms due to making bold and unique moves in the market. The latest move by the company came in the year 2018. This move saw the acquisition of Fortress by The SoftBank Corporation. The firm made history as the first private equity to undergo the process of acquisition. This purchase saw the SoftBank Corporation spend $3.3 billion. This was a significant leap forward by Fortress in the company’s mission of continued development of cutting-edge developments in private equity funds and real estate. The firm will, however, continue to operate independently but the SoftBank Corporation will finance some of the significant projects in Fortress.

Some of the other remarkable moves by Fortress Investment Group are in the real estate and technology sectors. Fortress has begun to show great interest in the real estate sector integrating into SoftBank’s mission of developing a broad economic infrastructure. In this regard, Fortress has unveiled two real estate credit funds one meant for purchasing debts real estate assets and the other for providing direct private equity credit. In the field of technology, the two firms have together developed a high profile technology oriented project, TSX Broadway. Also, Fortress has offered $20 million credit to iPass to support the development of innovative mobile-based technology. To promote technology and innovativeness, Fortress also unveiled a $400 million patent troll fund to help people pursue legal justice for the violation rights regarding patents and intellectual property.

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