A Few Important Facts About Grupo RBS and Duda Melzer

Grupo RBS plays a crucial role in the media industry in Brazil, and they offer several platforms. They offer media services both online and offline, and these services are popular among the Brazilian public. Here’s what you need to know about the company:

Grupo RBS Has Three Successful TV Stations

They own two channels that are broadcast throughout the whole country. The names of these channels are RBS TV and OCTO, and they are quite popular throughout the country. Their local channel is TV COM, and you’ll only be able to watch this one in one city.

They Own Successful Radio Stations

The radio stations Zero Hora and Gaucha are doing especially well, and that’s because they have significantly cut back on their operating costs. In fact, they have cut these costs down by more than five million dollars, and the stations have brought in 74% more in profits according to Duda Melzer.

The Company Is Well-Known For Other Forms Of Media That They Offer

In addition to offering radio and television to Brazilian citizens, Grupo RBS also have newspapers that are available both online and offline. Some of their print newspapers are Pioneiro, A Notícia, and Jornal de Santa Catarina. In addition, they offer several websites that feature news stories and information online, and some examples of these sites are Grupo .Mobi, Pense Carros, and Guia Da Semana. Furthermore, they own a company that does book publishing, and this company has played a role in the creation of many publications.

The Company Does Outreach That Benefits Children

They have a couple of outreach programs for kids in the country. They run a program that’s dedicated to improving the quality of education in the nation’s elementary schools. Their other outreach program is dedicated to making people focus more on the children in their lives.