A Brief Sit Down with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is possibly the most successful corporate lawyer alive today. He’s regarded as the most sought-after attorney in the United States by many prestigious legal organizations. He specializes in many areas of acquisitions and company mergers, as well as executive compensation and company governance.

Throughout his career, he’s worked on some of the largest corporate cases in U.S. history, including the buyouts of big-name companies like AT&T Corporation, South African Breweries PLC, and J.P. Morgan Chase and Company. Clients come to him from all over the world seeking his advice on matters concerning managerial governance, major company changes, and CEO advice.

With such an outstanding career performance, it’s no wonder he was named Chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions Subcommittee – Business Sector of the American Bar Association. He’s been listed among top attorneys in the nation by such publications as Chambers USA Guide and Legal 500.

Prior to his illustrious career, Jeremy Goldstein was a shining example of collegiate prowess. He holds many degrees from several universities, beginning with a Bachelor of Arts he earned from Cornell University. Next, he enrolled at the University of Chicago, where he earned his Master of Arts. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from New York University.

Given his impressive educational background, it comes as no surprise that he approached his career with the same overachievement. Rather than fall into the category of ‘traditional law practices’, Goldstein cared more about forming strong relationships with his clients.

During his first job in the legal field, he noticed a significant lack of innovation, due to many attorneys approaching every problem the same way. Jeremy Goldstein uses a more informal approach to working with clients, allowing for more flexibility and adaptability. He chose a life in law because it most-matched his personal life and ambitions.

Unlike other law firms, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates doesn’t make money only one way. They specialize in many sectors of law and rely on several tasks to earn a profit. Goldstein, himself, offers consulting to companies and CEOs but mostly guides companies through sensitive changes like acquisitions and mergers.

Furthermore, Mr. Goldstein doesn’t measure his company’s success based on its bank account. His approach to achieving monetary success uses long-term strategies, so instant success is hard to measure. While some say that he didn’t achieve success for many years, he sees those early years as building relationships and a reputation that made him and his firm one of the most successful in the country.


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