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Gino Pozzo significance to the sports industry

Gino Pozzo was born and raised by football supporters. Later, he transferred to the U.S., where he pursued his Masters at Harvard University. The Pozzos family gained an interest in property and finance mergers; this made them invest in the sector. Furthermore, they have been in the sports ownership industry for a long duration. They were recognized for making Udinese succeed since they were the owners. The family sold their woodworking to concentrate and invest in football clubs. Pozzo has been leading in enlarging the family’s assets in sports possession.

Gino Pozzo was residing in Barcelona when he urged his family to purchase Granada. The purchase occurred when the club had debts and was trying to elevate from the third division. After two years of acquisition, Granada advanced to Primera Liga. This was their initial time to join the league since three decades ago. However, this was made possible through Gino Pozzo contributions in signing and managing the club’s activities. That was a dream comes true to players, coaching staff and the management.

During 2012, the Pozzos decided to buy the Watford football club. At the time, the club had outstanding debts and was trying to climb to the fourth division. Gino Pozzo decided to relocate his family to London to be able to manage the club’s activities and had decided they would stay there. After the purchase, the Pozzos were the only family to possess three clubs in Italy, Spain, and England. Gino Pozzo outlined the significance of being clear and transparent when hiring the sports panel. The family made a dedication to Watford to never leave them. This dedication was proved when a firm tried to buy a portion of Gino’s shares in the club. He refused the deal and stood by his word to support the club.

Barbara Stokes Gives Back to the Community through the Green Structure Homes of Alabama

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama has been offering donations to various non-profit organizations. Recently, the Habitat for Humanity received a generous donation from the GSH in the form of building materials. As a disaster relief contractor, GSH is dedicated to making sure that relief victims have access to affordable housing. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

The company is based in Huntsville, AL. They engage in the construction of houses that are energy-efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly, as well as fully customizable. Barbara Stokes oversees the operations of the Green Structure Homes of Alabama. As a philanthropist, she makes sure that the company has achieved its goals with minimal discrepancies.


GSH has been dealing with building supplies that are of high quality. Additionally, the Green Structure Homes of Alabama does not deal with left-over or scrap materials. They always make use of new building materials. Some of the materials that they use during the construction process include Hardie Fascia as well as sheets of Drywall since they help to reduce water absorption. GSH also makes use of Linoleum flooring. The Habitat for Humanity will now make use of these materials as a way of making sure that the housing instability in Madison County has been eradicated. With the prowess and dedication of Barbara Stokes, GSH and the Habitat for Humanity will achieve their targets at ease. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.


Why Companies Need Betterworks

A lack of proficiency of productivity can limit an office or business from growing and completing tasks. One of the most important things that businesses and offices struggle with is having the software in place to ensure that workers are able to work in the most productive way.


Betterworks is a company that was created with the mission of solving workplace issues with performance management and productivity. The company has coined itself as a continuous performance management solutions company. Truly, their software solves any performance related issues.

The Betterworks software has transformed into a detailed application made from advanced technologies that allow workers to work together on one digital platform and create tasks together. The app allows users to access priorities and deadlines. Users can check up on each other and make sure everyone is making progress. Users are able to communicate through this application. Users can contribute feedback and recommendations to each other through the application’s software. Everyone in an organization is able to get involved with each other by using this app.


Betterworks is a software company that specializes in creating software and technology-specific work environments. Their goal is to combine teams of people and allow them to explore more professional and efficient ways of working together. Betterworks wants to be the go to resource for managers seeking solutions about performing the productivity of their staff and their office. Betterworks belongs in many offices. The quality of the software allows for a spike in productivity for workers who use the product.

Dissecting the Successful Career Journey of Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has solidified her career as a businesswoman. Besides being an expert investor, she has also been working as an executive in various corporations. For starters, she has been serving at Sonangol, where she was a chairwoman. The company deals with oil, and it is based in Angola. The significant investments that she has made over the years have made her one of the most successful women in Africa. As a successful investor, she has also been dedicating some of her resources to her philanthropic ventures. She has also been empowering women while also encouraging upcoming entrepreneurs in Angola. Some of her efforts have helped to bring about a positive impact on the world economy.

Over the years, Isabel dos Santos has been dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate people in the community as well as ensuring that she can avail different opportunities to both men and women. In most cases, women are affected by various challenges such as the lack of opportunities, and that is why Isabel dos Santos is striving to ensure that there is equal treatment. The frantic efforts by Isabel have earned her some recognition when it comes to advocating for the rights of women. Her significant achievements in the business world have also allowed her to gain popularity on a global scale. Isabel dos says that the impact brought about by women is transformative and powerful. They can help to empower the community if given a chance and enough resources.

Isabel dos Santos has taken part in many interviews over the years, and she has found her massive success despite the presence of an economy that is dominated by men in Africa. Despite the hardship that she has come across in her path to success, Isabel has succeeded, and that is why she has been focused on helping other people in different ways. At the entry level in the business world, Isabel believes that women can succeed. Nevertheless, they need to be talented. Isabel advises young women to always gauge their passion and skills. It is also advisable to try and venture into some of the sectors that have untapped resources, and some of these industries include agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and minerals.


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Para a nossa Luandina ser reconhecida mundialmente pela sua qualidade, foi preciso muito investimento e dedicação. Este sempre foi o princípio que defendi: não nos podemos ser apenas bons quando podemos ser os melhores. E nós, Sodiba, com uma fábrica altamente avançada em tecnologia, colaboradores angolanos em quem investimos a melhor formação, com os produtos da nossa terra, reunimos todas as condições para ter um produto de qualidade incomparável como é a Luandina. Temos Engenheiros Químicos e Biológicos que acompanham todo o processo da cerveja, no nosso laboratório com tecnologia de ponta para assegurar a missão, como diz a Milu: garantir a qualidade e superar as expectativas 👌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Luandina #work #MondeSelection #GoldAward #Sodiba #Angola #tecnologia In order to have our Luandina internationally recognized, we had to have a lot of investment and dedication. This was always the attitude I advocated: why to be only good when we can be the best? And we, Sodiba, with a highly advanced technology factory, Angolan collaborators in whom we have invested the best education, with the products of our land, we have met all the conditions to have a product of unparalleled quality like Luandina. We have Chemical and Biological Engineers who control the whole beer process, in our latest technology laboratory to ensure the mission, as Milu says: guarantee quality and exceed expectations 👌🏾

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar And His Medical Practice

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is a thriving plastic surgeon who leads and manages his succesful medical practice out of the Dallas area in the state of Texas. Dr. Sameer Jejurikarv has profound knowledge and immense experience and training in the art of plastic surgery and has a loving heart for all of his patients that he sees at his medical practice. The Doctor had attended and eventually earned his medical diploma from the Michigan Medical School and is a humble member of the well-known Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute located in Dallas, Texas. Doctor Jejurikar listens to his patients and realizes that each one is different from the next and is able to find the right procedure for all of his patients. He has received many positive online reviews from people who have received exceptional results from going to Dr. Sameer Jejurikar for cosmetic surgery, general plastic surgery, or just reconstructive surgery. Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is no stranger to proffesional cosmetic surgery and has been well-skilled in this particular type of medical surgery. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is board-certified as a plastic surgeon and has a focal point of cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, eyes, body, and breasts. Doctor Jejurikar uses his proffesional training and skill in the gift of plastic surgery to assist his many patients reach their individual goals. He has a very sensitive and warm spirit thst carries through into his interaction with patients and through his work as a plastic surgeon. The doctor is completely conmitted in providing his patients with innovative, modern, and quality treatment options and procedures that meet his patient’s desires. This plastic surgeon is a true proffesional and leader in what he does as a certified plastic surgeon and his quality shows in his patient’s many positive reviews that they post online.

Ara Chackerian and Hatzalah

Ara Chackerian would have heard about the Hatzalah and the innovations that it can bring to the world. He would listened because he keeps his ear to the innovative streets.

You see, Ara Chackerian is an investor and a leader in healthcare.

In fact, it was only in 2018 that the nonprofit answered over 315,000 distress calls nationwide. It is reported that the organization’s efforts helped save lives in 30 percent of such cases, which is no mean feat.

The Story Behind United Hatzalah’s Formation

United Hatzalah was founded by Eli Beer, a former EMS volunteer of traditional ambulance services. During his work with the service as a teenager, Beer noticed several fatalities that took place before he could even reach the patient with traditional ambulances.

Beer worked with traditional EMS for two years, during which he was able to observe these cases on a day to day basis. He detected how traditional ambulances were not able to reach patients in time due to being stuck in traffic, providing help to other patients at the same time, or being far away from the distress call’s location. He also noticed that if such patients could have received medical aid in a timely manner, then they would have had better chances of survival.

Observing these incidents regularly, Beer kept thinking how the EMS model could be improved with a service that was able to break through the barriers of traffic, need and distance.

As a result, Beer formed the idea to help those who needed immediate medical attention while also resolving the issues that come with traditional EMS.

He first formed a volunteer-based network of EMS technicians in his Jerusalem neighborhood. Back then, he chose to name the organization Hatzalah Jerusalem, due to the fact that Hatzalah means “rescue” in Hebrew.