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Article Title: Toyo Setal Excellence In Engineering

Toyo Setal has experience in many various fields, including operating mainly in EPC. He operates in engineering supplies, construction, and commissioning. He is focused on technical and economical feasibility studies. Toyo Setal guarantees satisfaction for his clients and to provide complete and effective solutions towards their problems. He is also very committed to delivering product to his customer with technical excellence and within the deadline that has been established.

Toyo Setal keeps up with the modern times and always invests in new solutions and innovations for the technologies of our ever expanding future. He is a pioneer in Brazil who carries out projects using state of the art software. He has created EPC Portal, which is an information management solution. EPC minimizes the time it takes to get information and links it all across a single platform. Toyo Setal promotes sustainability without the depletion of natural resources in order to preserve the natural resources for the future generations of the world. He always wants to help local communities and he develops projects in order to help the local communities.

As he promotes environmental programs that focus on the physical environment, these programs also rescue and relocate animals in safe places. These programs also put endangered species of trees in preservation areas. Because of his contributions Toyo Setal received the “Innovations in Integration of Engineering Projects.” This award was received at the “AVEVA World Summit 2014” where companies give presentations on the challenges and integration of technologies. He was given this award because he presented the best solution for the challenges of technologies. He started with the AVATAR project which involves all engineering disciplines. The second phase is where he established EPC Portal which is the biggest development that he has been able to establish in his profession.

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Serge Belamant Made History In Financial Technology

In the last few years, the concept of blockchain has been brought up a lot lately when it comes to talks about cryptocurrency and other digital transactions. While you may have only recently heard about the technology, the concept behind blockchain was created and patented years ago by Serge Belamant while working with a major credit card company. The computer scientist was not new to financial technology when he and his team from Net1 began working with what became known as blockchain. Prior to this creation, Serge Belamant was known for the creation of a welfare distribution system that was being used in South Africa, Russia, and other countries around the world. The system that he created was a big improvement on what these countries had been using in the past and there are still parts of the world that rely on it.

In essence, blockchain technology can be described as a digital ledger of transactions that is very difficult to alter without the right permissions. This is why it has been able to play such a large part when it comes to making digital transactions more secure. The technology behind blockchain that Serge Belamant is known for involving a smart card that included a blockchain-enabled chip. This technology could be used whether the card happened to be online or not and is still frequently seen on the smart cards of today. Financial transactions may be one of the big implementers of blockchain, but it has been found useful in a wide variety of industries throughout the world and is helping with the transparency efforts of many different companies and organizations.

While Serge Belamant is partially retired these days, he is still working with his son on a new project known as Zilch Technology Unlimited. This company is also is the financial technology sector like many of his positions in the past, but it is aimed at helping young adults become more financially knowledgable and secure. A lot of the marketing that takes place for his company is done through word of mouth. He and his son created a product that is useful and their users want to talk about it.

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Isabel dos Santos and Major Businesspersons

Isabel dos Santos is a woman who was born in Baku in the country of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan in the past was part of the Soviet Union. She’s a successful businessperson who comes from the African nation of Angola. She’s been around since the start of April in 1973. She knows a lot about vital topics such as retail, energy, banking and even telecommunications. She puts attention into her homeland of Angola. She puts attention into Portugal as well. Portugal is part of the Southwestern section of Europe. Forbes is a publication that hails from the United States. The magazine indicates that Isabel dos Santos is among the most wealthiest individuals on the entire African continent. The team members at Forbes believe that she may be worth billions of dollars currently.

Isabel dos Santos does a lot of work on the Internet. That’s exactly why she gives a lot of effort to the social networking realm. She’s particularly keen on a social networking website that’s referred to as Twitter. She signed up for the site in the spring of 2016 and because of that now has a lot of proficiency with regard to it. Her Twitter biography is on the concise side. She mentions that she’s an expert investor, entrepreneur and engineer in it. Isabel dos Santos posted more than 200 video clips and images on Twitter. Her official tweets are suitable for people who are able to talk and read in the Portuguese language.

She occasionally posts Tweets that can come in handy for people who talk and read in English as well. She once tweeted about a Bloomberg event that took place. Dos Santos says on behalf of other major businesspersons who are in Africa. She went to an event that was set in St. Petersburg in Russia. It was part of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. She was with all sorts of individuals who have a lot of influence internationally. She was right next to Mikhail Bogdanov. She regularly speaks about the interactions that Africa and Russia have right now. It’s a big topic that makes her feel fascinated and committed. Click here.


Aaron Lupuloff And GCPS Foundation Aims To Spark The Development Of Future Schools

Education is an important part of someone’s life. This is where someone builds the foundation of his or her personality and the perception of right or wrong. School activities also affect the child’s aspirations while growing up, as well as discover and develop own skills.

Importance of education is known in the whole world, with the illiteracy rate going down from 87% to 14% after two hundred years. Although there are achievements in making education more accessible, there are also modern problems that are resurfacing worldwide, and that’s the quality of education.

The Ever-Changing State Of Education

One of the biggest challenges in today’s education is the fact that the methods of education before will not work with different generations. Standardized testing is not the ideal learning method for children of the present. It only spurs dissatisfaction of post-graduation students, as well as motivating competition without a focus.

A lot of schools are realizing this and started implementing a different way of learning. Learning through creativity and interaction is the new and one of the most effective teaching method today. It is also emphasized how different children can learn optimally through different methods. Students of today are very diverse, and accounting diversity in the learning system will benefit the children, reports by

People like Richard Branson, Quintin Tarantino, and the late Aretha Franklin, are examples of diverse schooling. With its increasing success, personalized learning can finally address the problems of a traditional learning system. However, the biggest problem of this system is the source of fundings needed in order to fulfill its goals. Personalized schooling is not as cost-effective as traditional schooling. Fortunately, there are organizations such as Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation who help in revolutionizing education.

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation And Its Goal

According to youngupstarts, the GCPS Foundation, founded in 2006, is an organization which is focused on enhancing the education system and experience of Gwinnett County children. Because of its diversity, as well as the determination to learn, the Gwinnett County Public Schools received recognition from the local , state, and national levels. The students’ dedication and the quality of education are the biggest factors of its success.

One of GCPS Foundation’s goals is to provide funding to support school resources. The other one is to maintain high-quality education for Gwinnett County students. And last but not least is to make the organization open to the needs and wants of the parents. These three goals are aimed to make future growth possible. It also believes that a good education will help the local economy.

Joining the team of GCPS Foundation is Aaron Lupuloff, the newest Senior Executive Director of the organization. He joined GCPS last 2015 and is one of the people that supports the county through volunteer work. In 2011, his family was inducted to NHS Foundation Hall of Fame for their efforts in making the community better. In addition to GCPS Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff also supports Camp Twin Lakes and Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He is also a founding member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory.




L’Oreal CEO Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft was born in Switzerland. He attended college and studied accounting and finance. He attended the University of St. Gallen which is a top-ranked business college in Europe. After college, he stepped into a business role. He eventually led him to work for Pulp Riot. For Pulp Riot, he became a general manager over their international affairs. He supervised their operational and strategic international debut of the brand. It was here that he got the crucial experience of setting up distribution for a company and working with an array of markets. Creating go to market strategies, facilitating extremely profitable growth and connecting customers with a brand was first learned by the businessman at Pulip Riot. He later ventured to L’Oreal. Today, he is leading L’Oreal’s global business ventures and operations.

Nicolas Krafft has delivered two-decades of exceptional leadership to L’Oreal. For the past couple of decades, the business executive has worked to establish L’Oreal as a cosmetics brand that cares about its customers. One of the main focuses for consumers is purchasing from companies that are truly inclusive and caring of all people. Thus, this business leader is working extremely hard to display how understanding and aware L’Oreal is of their customer’s want.

One of the biggest displays of Nicolas Krafft’s company support of diversity was in their latest fashion and beauty show. They often times put on shows to display new makeup collections. This show was a bit different. Although the show still showcases gorgeous models wearing beautiful faces of cosmetics from L’Oreal, the show highlighted a diverse selection of models. Models came in all shapes and sizes. The faces of models showcased how L’Oreal’s products can be used for a variety of skin tones and skin types. this was the brilliant plan of the design and beauty team of L’Oreal.

Nicolas Krafft has given so much to this company. He wants to see the company flourish. Mostly, he wants to see the brand be a favorite amongst consumers. Wanting this means the interests of consumers must be addressed and taken care of. Issues like diversity will be addressed and supported by this makeup brand.

Marc Beer’s Contributions to Healthcare through Renovia

In a 2018 report by the World Health Organization, innovations and research are still the main drivers of alternative medicine. The report outlined that there is a huge space for alternative medicine, and therefore, professionals should invest more resources in finding better ways to treat different illnesses. In the past three decades, professionals such as Marc Beer have done precisely that — putting resources together in finding alternative ways to treat reproductive health complications. Through different entities, Beer has also worked with professionals that share the same vision, especially medical experts treating different reproductive conditions around the world.


In order to achieve better results in this niche, he has employed the following tactics. Marc Beer involves all the stakeholders in each product — regardless of the project’s size. He understands the importance of having a professional opinion on each stage. He also believes that the medical world — unlike other investment markets — has no room for errors. Each project, therefore, must have a certain degree of perfection and more specifically, the success rate must be 100%. However, when planning for each project, Marc Beer believes that there is a huge need to involve other stakeholders and therefore avoiding one-sided planning.


Marc Beer is however identical for his view on bringing talents and resources together, especially in a major project. A recent article by a medical journal on funding and resources, Marc Beer was a golden example of how medical professionals should approach funding and pitching for ideas. In his life as an investor in the medical world, he has not only succeeded in finding ideal solutions in terms of funding, but he has also illustrated that it is possible to fund project primarily to save lives. He also understands the art of selling important ideas to investors — and therefore creating a win-win situation for both parties.


Apart from being one of the most popular industry players in the medical start-ups, he is part of the management team that is not only innovative but also knowledgeable. In the last four years, Marc Beer has been on a journey to build a futuristic, yet a knowledgeable team in the medical world. Through Renovia, he is slowly changing the management of the medical start-ups through the following ways. First, each member of the management team has a background in this niche, and understanding policies are not far fetched. Second, all the management team members have a passion for alternative medicine, and this philosophical viewpoint has assisted them in creating actionable policies. 


Lastly, he believes that creating spaces for mentorship is one of the few ways of safeguarding the future of innovative medicine. Through his company, (and throughout his career), he has always given young and willing professionals a chance to interact with the world of innovations. 


Luke Lazarus Shapes New Startups For Success

It’s an exciting prospect for anyone to own a successful business, and it is technically possible for almost anyone to start their own business at any time. The exciting part ends when realizing that the majority of startup companies these days cannot withstand the economy or changes in the marketplace for more than a few years.

Rough estimates suggest that more than 70 percent of all startups fail within just five years, and the most common problem is that these companies try to scale up far too early in their lifespan.

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur that started off his career at just eight years old when he started his very first company.

This sparked a life-long pursuit for Luke, and for the past two decades, he has been a successful businessman and startup consultant. Luke’s dedication has been fierce since he was a child, combining his talent and knowledge to climb through his academics with highest honors.

Luke’s Transition From Dedicated Entrepeneur To Professional Consultant

For the longest time, Luke Lazarus was primarily focused on his own startups and entrepreneurial success. When Luke graduated from Melbourne Business School, he went on to found four different successful businesses, all of which have since been sold for a significant amount of money. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

By just 35 years old, Luke was wealthy, financially independent, and had completed his goals as an entrepreneur. After some consideration on whether or not to pursue more business ideas, Luke decided he would help other people bring their ideas to life instead.

Not everyone gets a head start in the business world like Luke Lazarus did, even though he made that start for himself, which is why consulting was perfect for Luke. Having found many solutions over the years through his own startups, Luke is very aware of the common issues that startup companies deal with today and how to fix before its too late, especially the 70 plus percent that fail.

Considering A Startup Without Consulting Or Outsourcing

It may be Luke Lazarus’ job to consult, but that doesn’t mean he won’t readily give out useful information to help other people get their startups going. Since he isn’t in it for the money, rather he wants to help people successfully push forth their ideas,

Luke regularly shares his ideas and gives out free information that he would typically give as a consultant, including how to market a startup without the need to hire someone like himself.

Luke has written many papers and articles over the years, offering his own insight on successful business practices and startup do’s and do not’s. In his eyes, most aspiring entrepreneurs out there are quite talented and have the right intelligence in order to be successful. However, most of them do not have the proper level of knowledge or knowledge in the right areas for what they are trying to accomplish.

On a general basis, when working with a new startup, Luke spends his time creating an efficient structure for operations as well as marketing the company in the most appealing way possible to capitalists.

A good time for a company to start seeking the aid of a skillful consultant like Luke would be when they are falling behind the curve within the first five years of business.

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Jeunesse Global on Helping the Underprivileged

Part of the appeal for Jeunesse Global in the minds of their customers is that they truly are trying to advance the technology that surrounds beauty and wellness. Many think that they are just trying to make a quick buck, but this could not be further from the case. If it were, then they would not have been able to push forward as much as they have.

This may not immediately be clear, but it is evident by analyzing the holistic actions of Jeunesse Global as a company that they have continuously fought for the rights of people around the world. It is clear from this that they are devoted to improving our socioeconomic state as a species, and the fact that they have been so willing to devote their resources to such an importance cause is truly admirable, and it deserves to be commended.

Many assume that because of all Jeunesse Global does for the communities they surround, they must be only devoted to helping others and not interested in expanding their own operations. Oftentimes, this is a trap for up-and-coming businesses, because while they want to contribute as much as they can, and it does make you look well in the public eye to donate, this is something you should only do when you are able to. Those at Jeunesse Global are not simply trying to toss money at an issue mindlessly, assuming this will be enough to remedy it. This is simply not enough for them. In their eyes, more needs to be done in order to fix economic inequality than simply burning away money. They want to utilize their finances in order build opportunities for the future.

Jeunesse Global wants their influence to spread over the entire globe. Additionally, they want to be able to be self-sustaining, even in their philanthropic efforts. Because of this, they try to create no ideas that will help out communities near them which can also sustain themselves without their constant activity. By creating these opportunities for communities, Jeunesse Global is effectively helping to benefit every underprivileged individual in the United States.

Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie And Powerhouses

Bhanu Choudhrie is a learner and studied individual.

Bhanu Choudhrie must be a learner of the world because this is what will give him an edge in his investing and help him get the returns that he seeks. He knows that the benchmark is the traditional stock markets and the traditional stock markets can bring in around 6-7% returns and might even near 10%.

Bhanu Choudhrie must have a keen sense of economic conditions within the U.S. and other countries. At the current moment, the U.S. looks amazing when factoring in unemployment, when factoring in strong GDP growth, and when looking at other concrete factors. Yet, the bond market tells a different story.

Bhanu Choudhrie would see that the bond market is something that one should certainly look at when determining the health of a country, it’s economy, its stock market, and how one should act. The bond market may indicate that a slowdown is coming, as such, investors should be watching and looking to allocate value in a way that protects their current wealth. They do not want to compromise what they have for potential gains, only to see that it has been lost or cut in half.

One may see that while the economy is very strong now, there may be other issues that can lead economy astray and cause it to give back its overall gains. One can also know that yield curves only start to indicate recessions when it will take place in about a year or two.

Next, individuals must watch and wait for the showdown between the US and China. This is an important factor because the economy is one that is now globalized, this means that transactions occur in a more global fashion as opposed to a domestic one, this means that individuals will have to watch for the movements present within this relationship.

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International Business with Mark Holyoake

The 21st century global economy is one based around the idea of globalization. Modern technology has made it possible for people from all walks to meet and interact in a common space. Mark Holyoake is an individual taking advantage of these modern economic conditions. He graduated from the University of Reading in 1995, where he immendiently began building an international presence. Mark Holyoake’s experience of doing business with clients across boarders would give him the skills to elevate his carrer down the road. He recently sat down with Ideamensch to recount the tell of his journey.

As founder and owner of Oakvest Holdings, Mark Holyoake is regularly put in charge of helping and sustaining companies that he works with. His specialty is in the food sector where business success tends to be more stable. However, it was his vast international experience that played a big role in 2010. He was in Ireland during the worst of the economic collapse. As a tiny country, they were hit hard but the poor economic conditions. Mark Holyoake presented an opportunity for the country to turn its future prospects around. They had to let him buy Iceland Seafood International, a local symbol of their strength in seafood. Mark Holyoake expanded the company’s sphere of influence across the greater European region. Ireland quickly found itself raising back from the ashes.

This deal was a risk, but it paid off for Ireland and Mark Holyoake’s personal career. Iceland Seafood International was operating competitive on the international stage with many other companies. When it comes to seeing his ideas to completion, Mark Holyoake takes on the mindset that he can not possibly fail. He must envision and execute the scenario where everything works out. This involves finding the right team of individuals who the same vision of success. Just a single individual can affect the final product from its achieving highest potential.

Mark Holyoake has seen the economy in its worst, and its best. He fully understands how to navigate the market, and what will resonate with consumers. There is always a way to push forward.

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