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Sustaining Important Ecosystems With Sharon Prince

With over 80 acres of naturally sustained lands, Grace Farms is a non-profit educational facility in southwest Connecticut. Their dedication to land conservation, sustainability and education comes together with their on-site programs for the community. Grace Farms offers year-round education and activities from a mile-long walking trail to hands-on gardening classes with experts in the industry.

Seasonal activities at Grace Farms allow the community to experience the flourishing wildlife, with over 60 species of birds including hawks, owls, finches and warblers. In addition to bird-watching and other views of wildlife, the facility has guided tours every month between June and September.

The community gardens at Grace Farms give the public a chance to learn sustainability of important ecosystems, with an emphasis on home gardening and basic farming methods. Guests can learn from an industry expert, Nick Mancini, on how to prune trees and plants, sowing, seed planting and much more.

While visiting Grace Farms, the community can enjoy the food and drink facilities that offer organic, nutritious produce and meals. Among the nutritional amenities offered, Grace Farms has donated over 400 pounds each year to local charities, food banks and other non-profit businesses.

At the front of this nature-conscious facility, Sharon Prince works to improve the communication between people in order to advance social and environmental barriers. She is the Chair and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, which was established in 2009 and opened in 2015.

Her vision for changing our world focuses on engaging with people and places in our world, including justice, arts and nature. Her vision has led to many awards to the Grace Farms Foundation, including Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award for Social Good and the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Plans To Expand Aviation School In Asia And Enter Saudi Arabia’s Desalination Sector

Bhanu Choudhrie, a UK-Indian billionaire and the director of C&C Alpha Group stated his plans to expand the firm’s operations in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Choudhrie has shown interest in UAE for decades. The company’s Sharjah-based aviation school Alpha Aviation Academy are expected to see a lot of growth in the next years. Choudhrie also plans to enter the desalination sector of Saudi Arabia via Dubai-based Alpha Utilities.

C&C Alpha Group invested in a lot of industries, and one of those industries is the aviation industry, particularly in the UAE where aviation demand is all-year high. Currently, there are 120 recruits being trained in the UAE. The school also operates in other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Although the growing demand for aviation school is a good sign of expansion, the limited airspace in the Middle East proves to be a challenge in expanding its operation. Because of this, Bhanu Choudhrie plans to expand Alpha Aviation Academy’s operations other Asian countries as well as in Europe. Choudhrie states that students in the UAE will be getting their training in the country as well as overseas. For more information about Bhanu Choudhrie, view his Crunchbase profile

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the demand for Airbus 320, 330, and 340 pilots have been huge in the US in the past years. The company is working hard to fill the demand. In addition, Alpha Aviation Academy also plans to make the gender parity in this industry nearer. There are only 3% of women pilots globally, Choudhrie plans to make it up to 20%. The school has been encouraging to recruit more women pilots.

In addition to this, Bhanu Choudhrie leads Alpha Utilities, which operates the Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination, is another success story for the C&C Alpha Group. It was able to generate 0.5 million gallons of water per day which is supplied to the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority. Choudhrie also plans to improve the operation of Alpha Utilities from 0.5 million gallons to 2 million gallons per day to answer the growing demand. The firm also managed to close a deal with Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority to build an SWRO desalination plant. This plant is expected to generate 2.2 million gallons of water per day.

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ClassDojo Communication Platform

ClassDojo is a messaging platform which aims to connect the academic stakeholders, that is school management, teachers, parents and students for easier communication. This product was developed by ClassDojo. which is a technology company based in San Francisco, California. It mainly focuses on identifying and solving common problems in the education sector. The company was established in the year 2011 by Liam Don, who is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Sam Chaudhary, the current Chief Executive Officer.

ClassDojo is an easy to use application which supports most of the available mobile and computer operating systems. Most of its consumers are residents of the United States but its usage has expanded to more countries across the world. Recent statistics show that at least one out of six families in the United States use the application. Since most parents are usually busy, attending PTA meetings is a huge commitment. This application provides a practical solution to this problem since parents are able to follow up on the progress of their children wherever they are. Teachers can directly contact parents on a direct message feature and receive an immediate feedback. In addition, parents get involved in class and school activities through a photo and video sharing feature on the ClassDojo application.

The students also benefit from the application since they can easily communicate with any parent or teacher at will. Most of them find this easier than direct approach which encourages them to put their issues across freely. The students are also provided with individual portfolios. These can be used to share events or learning experience s with their friends, family and teachers. ClassDojo can therefore help the teachers to provide personalized attention to each student. This will also give the students a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. ClassDojo also allows parents and teachers to tutor students on a wide range of social skills. These are necessary in building the students to excel in all scopes of life. Learn more about ClassDojo by going to their website –

Edwin Miranda Looks To Future As Marketing World Evolves.

Edwin Miranda is a marketing guru and the founder of KOI IXS. At KOI IXS, Miranda has worked for years in order to establish his company as one of the premier, performance-driven marketing teams in the world. Working alongside international brands in order to craft their image, reach customers, and engage in meaningful work has become a staple of what Miranda has been doing. In order to become such a success in this crowded industry, Miranda has had to work hard for a long time. Let’s take a look at how Miranda has accomplished what he has accomplished thus far.

What makes Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS so successful is that they understand the fundamental truth that marketing is changing by the day. The marketing world is a never-ending spinning twister of new ideas, algorithms, and outreach techniques. Edwin Miranda started company KOI IXS at just 21-years-old and like his real life, the company has grown along with him. Miranda says that he is a fan of results and that in order to achieve results for his clients, he needs to lean on a quality team of passionate and energized individuals.

While Miranda came up in a vastly different marketing world than the one that exists today, he fully understands how to keep up with the changes. Miranda is looking toward the future where automated marketing is beginning to become a reality. Edwin Miranda points to Predictive Marketing as one of the techniques that he is enthralled by the possibilities of. Miranda believes that at some point, more and more companies will be looking to employ machine-learning techniques in order to foster real growth.

Looking back at his early career, Miranda only has a little bit of advice for himself. If he could go back in time, Miranda says that he would be bolder and embrace his failures in order to learn how to rise above them.

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” Marc Beer Helps Advance Women’s Healthcare “

Pelvic floor disorders are purported to affect hundreds of women around the world, with urinary incontinence estimated to affect at least 250 million women worldwide. Because of that, countless women have to undergo extensive diagnostic and treatment options regularly; however, many of these can often be invasive and not as effective as people would like. One of the people trying to change that, though, has been Marc Beer, who’s spent the majority of his career trying to improve women’s healthcare. With that in mind, he founded Renovia Inc several years ago to focus on improve pelvic floor disorder treatments.


This led to the release of the companies Leva device, which was approved by the FDA for use in April last year. Since then, the device has become somewhat successful and helped Renovia begin making a name for itself. Now, Mr. Beer has led Renovia Inc. through a funding round that netted the company $32 million in investments, as well as another $10 million in venture debt. Marc Beer made the announcement not too long ago and noted what the new funding would be used for going forward. Chief among the projects that Renovia will be working on is a new generation of the Leva device; it’s proven itself to be a hit, and this success has spurned the company to make it more effective.


Marc Beer also noted that the company would also be continuing development on three other projects; however, as these are still early in development, very little information could be shared about them. It is known that they will be both diagnostic and therapeutic tools focused on a variety of pelvic floor disorders. Having said that, it’s likely that some information about the projects was shared with potential investors to persuade them to invest in the company. It seemed to have worked, as Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures led the investment round; it should be noted, however, that it’s unknown how much they invested individually.


The Longwood Fund, a medical technology investment firm that has invested in Renovia Inc before, also took part in the Series B round. Marc Beer noted that he was excited to have each of the investors on board, as they each shared his vision for better women’s health services. Mr. Beer also noted that the company was aiming to increase the overall knowledge base in the medical profession surrounding pelvic floor disorders. By doing so, Marc Beer and Renovia Inc have said that this should provide better diagnostic and treatment options available to patients. Furthermore, it’s believed that this would end up reducing overall medical bills for patients. As such, these advancements will have benefits for both medical professionals and their patients. Learn more:


HGGC, founded in 2007, is a venture capital and private equity (investment firms, organized as partnerships, that buy and restructure companies not publicly traded) firm based in California, United States. HGGC was founded by Bob Gay, Gregory M. Benson, Richard Lawson, and Steve Young.
This firm remains a giant in the world of middle-market private equity as it is the leading firm with capital commitments summing to $4.3 billion. HGGC is also a leading employer as it has over 10,001 employees, attached to it.
This firm derives its edge and uniqueness from “advantage investing,” which comes with advantages such as, enabling the company to find and secure scalable business at impressive multiples by using partnerships with their team of management, sponsors, and founders who reinvest alongside HGGC
The Executive Team
The executive team at this firm currently comprises of 19 members, inclusive of but not limited to Mr. Steve Young, Co-founder who doubles as a Managing Partner, Mr. Bob Gay, Co-founder, and Executive Director. Mr. Neil White is the Managing Director, Mr. Gregory M. Benson, is the Co-founder and Managing Director, and Mr. Richard Lawson, the CEO, Co-founder and Managing Partner. Nonetheless, Mr. Hudson Smith is the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Pat Dugoni, the Vice President and Mr. Greg Hughes, the Managing Director.
The total number of investments made by this firm stand at seven. Of this number, three stand out as the major investments made so far. In the recent past, current, and future, the world has morphed into a technology-driven society.
With HGGC being a private equity firm, they have seen the importance of technology in life and how humanity has embraced technology, making this firm to invest (in recent years) in companies dealing with technology. An example of such companies is the FPX (Pioneer Developer of Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Solutions), with a system which helps in improving efficiency, speed and accuracy while streamlining sales of e investment. Otcomplex products line. This investment was announced on September 27, 2017, and is still an activher investments include, Denodo Technologies, announced on June 28, 2017, and MyWebGrocer from which the firm raised $48 million.

Class Dojo

For a very long time teachers have been trying to find better ways of communication between them and their students parents. Sending hand written notes back and forth between school and home with the students was not very effective. A lot of times the notes would get lost or damaged. Sometimes the students would forget to pass on the notes. When ClassDojo was developed teachers were ecstatic. Having a means of communication through technology sounded like the best idea ever.

ClassDojo is an application that teachers use to send pictures, videos, assignments, and notes back and forth with parents. If there is a problem with a student the teacher can easily communicate that problem with the parents. The parents can keep up with what their students are doing in class by viewing pictures, videos, and assignments right from their cell phones. ClassDojo really changed the means of communication between teachers and students.

ClassDojo helps parents stay involved in their child’s education. When parents are more involved with their child’s education the child is more likely to do better in school. Having parents that stay involved with their child’s schooling allows the child to study better. Teachers are pleased with the way that parents stay involved through ClassDojo.

ClassDojo has been a turning point when it comes to education. Keeping parents involved has always been a big goal for teachers, and being able to do that through something as simple as an app on their phones has made it even easier. Teachers and parents love how easy it is to use the app. They love how quickly they can send a message back and forth about work or problems going on at school. ClassDojo is changing education for the better. It is helping teachers and parents do better with educating the students.

Wes Edens and The Milwaukee Bucks – A Long Term Project

Back in 2014 Wes Edens and Marc Lasry acquired the Milwaukee Bucks. From day one, the two business partners knew it would be a long journey to take the failing franchise, and turn things around. That said, their persistence has already begun to pay off, with the Bucks boasting the “winningest” record of the 2018-2019 NBA season. Moving forward Wes has expressed interest in prompting fans to actually get up and out of their homes to watch the games. Moving forward they know that it will take small steps, not huge leaps, to fulfill their wishes for the Bucks.

A Wise Investment

As Marc Lasry played in a celebrity basket ball game, Wes Edens reflected on the fact that the team that they purchased for $550 million was now worth an estimated $1.35 billion. A substantial increase in value. This, combined with the brand new Fiserv Forum arena located downtown which has increased attendance, is concrete proof of that the investment was a good one. However, Wes Edens has said that “as you’d expect, went pretty much as we hoped it would.” and that their new GM, Jon Horst, has played a huge role in the new found success of the franchise.

The Future is Now

Both Wes Edens and Marc Lasry have expressed the opinion that despite their five years of good fortune, they have much more they want to do with the franchise. In fact, their plans are so big that they are now undertaking measures to convert the area around Fisery Forum into permanent place for people to live, play, and work. This massive undertaking is a part of their larger goal to take the team itself in a strong new direction.

Planning for Success

Going forward, Wes Edens plans to build a strong team around MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, and has stated that he doesn’t want to just win one championship, but multiple championships. This is nothing new as both him and Lasry have said from the day they purchased the team that they intend to make it into a championship worthy franchise. Will they be able to accomplish their goals with the Bucks? Time will tell, but they already have a great start.

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Three Ways To Get More Customers To Choose You Over the Competition: Brought To You By Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS

Think of your business brand like a plate of food. Your customers are the meat and potatoes of the meal. Some may stay to eat a few vegetables along the way, maybe even some bread and butter. However, the meat and potatoes are what will bring an increased brand loyalty, according to Edwin Miranda.

1) You should start asking customers their thoughts on what you do. They are part of the equation so their opinions need to count for something. You might be surprised at what some of them say, according to Edwin Miranda. Some brands are afraid to ask for fear of what someone may say. You cannot let that deter you from getting to the truth, according to Edwin Miranda.

The more you ask for their opinions, the more you will move in the right directions. Sometimes you need a little positive criticism to better your brand, according to Edwin Miranda.

2) Everything needs to be fresh and current, including your web page. No one wants to walk into a store in 2019 that looks like it is from 1975 or 1976.

3) You have to do some form of promotion, including social media. Social media is not going away anytime soon. In fact, social media is only going to get stronger, according to Edwin Miranda.

You have to go where the people are. Most people spend at least half of their day on social media, sometimes more. Do you want your brand loyalty to get better? You should start using social media, even if it is just one place. Promote your new product on one of the channels and cross-reference it to other mediums.

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Igniting Their Passion For Generosity-Stream Energy Proves They Care

Supporting local communities is a passionate belief, and of great importance to Stream Energy. Their humanitarianism, and generosity are fundamental values that clearly exist within the organization. Stream proudly support their employees’ efforts, in their philanthropic endeavors.

In 2016, the company formed Stream Cares. In a recent feature on, the charitable foundation’s ongoing community support initiatives were highlighted. The article spoke of their joint efforts in working with other charitable organizations that support the causes, which their employees feel they can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Homelessness is one such crisis that plagues cities like Dallas. Partnering with organizations such as Hope Supply, the staff at Stream Energy has been able to fund special events like Splash for Hope. Splash for Hope is an annual event that covers the costs for more than 1,000 homeless children, to spend the day at a local water park, and assists in providing items these children need like food, clothing and school supplies.

In addition to working with Hope Supply, Stream Energy has also worked with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross in fundraising efforts, to help those affected by a series of destructive tornadoes that ravaged North Texas in 2016 as well as the recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey, in 2017. The victims affected by these disasters are not just their customers; they are neighbors, friends and families. Stream’s employees felt compelled to do what they could to offer their assistance.

The supportive relationships Stream Energy has developed with both their employees, and their communities serves as an exemplary business role model of corporate responsibility. The strong philanthropic network that exists between the Stream Cares foundation, and other charitable organizations, has enabled the company to give back to their communities. As a result, Stream Energy has earned enormous respect and customer loyalty.

Stream Energy is a direct-selling company that provides a variety of residential and commercial products. Their services include energy, renewables, natural gas, mobile phone and life services. The company was founded in 2005, and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.