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Wen By Chaz: A New Way To Achieve Healthy Hair

It’s hard to believe Chaz Dean’s hair salon in Hollywood, California could be the cause of a revolutionary hair cleaning product, but it is true. That is where WEN by Chaz began its path to a revolutionary hair cleanser. Chaz Dean was operating his beauty salon and noted have traditional shampoos left hair prone to breakage. Frustrated with the options, he developed what is now labeled as Wen By Chaz cleansing conditioner.

Many are surprised when they first use the product. Is applied like traditional shampoo in the shower, but it will not bubble. The cleanser is actually lifting oils and grime away from the hair and scalp while hydrating. Work it throughout the strands and let it sit while you finish the shower. Rinse out then towel dry your hair. The locks will be left clean, but they will not be brittle.

Chaz Dean has gone on to create several styling products that all work in conjunction with the cleanser. For example, the hair mask is a home treatment for people who have extremely damaged or brittle strands. There are several fragrances to choose from, such as pomegranate, fig, and mint. They are infused with juices from the aloe vera leaf, oil from macadamia nuts, and rosemary.

Wen By Chaz has been around for well over a decade. The raving fans get the benefit of clean hair, healthy locks, and a touch of aromatherapy. Mr. Dean continually offers seasonal scented products as well. For more info, visit

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Serge Belamant and the Beginning of Blockchain Technology

Once labeled thé Bill Gates and Steve Jobs from the RepubIic of South Africá (RSA) simply by financial professional Alec Hogg, Serge Belamant is a founding particular holder of blockchain technology.

Through his innóvations since an application and software program developer, Serge Belamant’s innovations aré instrumental in thé economic sector. He’s acknowledged with thé first execution of blockchain technologies. The systems developed by Sérge Belamant provided the central source in creating several cryptocurrencies. He accomplished his innovative technology through the use of clever credit cards with á micro-controller that may create a distributed independent deal ledger. The technology this individual developed enables banking institutions, government authorities and privaté people to process quicker a number of actions from assets tó tissue to withdrawals to obligations within a secured environment.

Defining Blockchain TechnoIogy

The blockchain is bést referred to as a list or ledger of information that is Linked as well as cryptography. Individual ledgers include a cryptographic timestamp ánd purchase data. Primary blockchain technology wás developed to assist the economic provider’s sector to incréase transparency, the precision of data and protection of organizations and also clients. Serge Belamant wás instrumental in developing blockchain applications thróugh the utilization of smart credit cards. The intelligent cards included microprocessors which usually functionéd upon or óff-line.

Who’s Serge Christian Piérre Belamant?

Serge Belamant came to be in Tulle, France in 1953. His father worked well as an experienced tiler and át age 14 years, his family members relocated to South Africá. During his changeover from France to South Africa, Serge had to figure out how to read and create in English. After mastering one more vocabulary, Serge was admittéd to Highlands Nórth SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for Males in Johannesburg. Sérge was obviously a shiny sociable student throughout his amount of time in high college he took part in lots of actions and did át rugby, additional athletics and also his assignment work. Serge was á respected college student becoming the home captain meant for thé technology and connection clubs in his senior high school in 1970.


Guilherme Paulus Believes in Giving People More Opportunities in Brazil

There are things that might make it easier for people to try on their own when they’re visiting Brazil and Guilherme Paulus knows that. He also knows the hotel, resort and tour companies can play a huge role in helping people have a better experience visiting the country. He knows there aren’t a lot of ways for people to have enjoyable experiences without relying on hotels that can sometimes be difficult to visit. Guilherme Paulus also recognizes that most hotel and resort companies focus on one area of Brazil instead of allowing people to visit different areas. It’s important for him to show people they can try different hotels, resorts and different areas of Brazil when they’re visiting. People don’t have to stay limited to just one area and Guilherme pushes to make sure people know they can try everything they want while they’re visiting the country.

Brazil has a lot of different areas and they’re all unique to the way the country operates. Guilherme Paulus knew this when he started the company. He also felt he could make things easier for people visiting the country so they didn’t have to worry about the issues that came from visiting a travel company. It was his goal to always let people know they could try things different from what others were working on and different from the way they did business on their own. Guilherme spent time learning about the different regions and chose to put hotels and resorts in many different ones. To know more about him click here.

When Guilherme Paulus thinks about what he wants to do with his hotels and resorts, he knows there are a lot of trends. He’s especially interested in working with the technology trends. He believes this is one of the best trends the industry has ever seen. He also believes it’s an important trend for people who aren’t in the hotel industry. Since he spent time working for IBM, Guilherme knows the benefits that come with technology. He uses this knowledge to help people see the value of using technology to make their travel experiences better than they’ve ever been.

Paul Mampilly Interviewed For Inspirey Reveals Jump In Holiday Sales

Paul Mampilly was recently featured on, a website for entrepreneurs that provides detailed interviews with leading executives in a variety of different markets. Mampilly revealed how he has become one of the leading editors of financial newspapers through his experience on Wall Street and understanding the investors’ needs.

Paul Mampilly is the creator of several newsletters that are published through Banyan Hill Publishing. His main newsletter, titled Profits Unlimited, is geared towards the average American investor who wants to start investing wisely. Mampilly still works 12-14 hours each day, researching potential investments while also tracking the stocks he recommends to his readers. He provides a detailed 8-page newsletter every month to more than 90,000 subscribers on the latest developments in financial industry. He also provides a model portfolio so his readers can see how well the stocks perform. His other newsletters are geared towards more advanced newsletters who still prefer to invest on their own.

Paul Mampilly was also featured on the ask Reporter website in an article titled “Paul Mampilly Expects 2018 Holiday Season Will Be good for Stocks.” The article reveals how unemployment has reached the lowest percentage in years while also providing consumers with the confidence they need to increase their revenue. Retailers will have an impact on unemployment levels as well because they are offering incentives for seasonal workers. They are providing higher starting wages and also offering longer maternity and paternity leave to their employees. In this year alone retailers are expected to hire up to 650,000 workers throughout the holiday season. Amazon has also begun to offer a higher starting wage at $15 an hour, though they no longer offer stock awards or monthly bonuses.

Paul Mampilly reveals how the retail sales were expected to be up to $720.89 billion across the U.S., making retail jump up to 4.8 percent over the holiday season. Over the past few years, the economy has steadily risen 3.9 percent.

In 2017, retail had the greatest increase in sales than the previous past twelve years. It grew nearly 5.3 percent with sales equal to $687.87 billion.

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Edwin Miranda Biography

Edwin Miranda is a retired Salvadoran footballer. He was born in Zacatecoluca on January 28th in the year 1981. He was brought up in Los Angeles, California. Miranda played for Cal State Northridge College as a defender and was branded the Big West Conference Defender of the year.

He is a professional footballer and has played form many teams. Edwin Miranda in 2oo4 was drafted in the MLS SuperDraft by Dallas in the sixth round as number 54 overall. He was unable to play find his way in the first team squad in Dallas so he decided to take a transfer Portland Timbers in 2004. After playing for two seasons with Portland Timbers he took a transfer to Puerto Rico Islanders.

In 2009 he left islanders as he did not come to an agreement with the salary they were to pay him, so he joined Miami Fc for a one year contract. He played 25 games for Miami and later released when the season ended. He joined Hollywood United Hitmen in 2010 and played 16 games. He helped the team reach the 2010 Premier Development League playoffs. After the PDL season was over, Edwin Miranda left Hollywood and returned back to Islanders and played four regular seasons. He played an important role in helping the team winning the USSF D-2 Pro League Campaign.

In 2011, Edwin Miranda joined Los Angeles Blues and scored one goal for the team in 18 games. Following the conclusion of the season, the team released Miranda and he signed a contract with Los Angeles Misioneros and played the USL Premier Development League that was in the year 2012.

Miranda has also served as an important player in his national team El Salvador national football team. He started playing for his team in 2008 and received his first cup on 2009 in UNCAF cup which they played against Belize.

Randal Nardone’s lucrative career

Randal Nardone is one of the Principals at the alternative asset management giant, Fortress. He took over the role of Chief executive officer in 2013 and has been leading the company with unmatched excellence. Nardone has been part of the company since its inception, contribute significantly and his exceptional leadership skills to the success of the firm.

Randal’s career overview

Nonetheless, it is vital to note that even though he is incredibly skilled, Randal’s great accounting skills are natural as he initially pursued a law course at Boston University. He, however, realized that litigation is not something he wanted to wake up every day to and made a transition to finance.

He moved from Thacher, Proffitt & Wood where he was a partner, to Blackrock where he was appointed a managing director. He served this role for a year and moved to UBS, where he was given an opportunity to serve the same position. Nonetheless, his passion had always been to become self-reliant, and when he rubbed shoulders with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman who had the same goals as him, he quit UBS, and together the trio co-founded Fortress investment group.

Since then, the firm has enjoyed a lot of success, and despite there being several downs, their rich experience in finance has always enabled them to set the company’s sails on the right sea. For instance, due to the harsh market conditions in the public markets and the dwindling share value, Randal Nardone and his fellow principals recently decided to make the company a private entity once again, through a take-over transaction with Softbank. More about of Randal Nardone at

Randal’s view on Fortress acquisition

According to Randal Nardone, this move was of the essence as it enabled the company to avoid the high costs of going private through IPO. Randal remains optimistic that going private under Softbank will help strengthen Fortress, thereby enabling it to achieve its objectives.

It is thanks to such wise business moves made by leaders like Randal Nardone that Fortress has always been a market leader in alternative assets. This has also been beneficial to Randal as well, as he is now valued at $1.8 billion, and ranks 557 on Forbes.

Other Roles

In addition to Fortress, Mr. Nardone serves a handful of roles ranging from president, COO, secretary to chairman in companies such as Eurocastle, Newcastle, Mapeley limited and Aircastle limited among many others.

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Ryan Seacrest

There Are No Wedding Bells For Ryan Seacrest Anytime Soon

Ryan Seacrest recently relocated to New York City with longtime girlfriend Shayna Taylor to take the co-host seat next to Kelly Ripa. Even though he and Taylor have been together for a while, they do not seem to be in any hurry to get married.  , there has been no pressure from his family to settle down.

According to  , he is not receiving any family pressure to get married because, at the moment, they do not even he exists. Of course, Seacrest is joking with that statement. His parents have been too busy preparing for their first grandchild. Seacrest’s sister and her husband gave birth to their first child in December. The baby has distracted the family, keeping them from pressuring Seacrest about getting married.

Besides being a brand new uncle, Ryan Seacrest is keeping himself busy with a variety of projects. Not only does he have his weekday show “Live! With Kelly and Ryan“, he also has his syndicated morning radio and his weekly top 40 countdown shows. He has launched his own menswear line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which can be found exclusively at Macy’s Department store. His skincare line, Ryan Seacrest Polish, has recently launched.

Right now, Seacrest is in the middle of taping the new season of “American Idol“. When recently asked about the new season, he would not reveal too much, but stated that there will be some tear-jerking moments. He continued to state that there is one audition that had the whole room in tears.

Ryan Seacrest, who is a celebrity in his own right, still gets star struck. It may be hard to believe that the professional interviewer, who has interviewed many celebrities over the years, still gets tongue-tied when doing interviews. He admits that he normally will say something stupid.