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How David McDonald Created A Unique Career For Himself

David McDonald was born and brought up in Lowa. He is a graduate of animal science from the Lowa State University. Today he has managed to have worked at various executive positions in the world. He currently works at OSI Group and is the person behind the high company’s achievements. He joined company as young graduate who possessed relevant skills to his career.

With his many years in the industry, he has managed to maintain excellent skills in the entrepreneurship world and has led to adopt relevant changes at OSI Group. He can understand the capability of every employee in the company, something that has enabled them to be very productive. He is also behind the company’s successful teamwork across their 80 facilities across the globe. The hard-working Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI Group has a wealth of experience in his career and has managed to change the way the company operates to a more digitized platform.

David Mcdonald started his career as a project manager at the company before he was able to rise to executive roles. Besides serving as the COO and the president, David is also the managing director of OSI International Foods which is located in Australia. He is also the chair of the executive board of OSI Group.

Before joining OSI, David McDonald served as the North America Meat Institute Chairman. This experience was enough for him to penetrate in the meat and food supplies industry with confidence to achieve. He has managed to collaborate with various executives in his career in a bid to make his job better and has become an expert and a successful entrepreneur. He has also been able to understand his customers, something that has enabled them to penetrate the global markets with ease and also to help to supply them with quality and healthy products.

David McDonald is one of the few leaders who people should emulate. His desire to help people and improve their lives is also one thing that makes him extra unique. His good attributes have attracted so many people in his career, and he has managed to prove to the world that indeed he is one of pillars of development. His innovation makes him a unique brand in the society and the business world. The Lowa University graduate is known for taking part in various motivational programs aimed at inspiring young people.

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Matt Badiali Prospets Future Profits for Declining Silver

Investors looking for a long-term opportunity with a big payoff may be interested in recent events occurring in the silver market. The precious metal is currently at an emotional extreme with gold. This extreme has placed the precious metal at a low price it has fallen to only five times before. This makes it a very agreeable investment to make, but there is a time limit. Precious metals like silver do stay this low forever, and sooner or later they bounce back up. This is why Matt Badiali is recommending silver investments now, because they may be too expensive later.

Matt Badiali is a successful investment analyst who provides actionable information to a wide variety of investors. Most notable for his freedom checks investment Badiali looks at opportunities all over the market. Silver is one of the most recent recommendations he has made, and that recommendation is based on the future of silver not the past. At present silver and other precious metals are suffering under the strain of competition. Cryptocurrency in particular is stealing a lot of their thunder. However, industry still has great use for silver, and as sustainable energy grows in popularity the need for silver will increase. The last time silver reached a similar low it bounced back by 38% in five months. Matt Badiali prospects the bounce back this time will be much bigger.

Sustainable tech like sonar panels uses a lot of silver, and Matt Badiali observes that sustainable energy’s rise in popularity will create much more of a demand. This is why investing now at silver’s lower rate is an ideal investment to make. Once the commodity goes up anyone who bought in will increase their investment by double or triple. According to Badiali it should hit its peak around 2030 as green technologies are prospected to be in high gear then. It will not stay down forever though, so the time to invest is now as the rates are probably the lowest they will go.


Ted Bauman and Tax Issues with Cryptocurrency

While the cryptocurrency boom made a lot of people millions of dollars, many people who joined later in the craze did not experience the same success as the people who had invested before them. Ted Bauman believes that there may be other problems that could affect investors that turned to cryptocurrency. One of the biggest of these being taxes.

Before bitcoin’s price dropped dramatically, it rose by 1,500%. Ted Bauman published multiple financial newsletters for Banyan Bill Publishing and has written about bitcoin and cryptocurrency previously. As a specialist in low-risk investment, he has a lot of information and advice that he wants potential and current investors to know about cryptocurrency.

Many of the people who made a lot of money from the initial cryptocurrency boom reinvested their money back into it. When the prices dropped, it left many people, including several readers of the newsletters written by Ted Bauman, worried about how these gains and losses would be taxed by the IRS. After all, the IRS will always want their share of the capital gains that were earned by investors in bitcoin. The heavy losses caused by the negative news and fatigue over the investment aren’t a concern to the taxing agency.

While there may be some considerable differences in how cryptocurrency and tradition currency work, they are still both considered assets when it comes to tax purposes. Many cryptocurrency investors have admitted that they have never paid taxes on their purchases or gains. In fact, many of them did not realize that they had to see as the cryptocurrency isn’t connected to any government agency. While the currency may be anonymous and use blockchain technology, it’s almost impossible to hide considerable capital gains from the IRS.

In order to collect these taxes, Ted Bauman reports that the IRS created a team to study the currency and get an idea of just how many people weren’t paying taxes on their gains. The results were quite surprising as they found that only a small percentage had reported any capital gains on their investment. It’s likely that those who did not report will face penalties for their actions.


Marc Beer’s Renovia and career background

Marc Beer has more than 25 years experience developing, commercializing biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics. He holds a BS from the Miami University (Ohio) and he’s currently the co-founder of Renovia Inc. The startup of Renovia was all possible due to Marc raising over $42 million for the funding of the women’s health startup. The company was founded in 2016 and it specializes in products for pelvic disorders. The Boston-based company focuses on creating various therapeutic devices to treat hip disorders, for example like urinary problems. It’s been estimated these issues affect approximately 250 million women around the world. The first product to receive an FDA approval was Leva. The product was approved in April. Companies that have invested in Renovia are The Longwood Fund. The Longwood Fund invested early in Renovia’s startup. Their investment will go toward research, development and testing four more therapeutic, analytical, diagnostic products. Marc Beer addressed the public and stated that he’s thrilled to have the support and financial backing of leading healthcare investors. The vision he shares is to better diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders. With the digital health platform that’s given to the customers, valuable data will be provided to the customers on which treat options to choose from. This new technology provides greater knowledge and understating of pelvic floor disorders, with the ultimate goal of lowering long term healthcare costs.


In April 2000, before Marc Beer decide to venture into Renovia he was the Founding CEO of ViaCell. The company specializes in collecting, preserving, and developing blood stem cells from the umbilical cord. Within seven years he led the company from the beginning to a fast growing solid commercial organization. Under Marc’s leadership the company grew to over 300 employees and went public in 2005. Prior to his executive roles, he had a variety of sales and marketing roles in the pharmaceutical industry. In recognition to his alma mater, he decided to become a member of Miami University Business Advisory Council. Before this position, Marc was also a sitting member of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. Also, he was advisory council to the Notre Dame Graduation Studies Research. Learn more:

Chainsmokers Use Music To Cope With Fame

If it’s music that made you famous in the first place, it might seem odd to use it as therapy for the side effects of fame, but that’s exactly what the wildly popular duo “the Chainsmokers” are doing with their recent wave of new music. Composed of two young and hungry musicians, the Chainsmokers are actually the lyrical tag team of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. In case you’re wondering, the Chainsmokers crew actually does write its own music, and as they point out, they write about what they observe. Taggart reveals, “But we write about what we observe, and we write about making bad decisions often, as you’ll hear in the song. But also kind of being impulsive in getting into them, and also living in the moment, as we find beauty in those small moments.”

Their career has been brief so far, but it’s also full of those bigger “small moments” that have made them memorable to the Millennial crowd. DJing played a big part in their early formation, but it has only been in the last couple of years that they’ve become the wildly popular radio sensation that garnered them attention from a younger audience. They’ve been playing as the Chainsmokers since 2012, when they picked up the catchy moniker.

On July 27th, they let loose with their latest radio hit: Side Effects. The song itself features a lot of disco-tinged notes and spirit, but it’s not all fun and games even though it has already established itself as a late-summer anthem. Something keeps drawing the boys back to a woman’s door – the song features frequent collaborator Emily Warren – even though they know it’s time to call it quits. Much like fame itself, this song focuses on a young relationship, much like many of their other songs, but it draws close comparisons to the pitfalls of fame. No matter how many time fame sends out its side effects, much like a bad relationship, it keeps drawing them further and further into its intoxicating grasp. In this way, the Chainsmokers have scored another easily understandable radio hit that will keep them going strong, much like they’ve been doing since 2012.