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Securus Technologies Continues its Innovation Streak with the Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is North America’s leader in the design and creation of technology that is designed to keep prisons, correctional facilities and law enforcement safe from the rising number of threats that occur when cell phones fall into the wrong hands. While Securus Technologies provides thousands of security solutions, the latest one the company has released is perhaps the most revolutionary technology yet to be seen in combating the threats of contraband cell phones inside correctional institutions. In fact, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, made a statement that he is proud that his company either releases a new technology every week or makes vast positive enhancements to current technology. The company is known as being highly innovative. Being in the industry of utilizing technology to stay one step ahead of crime, Securus Technology has a reputation for being the most innovative in the industry.


The latest technology from Securus, the Wireless Containment Solution, offers the most prolific and concrete solution to battle crimes being committed from inside correctional facilities that can harm those outside the prison system. The Wireless Containment Solution has already been installed in thousands of prison facilities and is increasing its reach every day.


The Wireless Containment Solution has a variety of benefits. As its main function, it blocks contraband cell phones from being able to make outgoing calls or send text messages. The system alerts prison security anytime an unauthorized cell phone attempts to make contact. This allows corrections officers to take immediate action before any harm, such as someone contracting a hit or hiding evidence, can be done. Additionally, the Wireless Containment Solution can pinpoint the specific location of the contraband cell phone device.


Of course, the first benefit this has is to confiscate them immediately. Second, it also allows for prison security to know exactly who is bringing in cell phones and when. This allows them to create a profile of exactly why those inmates would want access to cell phones and determine who is bringing them in. The Wireless Containment Solution also prevents the same unauthorized cell phones from being connected to wireless networks, both those inside the prison used by staff and rouge wireless networks.


While we use cell phones every day and think nothing of how much potential harm they can cause, Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer, has a story that shows exactly how dangerous they can be. Mr. Johnson’s home was broken into one morning while he was getting ready for work. He was shot multiple times. While he survived, he has had to have over twenty surgeries just to maintain quality of time. The hit was ordered by an inmate from inside prison who was angry at Mr. Johnson for confiscating contraband.


Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in the U.K in 1962. He is an outstanding international lawyer and an influential Israeli diplomat. He served as Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. He began working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991. He took many diplomatic and legal posts.

The foundation is based in Jerusalem. He got his bachelor’s degrees in three universities namely; Harvard University, University College in London and finally University College in Oxford.

Daniel Taub moved to Israel in 1989 and had since then been serving as Israel Defense Force as a combat medic. He is also a reserve officer in Israel international law division.

Mr. Daniel Taub is a writer. He has written several articles concerning Israel and the Middle East. Some of his pieces have been featured in various magazines and newspapers like the Guardian, The Times, the Daily Telegraph among others. He is the writer of the book; Parasha Diplomatic.

The book talks about diplomatic insights on biblical texts. Daniel Taub is the scriptwriter and creator of the famous Israeli drama series called HeChatzer. He also scriptwriters for the President of Israel; Chaim Herzog. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He is an expert in international law specializing in counter-terrorism and the rules of wars. He has worked as a legal adviser to Israel’s government. He is Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs principal deputy legal advisor. He attended the country’s missions in Geneva and New York.

Daniel Taub introduced the Bizcamp start-up competition when he was appointed as Ambassador to the St. James’s Placing. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The organization focuses on trade and technology. Due to this, he was nominated for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative award. Mr. Daniel Taub lectures and public speaks diversely on international law and negotiation theory. He has been many times interviewed on television.

The stations that have had a chance to interact with him are; Sky News, BBC Radio among others. In his interview with BBC Radio, he was named the first Israeli Ambassador to be interviewed by the station.

Daniel Taub has a habit of curiosity that makes him more productive as a diplomat. He is genuinely interested in people he meets and what they are passionate about since people appreciate being heard.

His main diplomatic techniques are to work in the realm of the possible and be an active listener.

Rocketship Education Puts Families At The Heart Of School Decisions

The development of a new public school education system is something the majority of the U.S. public agrees is of the greatest importance but understanding how to develop a new way of educating children is a different matter. Rocketship Education has been a growing influence on the charter schools sector since the school was founded in 2006 with a single group of children educated in a San Jose, California church hall; one of the benefits of the Rocketship Education charter school system is the fact it was founded by two former public school teachers who understood the problems of the public school system.

Allowing families to take a leading role in he education of students is an aspect of the work of Rocketship Education which has been of growing importance for the leadership of the charter school program. Rocketship Education takes the inclusion and partnership of educators and families to high levels of support for both; educators even go so far as to visit students and families in their homes to gain an understanding of the issues they face and how the school system can aid them.

As families play such a major role in the work of Rocketship Education, leaders at the charter school have recently been looking for different ways of bringing families even more closely into the work being completed. Hiring new educators is a vital process to the success or failure of the school system and families are now being trained to take part in the interview process to ensure every base is covered before a teacher is hired for the charter school.

Discussing the inclusion of families in the interview process has been difficult for some candidates to handle and results in some withdrawing from the process unable to handle the issues being discussed. Others have been reported to embrace the inclusion of families as they feel this is the most important aspect of education and results in only the best candidates being identified during the interview process.

Jed McCaleb uses Stellar to Lower Banking Costs

Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur in the tech industry with multiple successful ventures on his resume. He has worked on peer-to-peer software, virtual trading, and bitcoin exchanges in his past. However, he is now focusing on financial exchanges with his new company Stellar.


Along with Joyce Kim, Jed McCaleb founded Stellar after they discovered how many problems could be solved in the banking world by utilizing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Stellar is an exchange protocol that enables banks to be linked seamlessly together, cutting costs and eliminating expensive fees. McCaleb says his company’s primary audience are those in developing countries that do not have any options for financial services, but Stellar is also implemented in companies like IBM.


Even though Stellar has already been successfully implemented in companies all over the world, McCaleb and his team are endlessly innovating and changing the Stellar protocol for the better. Since launching, Stellar has already improved their initial software and has made leaps and bounds to surpass competition.


Prior to co-founding Stellar, Jed McCaleb created eDonkey, the first multi-sourced peer-to-peer downloading software. The software enabled users to download files from multiple other users at the same time, the file was then pieced back together on the recipients machine. The user can then view the file as if they downloaded it normally.

This innovative technology has since became industry standard for how peer to peer software delivers files to its users.


One company in the peer to peer market wasn’t enough for McCaleb. He later founded Overnet, a program that uses the same software behind eDonkey. Eventually the two companies merged to form eDonkey2000.


Mt. Gox was the world’s very first bitcoin exchange. Originally, McCaleb created Mt. Gox to serve as a marketplace for video game players. After he realized that his technology could be used for so much more, he transformed it into a bitcoin exchange. He went on to sell the company and it later shut down.


With a resume filled with such a wide variety of innovations, it is impossible to know what Stellar may evolve into.

The Original Habanero Shaker – Developed by Joel Friant

Joel Friant is a successful businessman who uses his experience and the experiences of other successful people to develop methods to attain personal and business success. Joel has taught many seminars on success and has published many articles on the subject. Joel is currently studying cryptocurrency. He hopes to use the fluctuations in cryptocurrency markets to help fund business ventures. Joel also oversees the success of his product: the Original Habanero Shaker.

Joel began his life as a businessman in 1995, when he opened a restaurant. He ran this restaurant for several years. After leaving the restaurant, Joel sought work in the field of real estate. He started out in this market by buying old and foreclosed homes. He would restore these houses and then sell them, making a large profit in the process.

Shortly thereafter, Joel was hired as a real estate salesman for a local firm. Joel displayed his business skill, and within a few months he was named top salesman of the office. He went on to run a branch office for the real estate firm that specialized in mortgages and loans.

It was in 2010 that Joel became interested in e-commerce. The emerging opportunities in internet marketing excited Joel, and he took several courses on online marketplaces, such as Amazon an eBay. Joel decided to take advantage of his newfound knowledge and in 2012 he launched the internet store for his Original Habanero Shaker. Joel continues to maintain this web store.

Joel also uses his experiences in the business world to help other people attain success. He has spent a great deal of time studying how other people achieve success both in business and in their personal lives. Joel has used his observations to develop web seminars and to write a number of articles on the subject of success.

All Things Real Estate by DAMAC Owner Hussain Sujwani

Reva Residences of Business Bay is DAMAC Properties newest luxury addition to its property development portfolio. Hussain Sajwani, the UAE national and owner of DAMAC, founded the revolutionary global development company in 2002. The posh high-rise is making an indelible impact in the property industry in the Middle East, as it rests in the core of Dubai, overlooking breathtaking views Dubai’s Canal.


The lavish property gives a feel of exceptional value and prestige. It has a 24-hour concierge as well as first-rate services and creature comforts. Reva Residences offer one and two bedroom apartments starting at AED 699,000. The accommodation prides itself on fostering resort-like enjoyment at affordable market rates.


The Business Bay area has recently grown into a vibrant, flourishing locale. It is unique as it is intriguing; delivering an outstanding city-lifestyle, all within close proximity. Enjoy lavish dining, extensive high-end shopping, and a cutting-edge business district just steps away from your new home. The area is perfect for the forward-thinking business professional that indulges in life’s finer pleasures. The

Business Bays’ Reva Residences views are beautifully unmatched; the Dubai Canal serves as a stellar backdrop for the pristine location. Envision waking up to panoramic canal sights on a daily basis!


The property boasts of luxurious detailed interiors, custom kitchens, and massive bathrooms. The complex is surrounded by grand lush parks, walking and jogging paths, rich courtyards, as well as the largest retail shopping complex in the world. Reva Residences is adorned with a progressive gym and an established play area for children and tots.


Hussain Sajwani, the brilliant founder, and owner of DAMAC has constructed 19,000 plus majestic apartment towers since the company’s launch date. He has partnered with real estate giant Donald Trump in successful efforts of designing glamorous golf course communities. In 2017, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani was prominently identified as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs by Gulf Business magazine. By far, DAMAC Properties owner Hussain Sajwani is in front of the Middle Eastern property development market and continues to drive for success via his innovative vision and unwavering creative entrepreneurial dexterity.

More on DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani:

Hussain Sajwani Talks the Possibilities

2002 marked a new beginning for the already immensely successful businessman, Hussain Sajwani. It was the year that the Economics and Industrial Engineering major, an alum of The University of Washington, launched his groundbreaking property development company, DAMAC Properties. Today, his company is one of the most prominent and successful of its kind, having created over 17,000 properties in global cities such as Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai, Doha Amman, and London. Over the course of his career, Mr. Sajwani has been recognized for his astute business acumen, and today he is recognized as one of the most influential Arabs in the world. He recently sat down to discuss his visions for DAMAC Properties, as well as the practices that have led him to create such a stellar track record.

The idea to create DAMAC Properties can be traced back to Hussain Sajwani’s childhood, as it was his experience working with his father after school at the family business that instilled the entrepreneurial spirit within him. As he grew, he would cultivate his passion for business and real estate, beginning with the development of small hotels, and he eventually stepped it up to premium towers in the most exclusive areas of Dubai. He usually begins his day with a meeting with his management team where he is given an update concerning the current status of the company, after which he meets with a number of his business partners to discuss impending deals, as well as to build his network. In order to bring his ideas to fruition, Mr. Sajwani often looks to the future, envisioning the status of Dubai as it develops over the next few decades, while also blocking out any fears that may inhibit the process. He has been noted for his penchant for forward-thought, and constantly surveys changes regarding new platforms that may help to market DAMAC Properties. In doing this, he has become really excited about the prospects associated with social media and digital marketing. The new advances in these sectors have allowed communication between corporate entities and their consumers to become streamlined, making the possibilities virtually limitless.


Avatrade is an online authorized and regulated forex broker that provides their customers with vast information when dealing with the global financial market. Established in 2006, today Avatrade is among the best forex brokers in the world. Its headquarters is based in Dublin Ireland with offices worldwide. In European Union, the company is under the central bank of Ireland regulations

With forex trading being complex, Avatrade gives you more insight before you make any decision with your forex account. This means whether you are a seasoned or an inexperienced forex trader, you can easily make correct forex investment moves with Avatrade guidelines.

How is Avatrade Better Than The Rest

With forex brokers numbers increasing by each day, one might be spoilt for choices when settling for one. A thorough research is needed for you to understand their offers to you. Below are some offers you will enjoy when using Avatrade as your broker.

  1. It provides you with relevant information which helps you to trade with a lot of ease
  1. Its core value and customer relations are set from the word “go.” That means you know what you are dealing with and what to expect.
  1. This is a platform with intentions of serving online traders with the best trade experience
  1. It offers their customers negative balance protection. What this means is that you can never lose more than your initial deposit.

In 2013 Avatrade started to offer their clients with cryptocurrencies service on their platform. For you to trade bitcoins with Avatrade, it’s a requirement you open a live trading account. The company offers you some of the biggest deposit bonuses in the market today.

In every successful company, customer care is very important as it fosters a good relationship between the company and its customers. This has seen Avatrade operate a 24/7 customer care service in more than 30 countries. Since 2009, the company has won awards including the best customer support among many others. Having being in the global market for more than 10 years, it’s true to say Avatrade is a reliable broker.A broker whose customers’ interests are always protected.

The Oxford Club And These Four Hot Tips

The Oxford Club is the product of the brilliant investing mind of William Bonner – also the founder of The Agora Companies, a huge conglomerate of businesses that’s operated out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Also taking its home in Baltimore, The Oxford Club distributes the world’s leading investment advice to its members, all 150,000 of which are highly interested in smashing the United States’s financial markets – think of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

One of the many lessons The Oxford Club urges its members to follow is listed here:

  1. Buy, Sell, And Trade In Bulk

Retailers selling one or two bars of soap sell them at, more or less, the highest price an end-user consumer is willing to pay to use them. Wholesalers distributing one or two thousand bars of soap understand that its buyers – the retailers – are not interested in actually using the soap, they just want to make a profit off of its retail sale.

Investors who take the approach of retailers – obviously they can’t use financial instruments like bars of soap, however; it’s an analogy – won’t do well in finance. As such, The Oxford Club urges its members to act as wholesalers, only trading the largest amounts of instruments they can possibly afford.

  1. Lower Investment Costs

Engaging in the above activities cost a lot of fees, fines, and cuts. Rather than paying out tons of fees, trade less often – be a passive investor.

  1. Diversify

This goes without saying, though it’s important to note that most investors need low-risk, long-term growth instruments.

  1. Plan An Exit

Things can go wrong at any second. The Oxford Club says to always have an exit strategy planned, and a backup exit in case the first isn’t optimal.

Transforming Your Home with Siteline Cabinetry

Your home is your castle. You want your home to look its best. You want your home to reflect your personality. Siteline Cabinetry offers customized wood cabinets and other accessories that fit your home perfectly. The carpenters and wood artisans at Siteline Cabinetry will work with you to realize your dream kitchen, bathroom or storage area. A wide selection of styles is available.

Unlike many other carpentry services out there, Siteline Cabinetry provides more than just a selection of cabinet styles. They also provide wood finishes and colors to fit your style.

Home improvement projects are what the artisans at Siteline Cabinetry do best. Their expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodeling is excellent. Customers love that they can choose the size and style of their cabinets. A remodeled kitchen draws people in. Open and airy storage spaces provide a great display of cherished mementos. Efficient laundry rooms just make life easier.

An important aspect of remodeling is that it usually takes too much time. Quality can’t be rushed, but the craftsmen at Siteline understand that you need to get it done with minimum interruptions. They work with you every step of the way.

Siteline Cabinetry is part of the Corsi Group, an cabinet manufacturer headquartered in Indianapolis. Pat Corsi, the CEO of the Corsi Group prides himself that the company is known for resolving issues in design and manufacturing. The fact that Corsi cares enough to listen to customers’ needs for minimum interruptions and quick services shows in his happy customers.

Siteline Cabinetry is no ordinary cabinetry organization. They provide customized cabinets in record time through a “just-in-time” system. Siteline also has pre-configured cabinets in its local dealers. The Keysville, Virginia manufacturing plant is where the cabinetry work is done. Expert sizing and installation are included so you know your cabinets will fit in the designated space.

You know what’s important to you. Siteline Cabinetry makes beautiful cabinets that are highly functional. They also have a wide selection of colors that you can choose from that reflect your personal style. They can guarantee that your home will be transformed by their unique design.