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Desiree Perez Becomes A “#MeToo” Advocate

The “#MeToo” campaign has brought a great amount of change to Hollywood and the wider media industry despite only being in its infancy and has recently found a number of advocates in the media industry including some of the most prominent media executives in the world. A group of music industry executives headed by Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez recently felt compelled to open up to the media following comments made by the President of the Recording Academy about the state of female artistry in the 21st-century.

Desiree Perez has every right to feel slighted by the comments of Recording Academy President Neil Portnow as she has played an integral role in the development of a new era in female music exploration. Rihanna and Beyonce are just two of the musicians who have benefitted from the work of Desiree Perez over the course of the last few years since her role with the Roc Nation brand was expanded to include the position of Chief Operating Officer.The open letter created by the music industry executives was signed by Desiree Perez and included a damning inditement of the comments of the President and the Recording Academy as a whole.

Across the board, the Academy was accused of being out of touch by the executives who stated the role of women in the industry was not being recognized by the Academy in a positive light. Not only has Desiree Perez played a key role in the development of the careers of many female musicians but she has also been instrumental in the creation of a series of deals which have pushed the boundaries of the Roc Nation brand to new levels. The original $100 million deal with Live Nation to establish the brand was brokered by Desiree Perez who continued her negotiating success with a $200 million deal to partner the TIDAL streaming service with Sprint.

Malcolm CasSelle and his Impact on Bitcoin

Malcolm CasSelle and OPSkins
OPSkins is one of the most prominent companies in the field of in-game virtual assets. Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of the company and also happens to be the top merchant of bitcoin on the planet. The founders and creators of OPSkins are creating a new platform for blockchain. The platform will be used for any virtual asset trading with a program called WAX, or the Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX is a type of P2P marketplace that deals with the trading of virtual assets that are built on the premise of blockchain as well as smart contracts that are decentralized. This enables any buyers and sellers to trade virtual assets between one another.

WAX has solved two of the biggest problems in the areas of virtual asset markets and fraud/fragmentation. The program does this by using a blockchain widget which allows users to instantly purchase any goods that they want virtually. This can be done without even leaving the current game they are playing. WAX also gives users the opportunity to tokenize any assets that they have in the game.

About CasSelle
CasSelle is the President of WAX and the founder of OPSkins. Before serving as the president of WAX, CasSelle was the CTO and President of the company, New Ventures at tronc. Before working at tronc, Inc. he held the position of Senior Vice President as well as General Manager for SeaChange International. He was then invited to join the SeaChange International in the year 2015. He joined as a member of the acquisition of Timeline Labs while serving as CEO. Before this, he led a variety of startup companies in different areas in the digital industry. Some of these companies were Xfie, Groupon, and MediaPass.

CasSelle has also been known to invest early in different startup companies. Some of the companies he invested for were Facebook, Zynga, and a number of Bitcoin companies.

Your Place for Art and Design The Academy of Art University

The article “The Future of Fashion: Academy of Art University NYFW Shows” discusses the fashion show presented by the Academy of Art University. This is the 21st time the show has been presented featuring different designers. The show this year offered women clothing with 5 selections and men with 2 selections. The concepts for the clothing varied from around the world. Visions for future fashions were exhibited. The article also introduced the different designers. The designers stated what their inspiration was and the type of material used. Photos of the clothing was similarly covered.


The Academy of Art University is a college of art and design located in San Francisco, California. The University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. In 2007 it was accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is currently an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Design, Entertainment, Fine Art and Liberal Arts are the main focuses of education.


Students can find a diversity of elements to help with their lives. Housing and dinning are two areas of scholar life. Those interested in keep physical will find athletics and fitness activities accommodating. Clubs and Organizations are also available for those that want to keep social. Students will also find financing options available. Financing can be found within Financial Aid including PELL Grant, Federal Work Study, Direct Loans, Direct Parent Loans and CAL Grant. Scholarships are another area of financing that can be attained.

The Academy of Art University offers many degrees within Art and Design. One of the degrees that can be obtained is in Advertising. Another field of study is in Fashion and encompasses Marketing, Brand Management, Merchandising, Product Development and Styling. Architecture and Art are other sections of education. The university has an expansive degree program and includes areas of music, photography, graphics, and communications. Those interested in the fields of art and design will find The Academy of Art University the place to obtain an education.


Super Doctor Jennifer Walden Continues To Make Waves

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon. She is currently one of only 12 women plastic surgeons working in the state of Texas. Dr. Walden specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery. She regularly performs breast augmentations, tummy tucks, eye-lifts, nose jobs and even vaginal rejuvenation.

After building a successful practice in Manhattan, Dr. Walden pulled up stakes and moved back to her home state of Texas. She is now juggling the duties of full-time mom and busy career woman.

Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After graduating from high school, she received a bachelors degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin. After being wait-listed for a few months, she entered the University of Texas Medical Branch and graduated with high honors.

After an externship in Miami, she moved to Manhattan and did her residency at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Nose and Throat Clinic. Dr. Walden was trained under some of the best surgeons in the nation, including Dr. Sherill Aston, whom she considers a mentor.

Dr. Walden has received a number of accolades for excellence in her field including the Herman Barnett Memorial Award, the Mavis P. Kelcey Memorial Award and the Merck Manual Award.

She has been voted one of Texas Magazine’s Super Doctors by her peers twice. Dr. Walden also lectures all over the nation and has been seen on ABC Good Morning America, Fox News, Dr. 90201 and CNN.

She currently operates her own full-scale surgery clinic in Bee Hive, Texas.

Details Walden

Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid Specializes In Surgeries That Other Practitioners Won’t Dabble In

Buttock augmentation and implants falls in an area of expertise only of a few plastic surgeons in San Diego are willing to perform as this risky procedure can have adverse effects if the right techniques are not chosen. Mark Mofid, a Plastic Surgeon who has undergone years of training at both Harvard and Johns Hopkins is a trained, certified doctor and the preferred choice for patients who need complicated procedures done. Dr. Mark Mofid specializes not only in traditional implant cases but also gruesome cases of surgeries gone wrong by hacks from around the world.

Dr. Mark Mofid, works with Gluteal augmentation both through implants and other substances such as fat, while keeping anthropologic origins as well as the safety of his patients in mind. While others consider buttock implants as a battle impossible to win, Dr. Mark Mofid has created a unique approach that is both innovative and safe. This method involves using intramuscular implants within a set safety limit for their body structure. He neither recommends or performs surgeries that are too large for their body frame and the limit for him is a maximum of 330 ccs.

Subfacial placement is a technique that is often used by many doctors especially those who are not well versed in the art of plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid refuses to perform operations using this technique, and he has stated on a few occasions that, bigger implants tend to have a higher risk of palpability, malposition and incisional separation, which will eventually make these implants move to an inferior position due to the effects of gravity. While he uses fat grafting as part of routine procedures as fat grafting implies a shorter recovery time and more chances of being accepted by the body, he is also known to perform high end and designer buttock augmentation surgeries.

People who know and have worked with Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid, often speak about his warm and caring nature towards patients as he makes them feel comfortable, gets to know them in detail and then designs a tailor-made treatment plan based on their needs, wants and body structures.

Presidential Pardon To Joe Arpaio Leads To Unrest Among Communities In The Country

The recent presidential pardon that President Donald Trump recently announced has caused quite a stir among people all over the country. The U.S. District Judge Susan R allowed for the presidential pardon to go through, rendering Arpaio completely free from all the charges that he was tried for.

This pardon came just a few weeks before Arpaio was to be sentenced to imprisonment for all the wrongful acts that he has committed. He was sentenced after a case against him was filed by Lacey and Larkin, who sued Arpaio for wrongful imprisonment. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The case that led to it was as a result of an article that Lacey and Larkin had published in their publication that they ran. They decided to release an article outlining the wrongdoings that Arpaio was involved with, and which were already being speculated by people in the media, and in the state of Arizona. Soon after the article was published, Lacey and Larkin were both taken against their will and falsely imprisoned. They arrest was ordered by Joe Arpaio, who wanted to send them a message.

However, the reason that they were held for was malicious and not something a person could be imprisoned for. When asked for a valid reason, Arpaio mainly stated that it was because of the writing that they had published. Because of this, Lacey and Larkin decided that they had to seek justice for this kind of wrongdoing.

They had only experienced wrongful imprisonment, but some people were serving sentences of years, sometimes, when they aren’t at fault. Even so, Lacey and Larkin decided that they would sue Arpaio for his actions.

The case went on for five years before any ruling was given. At the end of the ruling, Lacey and Larkin were granted a settlement by the Maricopa County. They then decided to use this settlement money to start up an organization that would help people of this community who also had to be subjected to this kind of acts and wrongdoings.

Arpaio was known for mainly targeting people of the Latin American community. He wanted to rid Arizona of illegal immigrants but did not make a distinction between people who didn’t have the right papers, and people who were of particular skin color.

He was known for paying off juries so that he could give people of the Latin American community harsher sentences. In addition, people were coming forward to talk about the harsh and inhumane conditions that inmates who are living within these facilities had to endure as a result of Joe Arpaio and his racist notions. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The presidential pardon that is being granted to Joe Arpaio does not board well in light of natural justice in the country. People all over the country have come forward to explain and voice their opinions on why Arpaio should not be granted Presidential pardon, especially because of the severity of the acts that he committed, and the amount of harm that he posed to the people of the state of Arizona.

Ricardo Tosto Provides High Quality Legal Advice

If you are running a business in Brazil and need legal advice or representation, you need to know about the law offices of Ricardo Tosto. Many organizations, entrepreneurs and institutions turn to Ricardo Tosto for expert help with their legal issues.

To keep a business running smoothly, you need to make sure you take care of the legal aspects. Find out about the rules and regulations that affect your enterprise and meet the requirements. It takes the right ideas, the right people, and good decisions to keep a business running properly.

When you have a business dispute or urgent legal matter affecting your business, you need to get a lawyer right away. Fortunately, finding a lawyer is not confusing or difficult. However, if you do not do your research properly and find out about the background of lawyers on your list of possibilities, you can end up with a lawyer that is not competent or suitable for the type of case you’re dealing with.

When it comes to enlisting the services of an attorney or law firm for business issues, you need to choose carefully. Take the time to find someone who is well known for getting great outcomes for clients.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira is a top attorney and business law expert and has been catering to clients for many years. Ricardo Tosto has been providing corporate and business law services for more than 22 years and is one of the most respected attorneys in Brazil.

A knowledgeable business attorney or corporate law expert can guide you as you make business decisions.

As a reputable lawyer and experienced litigator, Mr Ricardo Tosto is well equipped to handle any type of business or corporate related legal matter. Ricardo Tosto has handled some of the most complex and complicated cases in Brazil and is well known for achieving outstanding results.

When you contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira he will examine your situation and try to understand what you’re going through. He is passionate about getting his client’s case resolved effectively and efficiently and will take appropriate steps to accomplish that.