The Impact That The Betterworks Software And App Can Have On Productivity

Established in 2013, as a result of its list of features and scalability, Betterworks became a strong option among pieces of performance management software. The software has Goal Science at its foundation, and is designed to help companies become more productive and more profitable – being an ideal option for growing teams that are ready to scale. In addition to being able to systemize the objectives flow of the company, the software is also able to keep track of significant data points in order to provide help in regards to future improvements.

The Betterworks software focuses specifically on offering helpful insight as far as productivity goes. This insight will enable companies to identify which employees are performing well in certain projects and which ones are struggling. That information can be used by managers, enabling them to coach employees on how to improve their skillset. The easy to use interface of the software gives managers the necessary tools in order to have better control over the way the company moves.

Access to the platform is also available via a mobile app (on both Android and iOS), which means managers can have quick access to things from anywhere, enabling them to stay on top of the way things are operating. The mobile app gives access to reviews, updates, as well as communication and reporting features. The app can be useful for managers who have busy schedules but want to check in on things, but it also has an impact on the feedback culture, with both managers and employees being able to provide helpful feedback.