Talkspace: The application changing Mental illness

Mental illness is nothing to turn away from. For too long, people continue to suffer silently while life takes a toll on their mental state of mind. Now a great new application known to many users called Talkspace is transforming how people get the mental health they have longed to have for years. Talkspace offers users to find a therapist and begin chatting with them via text message. Many reviewers who may have thought they were talking to a bot are actually able to connect with a real licensed therapist who understands their specific issue. Many raved about the convenience of having your therapist in your pocket and able to talk at any time. It only makes sense as most people dealing with a mental health issues need to speak to a professional immediately and not in a few hours.

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Further, reviewers shared that there is no limit of how much information you can share with the therapists. One made is quite clear that she could literally write pages and pages of concerns to her therapist without feeling restricted to a written statement amount. They enjoyed the response time as well. For a lot of reviewers it was the main selling point that really got them involved. Knowing that your therapist is always going to be there for you was extremely comforting to them.

Talkspace reviews also show the appreciation of being able to switch therapists as well. One stated that we are all human and not everyone interacts the same. Talkspace made it possible for her to move to another therapist that happened in a matter of days if not less. Talkspace was praised for the setup of getting a therapist to begin with. It came down to simply being asked a few questions by a Talkspace representative and then matching you with a therapist best for your mental health needs. Read More: