Sharon Prince, Hopeful Space Matters


Sharon and her husband, Robert Prince are the founders of Grace Farms and the Grace Farms Foundation. The Grace Farms Foundation was founded in 2009, and they purchased 80 acres of land in 2015 called “Grace Farms.” Grace Farms is free of admission and open to the public six days a week.

There are several activities at Sharon Prince Grace farms, along with a river building, which was built to break down the barriers between people. There is a library, garden, church, fishing ponds, park, walking trail, and more. The place sits on 80 acres of beautiful land, which is a great place to go and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are also over 80 bird breeds that have been spotted. And the view is beautiful throughout every season.

Sharon is the president of Grace Farms. Sharon Prince had a big vision when seeking the property. She believes that powerful open spaces can make a difference in the life of many, and can bring good into the world.

She has built an incredible team to help run the place. Her team all have been built on the fields of nature, arts, justice, community, and faith. Sharon Prince is also a part of an organization called Freedom Needs Fighters, that works to end modern day slavery.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a peaceful place full of wonder and several learning experiences. In hopeful spaces matter, they are trying to advance as much good in the world as they can. Everyone is invited to visit Grace farms and join their hopeful spaces matter.

Hopeful space matters is a place to discuss the problems in the world, and the hope that comes along with unity. In Sharon’s own words, “And joy is not always talking about joy, but it is also talking about sorrow and despair, so we will know what joy is.” Go Here to learn more.


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