Sergey Petrossov, Ruling The Skies With Elite Travel

Sergey Petrossov

The billion-dollar business concept developed by Sergey Petrossov allows ‘elite’ travelers to save money on frequent flights. JetSmarter is the first of its kind, a mobile app for aviation travel, it’s designed to allow those who prefer private jet to fly without the exorbitant fees. By sharing the transportation costs, no one traveler carries the financial impact of paying for the entire flight alone. The costs are split among passengers for available seats aboard aircraft companies that are participating partners with JetSmarter.

At 28, Sergey Petrossov became the Chief Executive Officer and mastermind of JetSmarter. He was just shy of 30 when he had the visionary idea to convert the unused time of private jets into usable flight sharing. Sergey started along the traditional career path studying Business Administration and Finance at the University of Florida. Bit by bit, his entrepreneurial aspirations exceeded any interest in college, and at 18 he already wanted to start his own company. Although he didn’t drop out, the school became secondary when he was credited as a co-founder of a customer service/technology company. Sergey would continue his education, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2009.

During that same year, along came the original idea for the JetSmarter service. Sergey Petrossov attracted multiple high profiled investors. In the first rounds of startup funding, Sergey gained financial backing from the Saudi Royal family and Jay-Z, the popular rapper, and husband of singing superstar Beyoncé. When the last figures were tallied, Sergey managed to raise more than $1 billion. In November 2012, JetSmarter was launched as a private company worth $1.5 billion. And since inception, JetSmarter has expanded operations from its headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale to include global offices in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the UK, and Switzerland.

JetSmarter is a travel booking app for world-class travel. And according to Sergey, the app allows frequent travelers to pay a reduced rate; for an average savings of 75% off as compared to the regular costs of other private jets. JetSmarter has introduced an aspect of flight-sharing not thought of before.