Rocketship Education Puts Families At The Heart Of School Decisions

The development of a new public school education system is something the majority of the U.S. public agrees is of the greatest importance but understanding how to develop a new way of educating children is a different matter. Rocketship Education has been a growing influence on the charter schools sector since the school was founded in 2006 with a single group of children educated in a San Jose, California church hall; one of the benefits of the Rocketship Education charter school system is the fact it was founded by two former public school teachers who understood the problems of the public school system.

Allowing families to take a leading role in he education of students is an aspect of the work of Rocketship Education which has been of growing importance for the leadership of the charter school program. Rocketship Education takes the inclusion and partnership of educators and families to high levels of support for both; educators even go so far as to visit students and families in their homes to gain an understanding of the issues they face and how the school system can aid them.

As families play such a major role in the work of Rocketship Education, leaders at the charter school have recently been looking for different ways of bringing families even more closely into the work being completed. Hiring new educators is a vital process to the success or failure of the school system and families are now being trained to take part in the interview process to ensure every base is covered before a teacher is hired for the charter school.

Discussing the inclusion of families in the interview process has been difficult for some candidates to handle and results in some withdrawing from the process unable to handle the issues being discussed. Others have been reported to embrace the inclusion of families as they feel this is the most important aspect of education and results in only the best candidates being identified during the interview process.