Richard Blair Offers Clients Three Pillars of Wealth-Building Strategy

Knowledge-building through patient guidance runs in Richard Blair’s family. His mother, grandmother and his wife taught school and Richard saw the positive effect that all three women could have on inquiring minds. That might be at the heart of why Blair, in 1994, started Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm located in Austin Texas.


Today he offers investment and wealth-building consulting and advisory services to a client roster of individuals, families and small business owners in his community. His objective is to provide long-term financial security and boost the well-being of his clients through his own three-step approach, which can be referred to as his Three Pillar strategy. This highly personalized approach is tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities marking each client, but it can be outlined in this way.


Pillar One — First he sits down with his clients to get a clear understanding of their financial picture, their income and expenses and available savings, their goals in life and tolerance for risk. This he sees as a sensible starting point for all investment discussions and decisions.


Pillar Two — In full collaboration with his clients, Blair uses the information they’ve documented to custom-tailor an investment strategy that will meet their unique goals in life. The next stage of this pillar is to manage the investments agreed upon by executing strategies designed to maximize his clients’ portfolio over time.


Pillar Three — Once these long-term wealth-building goals have been set and strategies enacted to start meeting those goals, the final step is to address Blair’s clients’ insurance needs. This will be a customized mix of plans that can include life insurance, long-term care and annuities. The goal of this wealth-building pillar is to increase the confidence of his clients in their ability to protect their assets and loved ones in the face of financial crisis or unanticipated expense.


Through the expert guidance and the tools provided by Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, clients can get answers to their economic questions, increase their financial knowledge and boost their long-term financial security, independence and peace of mind. Learn more: