George Soros a Humble Philanthropist You Never Heard of

In today’s day and age, people seem to be more accepting of others more than ever before. At least when you consider how awful people have treated others for something that makes them special of different. Yet there is still so much good that could be accomplished with a little philanthropy. George Soros a philanthropist or someone who donates their time, money, and reputation to charitable causes. George Soros has spent a lifetime experience different cultures, some having been oppressing and others liberating. His life experiences have created the man compassionate man he is today, and his 12 billion dollars’ worth of wealth allow him to help others around the world express them themselves and help create accountable and transparent governments. Learn more about George at Biography.

In 1930 George was born in Hungary and spent two years of his life living in a Nazi occupation of Hungary from 1944 to 1945. During this time, the Nazi’s would terminate 500,000 Hungarian Jewish lives. George Soros survives by obtaining false documentation, to conceal his identity. He also helped save lives by helping others get false papers to hide their identities. After world war II, George left Budapest for London in 1947. Where he went to school for Economics and work as a railway porter and nightclub waiter. By 1956, George emigrated to the United States where he worked in finance and was investing. He would become one the greatest investors in American stock market history, making billions. By 1970 he had launched his own hedge fund. Having once said, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people”. But what is most remarkable is what George has done with his wealth.

Creating the Open Society Foundations, George has been able to support paralegals and lawyer in representing thousands of people who have unlawfully held. George in 2000 used his power to raise awareness for minority groups such as the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), who are often misunderstood and ostracized by the mainstream. He has been an early prominent to criticize the war on drugs and supports the idea that it has done more harm to people than help. George has even help pioneered the medical marijuana movement. Now in his 80s, George has been traveling the world advocating for policy changes with world leaders to create a more accepting world and transparent governments. George once said, “Instead of submitting to our fate, we resisted an evil force that was much stronger than we were, yet we prevailed. Not only did we survive, but we managed to help other.” Visit to know more about George.

The Best Way To Get An Investment Return

Warren Buffet put up $1 million for charity so that he could receive better returns than by simply investing in an index fund. By the looks of it so far, Warren Buffet stands to gain a lot from this decision. According to Buffet, there are too many overpriced funds that really do not give back a whole lot to their investors. Buffet’s approach to investing has proven to be quite successful over the past years.

Buffet advises consumers to be wary of product labels. Many funds provide poor returns in the long run, because of excessive fees and trading and the risks are high. It’s best to get good long-term investment returns for your money and low costs are vital to making that happen. Only half of the 1200 investors were aware that index funds exposed them to more than 100 percent of losses during downturns in the market, according to online surveys. It’s best to toss the high-cost funds in order to do better in the market and get a better return.

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The average managed fund has done poorly in the market but according to Buffet, there are exceptions. Americans, for the most part, are now in charge of their own retirement funds and it’s time to get thinking about a plan.

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group, and has over 34 years of investment business experience with Capital group. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics that he obtained form Middlebury College.

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With Expertise and Prowess, Hussain Sajwani Has Steered DAMAC Properties to Higher Heights

A trip to the UAE is not complete if you have not visited one of Damac’s projects. Damac is the real estate company in UAE associated with building some of the most prestigious apartments’ and luxury homes that give UAE its glitz. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

Apart from fine real estate projects, Damac has added to its name a luxury golf course that is owned by Mr. Trump. This success is attributed to the owner and chairman of Damac, Mr. Hussain Sajwani.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani founded the Damac real estate company in 2002 as a move that took advantage of the Dubai’s government offer that allowed foreigners to own property in the country. Mr. Hussain saw an opportunity to feel a need with luxury homeshence the formation of Damac.

He bought land in the undeveloped part of the country and put up houses that were sold in less than six months. This opened up more opportunities for him and his company to invest more in real estate. He also developed different partnerships including one with Trump. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

His association with Mr. Trump began before he was elected president back in 2013 when Damac was given the Trump branded golf courses to develop. Damac developed both the Trump international golf course in Dubai and the Trump world golf course under Hussain’s leadership. Mr. Trump has great reverence for Hussain Sajwani as revealed in his new year’s speech when he referred to him as a very amazing man.

Hussain Sajwani is also a renowned philanthropist. He has participated in various philanthropic events the most recent being the one to cloth over a million children in the world. His company gave a check of 2 million AED towards the camping that was flagged by the Sheikh Mohammed during the Ramadan period.

Mr. Sajwani is a respected real estate developer. In fact, he owners the largest private luxury real estate company in the Middle East. His success is attributed to his nature of being a smart businessperson that sees opportunity and ceases it. This is why he continues to excel even in other industries such as the hospitality industry.


Most businesses that do showrooms have not been successful, and this is due to clients seeking cheaper enterprises that provide similar goods. Even though customers browse the showrooms, they still buy products from locally available businesses that provide the same goods.


Fabletics is a revolutionary business enterprise that focuses on building and maintaining a massive network of clients. Besides, the business network also incorporates local providers of goods and services. This marketing strategy has been very successful as it has attracted many customers. For instance, when a client goes online to purchase clothing, the data is reflected in their shopping cart as well.


Use of online data


Although using online data to stock up clothes is a good strategy, it is not a guarantee of the success of an enterprise. It is, however, essential to show the customer the correct physical and digital content.


This helps to build the clients brand journey. Relying solely on online data can also be detrimental to the business as trends in clothes keep on changing with time. It is, therefore, paramount to incorporate other sources as a means to determine your clothing stock.By using membership preferences, real-time sales activity, and store heat mapping system, you will get more accurate information.


Accessibility, people, and culture determine growth of a business

Despite the various challenges, Fabletics has continuously grown. The growth of Fabletics involved the company expanding into new territories. The expansion of Fabletics into new areas is possible due to the various customer based programs they use.


The programs include; smart distribution of goods, innovative membership deals and fast purchase option for customers. These have immensely contributed to the growth of Fabletics. Although Fabletics has faced fierce competition from Amazon, their exclusive product programs and customer based services have given them a competing chance.


When you join the Fabletics membership program, it is essential to take the survey questions. The question range from the type of workout you take the styles of outfits you prefer to even the kind of material you prefer. At the beginning of every month, Fabletics picks a range of workout clothes for you to choose from.


Product review of clothes sold at Fabletics

Discussed here is the product review of clothes sold at Fabletics. This review will focus on different aspects as discussed below.



The quality of clothes is remarkable. For instance, the quality of the Lululemon Under wonders is unrivaled. The material used in making this yoga pants is not only soft but also the pants don’t fade color. Besides, the yoga pants are designed in a way that they hold their shape and compression for an extended period.



Fabletics offers a wide variety of styles to choose. The clothes have different amazing styles and patterns. For example, the lady tops come in various styles such as; cut-outs, tops with bold patterns and even tops made from sheer fabric.


Customer service

The customer service in Fabletics is remarkable. In case you miss an outfit, you are allowed to pick another as long s they are in the same price range. Also in the case of a mistake, contacting the customer service of Fabletics is way easier and much faster.Although, there is a variety of business that deals in fashion, I would recommend Fabletics. It offers unique customer based programs and shopping at Fabletics is easier.

Easy Access to Jeremy Goldstein’s Legal Expertise

Jeremy Goldstein is the guy to go to when you need expert legal assistance and advice on executive compensation. Executive compensation comprises of financial and non-financial incentives given to executives in a firm as a reward for the service they render to the institution or organization.


Goldstein is a member of the American Bar Association Business Section and also chairs the Mergers and Acquisition Board. He is highly rated on corporate governance and executive compensation.


He was voted the first executive pay legal officer in The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide. Mr. Goldstein played a significant role in some of the most popular corporate transactions of the last decade. Some of the principal operations include; SBC Communications, Inc.’s acquisition of AT&T Corp and the purchasing of the South African Breweries by the Miller Brewing Company.


Jeremy has a JD from NYU Law School. He is still very involved in the institution’s Professional Advisory Board as a member and is also a member of The Fountain House Board of Directors where he participates in charitable works such as supporting local mental health initiatives in New York.


In 2014, he began his private practice after being the partner at a renowned legal firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen,and Kratz.


How to find Mr. Goldstein online


In the recent past the New York State Bar Association made it easy for any New Yorker to seek and find legal assistance.


Their Lawyer Referral and Information Service have created a portal that is both easy to use and confidential for persons looking for an agent.


Corporate individuals seeking legal advice on salaries of CEO’s management teams and compensation committees can only go to the online portal, fill out a simple questionnaire so that they can be matched with an expert such as Jeremy Goldstein.


They get these referral services for free. But if they talk a standard fee of $35 for the initial 30-minute session is administered.


After the first consultation, the clients are free to retain or not retain the legal officer. If the person continues with the lawyer, then the fee is determined by the two.


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Sam Boraie And His Family Are Making A Positive Impact On Atlantic City’s Economy

Atlantic City is usually the first city mentioned when the state of New Jersey is the topic of conversation. Atlantic City has the longest boardwalk in the world, and the city is the home of the Miss America pageant. The other fact that some people forget is, the street names in the Monopoly game are the same as the street names in Atlantic City. Atlantic City is the “Las Vegas on the East Coast.” People from all over the world come to town to take a bite out of lady chance.

But the city known for swimming horses, cotton candy, and oysters on the half shell does have some serious housing issues. And there are other political situations that are holding the city back. The New Brunswick-based Boraie family is doing something about those issues, according to Sam Boraie. Sam Boraie is the second son of real estate developer, Omar Boraie. For more info about Sam, visit Crunchbase profile.

Sam Boraie is also a real estate developer, but his business and personal accomplishments are not just in real estate. Sam is a dedicated philanthropist and social activist. The Sam Boraie story is still being written, but Sam is responsible for changing the way the inner-city of New Brunswick looks, and he is in the process of doing the same thing in Atlantic City. The Boraie Development Company just broke ground for a 250-unit apartment complex near the Atlantic City boardwalk and the casinos.

According to PRNewsWire, the new luxury apartment complex is the first of its kind in the gambling mecca. Sam and his brother and sister believe the quest to turn the badlands of Atlantic City into a haven for Millennia’s will make a positive impact on the economy of the city. The Beach at South Inlet project is the start of fresh housing development, and the city desperately needs something to get its mojo back. The $81 million complex will feature apartments with hardwood floors, granite counter tops, a gym, oversized pool, and a lounge. The modern architectural features will add luxury living to the list of Atlantic City attractions.

Boraie Development and Sam Boraie, in particular, are known for turning the economic tide in several New Jersey cities. Sam and basketball legend Shaq O’Neil are credited with adding a luxury residential building to Newark’s skyline. And Sam and brother Wasseem, and sister Hiam are responsible for carrying the torch, and adding more luxury residential buildings to New Brunswick’s downtown skyline. Read more about the company on

Even though Sam Boraie, and the Boraie name, is brought up in conversations about New Jersey real estate development projects, Sam is also a board member of the nonprofit Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise feeds the hungry and educates them, so they can work in the food industry. Sam is also on the advisory board of the New Brunswick State Theater. The State Theater is a major attraction in New Jersey. Boraie plays an important role in the decision-making process for the 96-year-old theater. The theater not only entertains people; it also educates the children of New Jersey.


Great Effects from Cleansing Conditioner

While there are many women out there who worry about the way their hair looks or who wish their hair had more body, there is a solution that can make a big impact on flat or dull hair. According to one woman’s account that recently appeared on at, a young woman named Emily decided to take charge of her hair issues and see just what Wen hair  By Chaz could do for her hair.

Since Emily has fine hair, she wanted a product that could help with this problem. After trying Wen By Chaz for the first time, she was instantly amazed at the difference. She even saw results before she got out of the shower. After the first use, Emily noticed that her hair felt thicker and noticed that fewer hair strands fell out while she was in the shower.

After using the Sephora endorsed product for a few days, Emily also saw a few other positive results. Her hair felt both bouncier and shiner. In addition to being clean, her strands continued to look shiny and healthy after a long day at work, which is what every woman desires for her tresses.

Wen by Chaz is a complete hair care system that was created by Chaz Dean, see What makes this product special is that it actually replaces five different products that many women are currently using. Instead of using shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner, women can simply use the cleansing conditioners. Since Wen By Chaz doesn’t use harsh sulfates in the products, hair is left moisturized and clean.

This product ( boasts that tresses will be stronger, and hair will look fuller than ever before. In addition, users will notice their hair has more body than usual, and the hair is left looking hydrated and shiny.

The Accomplishments of Arthur Becker

For a long time, Arthur Becker of the Madison Partners group has funded some big developers of the city such as Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney and Robert Gladstone but his name hasn’t been put in the projects so developed. However, he is now putting his name on a new condo project. Becker is planning to build an eight-unit building with a sellout of around $52.5 million. This will be at 465 Washington Street in Tribeca.

Upon its completion, as per plan, the street will have 7 simplex apartments and a penthouse duplex, which will be between 2000 square feet and 4000 square feet. Per square foot, the prices will be between $2200 and $3200 and a penthouse unit will cost from $5 million to $14 million. This was according to Arthur in an interview by NYDailyNews, which he also foresaw an artisanal boutique building where he admitted that 465 Washington was his preferred area because he felt that he could easily manage it.

Real Capital Analytics estimated that Arthur Becker had spent $550 million in worth on projects all in New York City. In 2012, for example, he spent $6.1 million to buy 465 Washington from Peter Moore and a further $1 million on a 30-foot easement that was to be purchased from the Ponte family who are also holders of 502-506 Canal Street. The businessman has also been involved in many other businesses such as being among the investors who bought and vended an assemblage at 251-259 Third Avenue to Alfa Development at $70 million. His biggest deals are, however, JDS Development Group and Property Market Group, which are yet to be sold.

Becker is successful in business that started as a homebuilder, had a macadamia orchard in Hawaii then majored in finance, real estate, bio and info technology. In real estate, he has focused in New York by capitalizing in Sullivan Street. Arthur owns three end-to-end townhouses inhabiting the entire 30th, 40th and 50th street. His property is prized to have cost him $22 million to go together with a $29.4 million construction fee. From his Tech dealings, particularly Atlantic Investors LLC, $500million has been entirely dedicated to real estate. For more info, visit Arthurbeckerstudio.

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CTRMA – Developing The State Of Texas Through Smart Integration Of Technology With Transit Infrastructure

Texas, even though one of the most critical states of the United States and is developing at a rapid pace, there is one area that needs a lot of improvement, which is its transportation infrastructure. When compared to other major states of the country, Texas lags far behind in Transit Infrastructure, and it is why recently a conference was called in at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, which was attended by the big names from the public and private sector. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Crunchbase said that few of the people in attendance included Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kosper, Leandre Johns, Jared Ficklin, and more. All these personalities are highly influential people in the state of Texas and are associated with developing the state’s infrastructure and increasing transit capacity, one way or the other.

The topic of the discussion at the conference was to find the ways technology can be integrated with the transit infrastructure development, which can help increase the transportation capacity of the state and not just Austin.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein is associated with Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority for over twenty years and currently, serves as its Executive Director. He has helped with the development of the landmark 183A toll road and its extension, which is a billion dollar project.

Mike has worked in the public space for many years, mostly in the departments concerning infrastructure and transit development.

At CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein is responsible for managing many different projects that agency is currently handling. Before joining CTRMA, Mike also held the position of Williamson County Commissioner.

He believes that the development of the state of Texas and its highly developing suburbs is only possible by creating a network of smart roads across the state.

Detailed Report About Squaw Valley Upper Mountain Water

After an unusually heavy downpour had fallen in Placer County, some erudite systems that had been fixed during summer got affected. As a result, E. coli and coliform bacteria were detected in the water, making it unfit for human consumption. The good thing is that the pollution was limited to the particular system, and did not extend to the other supplies. As the responsible suppliers confirmed, no single individual consumed polluted water, because the issue was detected early enough, and the right measures employed.


Quick Measures Taken to Prevent Bacterial Progression


Being a reliable company, they often check their systems to ensure safety for their customers. Therefore, even when the issue first came up, it was detected with immediate effect and forwarded to the environmental officials for analyses. As well, the Squaw Valley Public Service District experts were consulted alongside other professionals in water safety. Currently, the systems are closed so as to allow undistracted examinations and assessments on the systems. Until the water levels return to normal, supply at High Camp or Gold Coast will remain closed.


How Squaw Valley Upper Mountain Water Suppliers Depicted Reliability


Despite being hit by the challenge, there are no chances of customers abandoning their resorts. This is because the firm makes their clients feel of great importance, especially in their service delivery. Again, since its start of operations, the company has maintained a world-class professional standard. Additionally, even with the hiccups, the administration has ensured that their facilities are running in normalcy, with their guests being supplied with adequate bottled water.




With a reliable water supplier like the firm in charge of Squaw Valley Upper Mountain, you can rest assured your health is taken care of. In fact, it was confirmed that no single person had been diagnosed with a condition triggered by consumption of the Squaw Valley Upper Mountain water. They have also promised to keep the public in the loop on the progress as they get it from the experts in charge. After confirmation of full recovery, the water supply will continue, and people have no point of fearing.

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