Jason Hope: Supporting Technological Advances To Improve Life For Mankind

Arizona native Jason Hope is a man with diverse talents and many interests. People define him as an entrepreneur, investor, futurist and philanthropist, but his true passion is technology and finding ways to use his talent and resources to give back to the communities in which he was raised. Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He then attended Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned an MBA. Since then he has been involved in a wide range of business initiatives and philanthropic activities.

As a futurist and philanthropist Hope is driven to improve the health and welfare of others through the use of his assets. He sees it as his responsibility to help local Arizona organizations as well as to support national and international humanitarian organizations working to improve mankind’s future. This has led him to provide financial and material support to the SENS Foundation. The organization is working to help people to live longer and healthier lives by identifying and seeking cures for the conditions that lead to premature aging and death.

Hope sees technological developments as holding the key to man’s future. Therefore he does and invests in research and development of a variety of tech targets. His experience in developing desktop software, mobile apps and gaming software and devices have helped him to understand to power of connectivity and technology to improve people’s quality of life. Hope studies potential technology infrastructure trends and is always looking for new and better ways to use technology for mankind’s benefit. This has led him to fund and guide businesses and individuals working towards cutting edge technical advancements.

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As an entrepreneur and businessman Jason Hope understands launching a new idea, product or business is rarely ever simple. Building around the original concept or idea to turn it into something tangible takes work and the support of others. He is therefore always willing to lend his business acumen, connections and finances to people, especially young entrepreneurs, working to make their ideas a reality. To help young people with great ideas to succeed, Hope offers grants to high school seniors and college students.

In a world where many wealthy people spend their resources on hedonism, Jason Hope is helping to improve mankind’s future. Visit his blog for more on Jason Hope’s predictions for the future.

Providing Opportunity: One Russian Entrepreneur’s Tactic

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian businessman and philanthropist who knows the value of education. His forward-thinking and progressive leadership style has led to a successful career as an entrepreneur. Alexei has been at the forefront of developing programs and technology that set the standard for elevating the level of worldwide business practice.

He believes that inspiring others leads to an overall balance of effectiveness within a community. The sharing of knowledge ultimately benefits everyone involved. Younger students are able to take the wisdom of experienced business leaders and develop innovative new ideas for various industries.

Alexei Beltyukov began his career in medicine before deciding to pursue business. He attended INSEAD Business School where he received a Masters in Business Administration. Beltyukov would go on to create several successful business enterprises. These ventures include New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures and Mechanicus.

Alexei’s passion for education continues to shape his current decision-making processes. He was brought on to be the new leader at Solvy. Solvy is an online education system that makes mathematics more accessible for high school students. The software is designed to give students the ability to practice math equations online and receive instant feedback to their questions.

The idea is to create an environment where educators and students can effectively communicate during the learning process. Math is often an intimidating subject. Having a software program that is tailored to each individual allows the math student to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. The tools are available inside and outside of the classroom. This unique innovation will inspire teachers and students to develop the skills needed to improve the levels of math throughout each community.

Solvy has several unique features. Teachers are able to use the information from the software and create homework assignments that are tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Quizzes are then developed to document the success of the student-teacher relationship. The Sovly program is also capable of working with other types of mathematic software.

Wengie’s Cool Makeup Hacks

Just about every girl gets tired of her makeup routine and would like to try something new. It seems like there are millions of beauty tricks and hacks that are circulating around the Internet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all those amazing beauty hacks in one place? Well, at least several of the beauty hacks might work. Fortunately, Wengie has answered the call. Wengie has created a YouTube video with a list of her favorite makeup hacks for her million plus subscribers. Wengie is a beauty blogger and a beauty guru. In fact, the Wonderful World of Wengie is the number 1 Asian beauty channel in Australia.


Makeup Hacks

Are you obsessed with learning new makeup styles and techniques? Well, welcome to the club. Makeup is a way to wake up your look or change your look at the drop of a mascara wand. In this video, Wengie shares 20 makeup hacks in less than 5 minutes. This video is very unique. Wengie shares that she thinks this video is perfect for the lazy girl that does not want to go to a lot of trouble. In this video our girl Wengie tries all the techniques and lets her viewers see the real results up close and personal. Actually, this video is a great idea. Take a look at some of the hacks and decide for yourself, if they are the type of beauty techniques that might work for you and your lifestyle.


About Wengie

The Wonderful World of Wengie is the number 1 beauty channel in Australia. This is absolutely amazing. Certainly, her amazing variety of videos are really on trend. They discuss subjects relating to beauty, makeup hacks, life hacks, hair hacks, DIY, sleep hacks, fashion hacks, tutorials, and much more. You can also connect with Wengie on several social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Securus Technologies Helps Families Celebrate Christmas

Recently, Securus Technologies released a series of informational videos highlighting the Video Visitation program. In the Securus video, there was a male inmate calling his family and helping his significant other wake their son to watch him open each of his presents and see what Santa brought on Christmas eve.


The father of the child was able to participate in Christmas day by connecting through a video screen, and being an active participant in one of his son’s special memories. These types of video visits are becoming more frequent in use in prisons and jails across the nation. I believe with these types of face to face visits the recidivism rate will drop sharply as inmates are able to stay connected with family and be a part of what’s happening in life outside the inmate’s facility.


Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation software is a two way video screen service that allows an inmate to use the screens located in a kiosk at the facility and contact a loved one who is using a tablet, smart phone, or computer with a camera. The family can also schedule a block of time, with the Securus system to contact their incarcerated loved one.


This service is just one of many that Securus Technologies offers to the public. Serving over 3400 public buildings and helping over 1,200,000 inmates communicate nationwide, Securus specializes in emergency response, incident management, investigation, inmate self service, biometric analysis, incident management and information management.


Don Ressler Leads His Companies To Success

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur that has created numerous amounts of start-up companies. The most notable is Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates. His very first company, FitnessHeaven.com was bought by Intermix Media in 2001, where he met his partner Adam Goldenberg who would help him with future endeavors.

Together, they formed Alena Media. Alena Media was an e-commerce division of Intermix and was its only profit center. In 2005, Intermix was attained by News Corp, and Ressler and Goldenberg saw their profitable business being ignored by the new mother company. Ressler and his partner became frustrated and eventually left News Corp to pursue other opportunities.

Don Ressler knew his partner and he had the proper skills to excel in the online industry. These partners decided to build a brand new enterprise. The two gathered a group of people, mostly former Alena employees, and began brainstorming. Within two weeks, the team had created the idea for Intelligent Beauty.

This new enterprise would be a direct-to-consumer business. The company’s first creation was Dermstore, a cosmetics and skincare marketplace. After securing the vast majority of their funding for their first few years, Intelligent Beauty received $43 million in funding from an investor, Technology Crossover Ventures, in 2008.

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Two short years later, in 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched its third company. This company would be a subscription e-commerce retailer, called JustFab. One year later, JustFab received funding from Matrix Partners, a substantial $33 million. During the same year, Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company as President and Creative Director. By December of that year, they had over 4 million members.

In April 2012, JustFab had over 6 million members and Ressler and his partner received another round of funding. This time, the company received $76 million from multiple investors. Riding on their success of the first few years of life, the company started seeking new opportunities to expand.

Don Ressler and JustFab knew that a majority of their customers were parents. It was from there that they found their new idea. They purchased FabKids in the beginning of 2013, a fashion subscription service for children on Bloomberg. In May of the same year, JustFab also acquired the e-commerce site, The Fab Shoes.

With Don Ressler’s guidance, JustFab and Intelligent Beauty perfected the subscription model, giving consumers personalized quality products.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/fabletics

Raj Fernando, Financial Trader, and Philanthropist

Raj Fernando is a successful trader based in the United States. Raj Fernando was born in 1971 in Denmark. His parents and two sisters decided to relocate and settle in the United States when Raj was only a year old. He went for his education in the US.

Raj Fernando founded an institution known as Chopper Trading in the year 2001. The private company is based in Chicago, Illinois. After starting the organization, Raj Fernando worked as the Chief Executive Officer for some years. Under his leadership, Chopper Trading managed to open new branches in San Francisco, New York City, Munich, London, and Washington DC.

Chopper Trading is an institution that mostly focuses on the realms of stagnant income, assets and any other commodity that affects business. The company is currently an associate of the Principal Trader Group. Principal Trader is a group of industries that trade specifically with their private liabilities and assets.

In the year 2012, Chopper Trading was honored by an organization known as Chicago Tribune. According to a report from the company, Chopper Trading was a preferred working place for many employees. The workers in the country would get fringe benefits like pool, shuffleboard, video games and ping pong.

Before starting this successful trading company, Raj Fernando was working as the currency bond trader of an institution known as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Raj also used to work for the Chicago Board of Trade for several years. In the year 2015, the successful businessman decided to sell Chopper Trading to one of the most competitive trading companies in the US, called DRW Trading Group. The company was sold at an unspecified amount.

Raj Fernando has done so well because of his professional experience which revolves in the financial systems. The successful trader is also an advocate for charitable causes in his home area, Chicago and in the whole country. Reports say that Raj Fernando is one of the dedicated fundraisers for the Democrats. In the past, he donated vast sums of money to support President Barack Obama and many other political activities.

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