Talos Energy, Making sure the Juice is worth the Squeeze

A merger for the books..

Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas company that works out of the Gulf Of Mexico. What they do is they develop and explore the production of gas and oil from that region. Talos Energy started from a $600 million dollar investment from Apollo Global Management & Riverstone Holdings back in 2012. What really put Talos Energy on the map was a discovery of 1.5-2billion barrels of light crude oil. Their desire to be the leading company in the industry developing and emphasizing on asset optimization, exploitation, and exploration.

Tim Duncan, Chief Executive of Talos Energy has been working on a personal project close to home for the last 4 months. He has been trying to orchestrate a $2.5billion dollar merger with his own personal company and Stone Energy, but this would be no easy task. The payout for Stone Energy, a publicly traded but bankrupt company, was obviously there, it was up to Tim to dig in the paperwork, crunch the numbers with a cup of coffee and sell himself of the profitable back-end if it’s there and more

All the while, having to take precautions to make sure his family was safe from Hurricane Harvey, who was at the time, still not finished making it’s a mixed drink of Texas homes and street lights, on the rocks. (no pun intended) But, he was determined and this deal was going to happen, and that he did.

Following the merger of Talos and Stone Energy what the reality of just how good of a deal they made, given its low-risk nature. It’s high assets of $2.3billion against its lower debt of $700million, mixed with a $900million dollar a year revenue was a job well done. This low-risk platform is almost a must-needed-recipe, in order to offset the high-risk nature of using million dollar equipment in the Gulf of Mexico and its frequent catastrophic weather.

There are high expectations for Tim and Talos and the resume that they bring, to double their current 48k barrels of oil a day. With old business tactics and new technology strategies, Tim, chief executive of Talos, hopes to lead the forefront of oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Alex Pall Answers Questions About The Chainsmokers Rise

Recently, Alex Pall did an interview where he and Andrew Taggart answered questions on how they met and the things that led them to have the Chainsmoker band. The band has seen increasing popularity this year and is only growing in popularity.

How It All Began

Alex Pall was a DJ when he was a teenager and young adult. He felt really passionate about this work and was at a gig. While he was at this gig, he realized that the future was dance music and he wanted to pursue that avenue. He started with a manager that introduced him to Andrew Taggart, who moved from Maine to help start the band. Pall quit his job and helped to start the Chainsmokers.

How They Knew It Would Work

Alex Pall said he knew their partnership would work because they liked a lot of the same things and knew what each one of them could bring to the table. They both were extremely ambitious, and both knew if they worked hard together, that they would have a tremendous amount of success. They knew that with each of their talents put together, they would have no trouble achieving any of their dreams.

Feeling Connected To The Fans

One of the things that Pall has noticed is that through social media, they know how to reach their fans. They have seen from their Instagram page, that their music is going international. They are able to reach the 16 to 25-year-old people in places like South Africa and the Philippines. Alex Pall says that he loves seeing through social media how they have reached their fans. They love seeing videos of little kids who have loved their songs. They also like the fact that their music can make an emotional connection to people.

Upcoming Changes For Live Shows

The Chainsmokers will have some changes with their live shows. They want to bring something new to each and every performance. They want to make sure that their content is reaching everyone and making sure that people are at the moment. Alex Pall said that they wanted to ensure that their music and their performance stays in the minds of their fans. They want to make sure that their fans have an amazing time at each show.


Sussex Healthcare Provides Exceptional Care Giving Services

Sussex Healthcare is an organization which offers caregiving services to the elderly and other people in the society who are in need of specialized care. The company was started in 1985 and has been offering the best services since then. The company has facilities in South Coast England. Currently, they have 20 homes which are installed with the state-of-the-art equipment needed to give the residents a better life. Sussex Healthcare is all about giving the disadvantaged members of the society to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

At Sussex Healthcare, the services offered are not just about the physical health of the residents, other many things are supposed to be done in order to give the residents a fulfilling life. So, they incorporate leisure and recreational services in the services they offer. They mind about the mental health of the residents. This healthcare company intends to give the residents a home-feeling. They cannot even realize that they are not in their homes because of the nature of services given.

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Sussex Healthcare has employed workers who love the job of taking care of the special needs people. The level of services offered in this facility is one of the best since workers stick to professionalism. They treat the residents as if they are part of their families. Education for workers is also emphasized. In this facility, education is continuous. Workers must be subjected to regular training to sharpen their skills in caregiving.

The dietary needs of the residents are well taken care of in this facility. Even for residents who might need special diets, the company has skilled chefs who prepare food in such a way that they provide the necessary nutrients. There is a special focus on nutrition since it is a crucial factor in maintaining the physical health of the residents.

Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani initiated Sussex Healthcare. These two men brought their diverse interests in business to create a facility that is doing a noble task of caring for the special needs people. Sachedina is a dental surgeon, and Boghani is an investor in the hospitality industry. They have built this healthcare company on a foundation of offering the best services there can be out there.

Recently the company brought a new CEO named Amada Morgan-Taylor. She will be in charge of the company now that it is in need of improving their services. She has been in the healthcare industry for three decades, and her experience will prove vital in the development of the company.

Search more about Sussex Healthcare: http://medicaldailytimes.com/health-news/sussex-healthcare-celebrating-25-years-care/3710/

Anil Chaturvedi: Understanding Investment Banking

Are looking for information about investment or private banking? Do you want to want consultant an expert in the field? Perhaps you are wondering why Anil Chaturvedi is considered a highly sought after professional in private banking and investment banking.

For many decades, Anil Chaturvedi has provided services to a wide variety of clients. Anil Chaturvedi is highly recognized in the areas of investment banking, private banking and commercial banking. He is passionate about advising and guiding his clients and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Many people all over the world search for information on how to get excellent advice on financial matters. They want to get in touch with professionals who are well recognized in the banking and investment fields.

Professional advice or guidance can help you plan, save and manage your money wisely to ensure consistent returns. Experienced and reputable banking professionals have the skills and dedication to guide clients on their way to financial success.

Having the ability to consult an experienced investment banker can help you reach your goal of financial success. Whether you are a business owner looking for proper guidance, or you are a corporate executive looking for top notch advice on investment or commercial banking advice, it is advisable to go with someone who is well versed in the field.

Anyone who is serious about achieving success in the banking arena ought to have an experienced professional by their side. That’s where a reputable investment banker like Anil Chaturvedi comes in – to ensure that you are provided with the best possible service for your situation.

You can receive top notch advice and guidance in the areas of investment banking, commercial banking and private banking. Anil Chaturvedi works closely with clients and give them access to the resources and information they need to obtain the outcome they desire.

Anil Chaturvedi takes the time to understand his client’s business or personal banking and investment needs and then comes up with the right strategy to address their issues. He has a proven track record in the financial services and banking fields.


Jason Hope and the Future of Antiaging Technology

It may seem that there are a growing number of individuals who are entering the class of entrepreneurs that are taking their visions of the future and funding them through their business endeavors. There is a man in the Arizona area who is a member of this new class of entrepreneurs, and he goes by the name of the Jason hope. Jason is an individual who originally went to Arizona State University where he was able to receive a bachelors degree in finance. At the University of Arizona State University, Jason hope was also able to pursue his graduate education. He was able to graduate from Arizona State University with an MBA. After graduating from Arizona State University with a BA, Jason hope was able to begin his career in earnest. He first started by launching a company of his own which operated in the field of mobile medications. The success of this company allows the Jason hope to focus his efforts on other philanthropic areas. Today Jason hope is most interested in several areas of research and is a well-known philanthropist in the Arizona area. He has commented on both the future of anti-aging medical technology as well as the evolution of the Internet of things.

He has recently donated a large sum of money to an organization that is devoted towards the research of anti-aging technology which uses biotechnology in the effort to stop the aging process in the human body. This organization is led by a man known as Aubrey de Grey. The organization is known as the scientifically engineered negligible senescence research foundation. Jason recently donated $500,000 to the organization. This donation was used in order to construct a new laboratory. The new laboratory that was constructed using the funds generated from the donation is known as the Cambridge laboratory. At this new laboratory several new breakthroughs in the understanding of the aging process in the medical technology that is used in order to treat them have been made. One of the most important breakthroughs that have made up of new laboratory is known as the advanced glycation end products breakthrough. Advanced glycation end products are a result of metabolic waste that builds up in tissues. This metabolic waste will cause tissues to lose their elasticity. These new breakthroughs have developed a technology that is able to remove the buildup of these metabolic waste products. The removal of these metabolic waste products will help to rejuvenate an individual’s tissues.

About Jason Hope: www.amazon.com/dp/B0773WCN2L

Wes Edens Promoting a Competitive Work Environment at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading global investment company that has more than $74.3 billion worth of assets. The company specializes in a wide range of investment options such as liquid markets, credit, private equity and much more. The company has more than 1,600 clients all around the world that includes private clients and institutions as well. Wes Edens, the founder and also the President of Fortress Investment Group, has contributed immensely to the success of the company. Ever since the company was set up, he has worked hard to take it to new heights. In fact, he was the executive behind the decision to the take the company public and it was the best decision for the company. He is currently responsible for the private equity department of the company and also its alternative investment business. Before starting Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Lehman Brothers and the BlackRock for a few years where he learned the tricks of the trade and gained knowledge.

Wes Edens is also the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks that he brought along with Jamie Dinan and Marc Lasry. Recently, he also invested in a brand new eSport team with the name FlyQuest. The team would be competitive in the top competitions such as the North America League of Legends Championship Series he already has a plan ready for his team when it comes to making partnerships, getting sponsorships and also engaging their fans. Wes Edens has identified the growth of eSports and believes that they can provide excellent returns on investments. With his team, he also wants to expand the popularity of eSports globally.

Wes Edens regards the employees of the company as its driving force. The reason that the company is successful is that of its employees who work hard and are dedicated to the company’s goals. He believes that the employees should be challenged to increase their productivity but also recognizing their efforts, and hard work is also essential. Those who join the company can learn from experts and can grow in their careers. All employees are provided with the equal opportunity and are expected to respect each other. The head of the teams treat every employee as a family member and help each other while remaining competitive. Wes Edens want to build Fortress Investment Group as a company that is growth driven but also the one that takes care of its employees.

InnovaCare Health – Giving Healthcare One Step at a Time

InnovaCare Health is an organization that focuses on healthcare for not only the individual, but for the community. The organization takes Medicaid and Medicare programs above and beyond the focus of the individual patient. Spearheaded by Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare develops and implements medical care models that ensures improvements in efficiency.


Ms. Kokkinides has extensive experience in the Medicare and Medicaid industry and has proven that her knowledge of improving healthcare has been an asset to InnovaCare. As the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare, Ms. Kokkinides has a proven record of multiple leadership roles. She has been the strategic planner for managed care for multiple healthcare organizations. Ms. Kokkinides has been a central part of many health care company’s improved healthcare models.


She has been a spokesperson for improving healthcare in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. She recently met with a panel of other healthcare professionals with President Trump to discuss the decline in funding for managed care. Her strategic planning efforts in Puerto Rico are shining through with InnovaCare’s current makeshift clinic at the Plazas las America shopping center. The current assistance from InnovaCare is funded through Medicare and Medicaid programs.


Located in the storefront called, “Recargate,” InnovaCare Health has placed healthcare physicians and staff to assist those in need in a hurricane torn city. Although the city of Puerto Rico is rebuilding, some areas are still affected and the people in that area need healthcare all the more. Most travel to receive physical and psychological healthcare. InnovaCare prides itself on helping the patient holistically; by treating every need the patient may have physically as well as educating the community.


InnovaCare’s data has shown through current pilot healthcare model in Puerto Rico; that poverty, disadvantages of transportation, and the lack of other resources in the community play a major part on healthcare results. By utilizing satellite and mobile clinics, InnovaCare has combatted this issue. Bringing healthcare to those who can not get to it has paid off. Patients all over Puerto Rico are receiving care from licensed professionals, diagnosed and educated by healthcare staff, and receiving medications via onsite pharmacists at time of visit.


InnovaCare Health Organization hopes by implementing these satellite and mobile locations, will aid in the rebuilding of the healthcare format in Puerto Rico. The current healthcare model in place is just a stepping stone for the future of healthcare in Puerto Rico. By the city pulling together and continuing to rebuild, InnovaCare Health and the community will continue to provide and stride to a greater system of care.


Dr. Saad Saad: Improving the Surgical Procedures

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric and general surgeon who is currently serving the areas of Jerusalem and the West Bank, initiating medical missions for the people living in the impoverished areas of Palestine. During the whole course of his career, he has already performed thousands of operations that involved his skill in pediatric and general surgery. As a doctor who always loves to innovate, Dr. Saad Saad developed several inventions that would improve the methods and procedures conducted during the process of operation. His main goal is to reduce the pain felt by his patients and to decrease the risk that his patients are facing every time they lie down in his surgery table. Two inventions were credited under his name, and he is proud of these creations because it helped him conduct his tasks safer and easier. Aside from the inventions that he created, many surgical procedures are credited under his name. Dr. Saad Saad has been a doctor for more than four decades, and he has a positive reputation among his peers in the medical industry because of his contributions to make surgeries safer. Dr. Saad Saad’s inventions include a catheter and an endoscopy device. His primary goal in creating these medical devices is to help the doctors and physical deliver a better surgical experience for the patients. The patient feedback regarding the use of these devices are mainly positive.



During his younger days, Dr. Saad Saad never thought that he would become a doctor someday. His brothers wanted him to become an engineer, but he looked to the profession as a challenge, especially if someone would work under the scorching Middle Eastern sun. One day, he noticed that doctors are working safely inside air-conditioned clinics, and this changed his view towards the profession and told his parents about his change of heart. He also has a sibling who became a doctor, and his parents approved of his decision, so he did not have any problems in focusing as a doctor instead. He enrolled himself in a local medical school for his pre-med and at the Cairo University for his medical degree. He also had to fly to the United Kingdom to perform his internship. After all of the hardships that he had to go through. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted



However, he never stopped after he received his professional license. He went to Lebanon to take an examination that would give him the chance to perform his profession in the United States and even expand his knowledge by enrolling himself in several courses. He passed the exam, and he was granted permission to live and work in the United States of America.


Sussex Healthcare Ensuring Adequate Health Care For Older People

Situated on the southern coast of England, Sussex Healthcare facility has been offering care to senior citizens and other patients in need of specialized care for the past twenty years.

The collaboration of its two top leaders – Shafik Sacheldina and Shiraz Boghaini has brought their divergent backgrounds and skills to the facility. Sacheldina is a professional dentist and Shafik has been serving in the hospitality industry for years.

Today over twenty facilities operate under Sussex’s umbrella, including daycare and contemporary gym facilities. The company takes care of older patients with dementia as well as younger people with cognitive problems. It caters to each and every person regardless of whether or not they need extensive care needs.

Individuals in the company’s care enjoy continued access to social, recreational and leisure activities. The individual activity plans are based on the patient’s interest.

Co-chairmen: Shiraz Boghaini and Shafik Sachedina
CEO: Amanda Morgan-Taylor
Board Members: Corrine Wallace, Professor Nick Bosanquet and Peter Catchpole

Types of care
The Sussex Healthcare operates under a philosophy that believes in the provision of a superior social, emotional, physical and spiritual care to their clients. The facility strives to help people put in its care to live a complete life with the support of superior facilities and trained staff. It offers meals, accommodation, and social and personalized care to clients in tranquil environments.

Adults regardless of age with physical development or learning problems are offered care at several Sussex facilities, including spa pools, multisensory rooms and track hoisting. Transportation to such facilities are provided.

Food ingredients for patients in these facilities are typically sourced locally. The menus can also be flexible for individuals with specific nutritional needs.

There are several residential facilities for senior citizens, such as Clemsfold House – which is located near Horsham village, Forest Lodge, Kingsmead Care Center, Rapkyns Care Home, Upper Mead, Longfield Manor, and Horncastle House.

Sussex Healthcare also provides special care dental services to older people and younger patients who need special care dentistry relating to learning disabilities, severe mental illness, autistic spectrum disorders, looked after children, and people with disability who require treatment under general anesthesia.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click here.

Adoption booths for dogs and how party planners can help

Dogs need a home as much as people do and when you walk by that booth from the animal shelter all you should want to do is adopt that spacial furry friend.


Adoption events

When there are animals who need homes there has to be ways to make it where they are out there in the world for people to see. They can set up websites and that might draw people into the shelter but there are also events at busy places where there are just a few animals for adoption. Event planners can help with this by setting up where there are going to be places that draw a booth in. One place may be carnivals which has a game that works with the dog making a family want to adopt them. A corporate event planner could help bring the attention of the families and could help that special dog get adopted due to the manner of the way a banner or a booth looks.


Shelter dog parties

This is when there would be parties for dogs at shelters trying to get them adopted. The adoption fee may be lowered to get them into a home easier. There would also be a person who makes dog treats and goodies for the people who come in. There might also be a place for people to read to a dog of their choice. Event planning company NYC would help the shelter staff make it possible to show off the adoptable dogs that are there and ready to be taken home.


dog cafe event parties

There is such a thing as coming in and choosing to hangout with a dog of your choice. Having an Event planner would be able to help coordinate with the people at the cafe when it comes to making it possible to bring the dogs into their place for the event.


So if you can’t wait to have that furry friend to call your own come on down to any adoption center or booth and choose your best friends