Getting old is not what it used to be. Far from the idea of sitting in a rocking chair remembering the good ol’ days, seniors are deliberately staying out their comfort zones and leading active lives. Who knew 90-year-olds could cross the finish line of marathons?

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They are fortunate to live in an age of information and technology that benefits those who have decided that aging gracefully is not for them. Indeed, clinical studies prove the benefits exercise and nutrition play in the role of maintaining physical and mental health.

One such promising advancement in helping to curb age-associated memory loss is a very popular nutritional supplement called Prevagen.* And, with millions of satisfied users, sales of Prevagen show no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is number one on the pharmacist’s list of most recommended brands of memory-support vitamins.

Don’t just take our word for it, however. These claims are backed by extensive research conducted by our and other scientific labs. One such trial revealed that various functions of cognitive activity improved using Prevagen over a 90-day period.

In addition, of these subjects, memory was shown to have improved in those with a slight age-related memory impairment. Indeed, researchers concluded that not only does Prevagen help improve memory but aids in concentrating clearer.

Prevagen’s active ingredient is apoaequorin. Found in jellyfish, its medicinal properties are conducive to supporting brain function in a memory-improving capacity.

Studies continue to demonstrate a direct correlation between diet and exercise, and mental and physical health. Thus, memory is not just subject to the changes of maturity: it can respond to internal and external factors such as the aforestated.

The good news is that exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous or boring. Studies in existence today indicate that even brisk walking regularly has memory-enhancing effects. Who knew that doing the Waltz could prove effective just once a week over a 6-month period? And, brain teasers really do have their place in keeping brain cells active. Studies show that games such as Word Find or other word games requiring concentration are beneficial to memory enhancement.

With so much to gain physically and mentally from keeping it moving, it behooves people to stay active. There are gym memberships where you can meet new friends and clubs to join pertaining to your interest.

And, don’t just admire the beautiful water: dive in and take a swim. And if, as researchers believe, that greater blood flows positively impact the brain’s memory-functioning ability, then exercises that get the heart pumping and blood moving to the brain should be welcomed.

We’ve touted the multi-faceted benefits of exercise, but there is another piece of the memory-improvement puzzle. In this capacity, you may wish to speak to your doctor about incorporating Prevagen into your healthy lifestyle regime. After all, there are passwords, codes, appointments and grandchildren’s names that must constantly be recalled. Thus, as we say at Quincy Bioscience: “Healthier brain, better life!”

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*These statements are based on studies regarding the effects of exercise and supplements on brain health. They have not been evaluated by the FDA. Prevagen is not intended to treat or cure brain ailments or injuries.

As with all dietary supplements, consumers should consult with their doctors before use. For more information on Prevagen or to read about our studies, please visit

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Getting to Know More About the LocationSmart Service

When it comes to LocationSmart, it is all about getting a clear view of everything going on within your company. One of the main issues that company owners have is that they cannot perfectly locate their workers, clients and assets. It can be difficult to do this in a real-time manner, so you may be wondering what you can do in order to prevent these problems from happening. If you would like to learn more about how LocationSmart works, it is important to visit their site and see just how beneficial their program is going to be for the company that you are running right now.


Knowing More About LocationSmart

There are a lot of different features that can come from making use of LocationSmart. For one, you are able to make use of this for your own company and receive real-time updates so that you are better able to work with your employees and clients. For your workers out in the field, you can effortlessly find them and provide them with work orders when it is most needed. This is why it is so important that you make use of LocationSmart and see just how beneficial the program is going to be for you when it is most needed.


How to Begin Using LocationSmart

There are lots of benefits and reasons to begin making use of LocationSmart. The first thing you are going to want to do is to visit the LocationSmart site and see exactly what you can do in order to get the help that you need. Once you make use of this as a viable option, it is just a matter of figuring out which choice is best for you and going with what works for your own company. You are going to love what this amazing service is going to do for you and how different this is for your own company benefit. You will enjoy being able to utilize this as a viable option and know that this is something that is going to help in many different ways. You will enjoy the fact that the service is easy to use and can be beneficial for how well this is going to work for someone.


You will love what LocationSmart is doing for their clients and how effortless the company is to use when it comes to real-time updates that work for you. This particular company is there to help in many different ways and can be a lot more beneficial than you might think. Now is the time for you to consider working with LocationSmart and seeing just how easy this is going to be for you right now. You are going to love what this company does for you and how different it is when compared to some of the other types of services you might have used in the past in an attempt to take care of your business and get the updates that you are going to need.


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Teach To One: Making Better Students

While it is crucial that all students learn the standards that the state and country mandate that they learn, school is much more important than just becoming proficient in academic standards. While learning and becoming proficient in academic standards children also need to learn perseverance, time management, collaboration, and digital literacy.

Teach One allows students to become academically proficient while also learning these important life skills. Through the Teach to One program students are able to learn the importance of perseverance. The standards and curriculum of the Teach to One program are rigorous and designed to challenge students but the interventions of teachers and support of other staff members help encourage students to preserve to meet the challenges.

Students using the Teach to One program also have the ability to work at their own pace using their own personalized curriculum. Since students can work at their own pace they must improve their time management skills. One of the skills that most students lack that can cause problems later in life is the ability to manage their time and get things done. The advisors and teachers at Teach to One work with students to ensure that they are always on track and are always progressing towards their goals. If they notice that students are not progressing they perform academic interventions to help students be successful.

Students are also able to learn how to collaborate with both other students and teachers. Students are often placed into small groups where they can get special help from teachers. During these small group interactions, students must learn how to work with others to achieve a common goal. To know more about Teach to One visit

Using the Teach to One program students are also given the opportunity to enhance their digital literacy skills. Many of the lessons and assignments take place on the computer. Students will learn how to use a computer for things other than surfing the internet. They will improve their typing, navigation, and collaboration skills. These skills that they learn digitally will be crucial for their future careers and in college.

OSI Group”s New Partnership Make Meatless Burgers At McDonald’s More Possible

It is more likely that McDonalds will have a meatless or vegetarian burger is becoming more likely as Impossible Foods, a maker of a meatless burger, has formed a partnership with OSI Group, a long-time supplier of McDonalds. The popularity of meatless burgers has grown about 5 percent over the last 5 years. The sale of regular meat burgers has remained the same. This new partnership should allow Impossible to become one of top suppliers of meatless burgers to restaurants and retailers.

Major fast-food chains like Wendy’s and In & Out have been seen as the last place that meatless burgers would be served because they have highly ingrained and optimized production methods. They are actually starting to have meatless burgers. Burger King, a competitor of McDonalds, will start have Impossible meatless burgers at the end of the year and Red Robin, a major American casual dining restaurant change, is starting to have meatless burgers at several of their restaurants. The rise of meatless burgers is due to the American public changing its view of burgers that don’t have beef in them.

Most people in the restaurant industry and social scientists thought that even if somebody could create a meatless burger in a lab that did not taste any different than a regular burger, people would not eat it because it was made in a laboratory. People actually don’t mind that it comes from a lab. Some like it because they are tired of the environmental damage that is caused by raising animals like pigs and food. A meatless burger is also better for their health. They would prefer to have a good health and a good environment. There are more startups getting into the selling of meatless burgers. So far, Impossible Foods, a new partner of OSI Group, has been one of the most successful companies to enter the meatless meat game. Their burger is considered to be the most innovative burger in the marker so far.

A Look At How Grupo RBS Engages In Socially Responsible Programs

Grupo RBS is a media conglomerate that was founded by entrepreneur Maurico Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957. It is one of the largest companies of its kind in Brazil. It owns radio and television stations, newspapers, online news portals, a record business, a book, a book publishing firm, and a logistics firm. Its current chairman of the board is Eduardo Sirostsky Melzer, the grandson of the founder.

It owns 12 television broadcast stations. Among these are RBS TV, OCTO OC, and TVCOM in Florianopolis. RBS owns 24 radio stations. These include CBN 1340 in Porto Alegre, CBN Diario in Florianopolis, Radio Gaucha in Porto Alegre, Atlantida Santa Maria, Altantida Pelotas, Atlantida Chapeco, and Atlantida Joinville.

Grupo RBS owns nine newspapers across Brazil. This includes Jornal de Santa Catarina, Zero Hora, Diario de Santa Maria, and A Noticia. Among its 13 internet portals are Lets, Pense Imoveis, Pense Carros, Guia Da Semana, and Vitrinepix. The logistics company is Vialog. The book publishing firm is RBS Publicacoes, and the record business is Orbeat Music.

Being socially responsible is a key part of the RBS brand. It operates the Maurico Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation (FMMS). This organization helps communities sustainably develop. A major focus is on communities in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The foundation supports projects that improve the situations of children and teenagers, especially by providing them with knowledge.

Over 15,000 young people have signed up for online reading support courses offered by FMMS. It started offering an annual RBS Education Award in 2014, the winner of which was determined by experts and a popular vote. In the last contest, there were 34 finalists and 16 winners. FMMS handed out a total of R $301,000 to the winners. To know more about RBS visit

Another example of an FMMS project is a partnership it signed with the Dept. of Labor and Social Development of Rio Grande do Sul. R $900,000 was invested in this state to fight poverty. FMMS managed the project and transferred resources where they were needed. It also managed and evaluated the project for the government.,297812.jhtml

Maarten De Jeu Possesses Strong Commercial Real Estate Investment Knowledge And Wants To Pass It On:

International business strategy with a strong background in fields such as finance, investment, and commercial real estate is the focus of the work done by Maarten de Jeu as a leading advisor to the world’s international business community and many of its top corporate entities. As the head of the SVM Business Advisory, a firm that he established in 2012, Maarten de Jeu has provided a significant service to the business community. His initiatives have led to significant growth with multiple different companies that operate on an international basis. These companies are located in markets such as the United States of America and Europe. 


Maarten de Jeu brings with him a strong background from an educational standpoint when it comes to his professional work. As a student at Leiden University, he studied the subject of public administration and then went onto land in England where he earned an Executive MBA at Oxford. This has been an excellent educational background in terms of helping to prepare Maarten de Jeu to excel in his professional exploits. He also has experience working with TVDK Management Consultants and Aviva. These experiences in providing strategic advisory services helped to springboard Maarten de Jeu to his 2012 launch of the SVM Business Advisory. 


During his free time away from his professional work Maarten de Jeu spends a lot of time involved with civic organizations. He is a proud Chicago, Illinois resident and routinely contributes to some of the major community organizations around there. He is a noted supporter of the Museum of Science and Industry. This involvement extends to his enthusiastic support of the organization’s educational programs that it puts on. The museum has put on a program in the past called the Science Spins and Maarten de Jeu served as its co-chair. He has also been active in other Chicago community organizations such as the Environmental Law and Policy Center, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. 


An area of business and investment that Maarten de Jeu is highly enthusiastic about is the field of commercial real estate investment. He points out that this is an investment field that carries with it many positive benefits that include lower risks that are often associated with investments such as stocks and bonds. With this in mind, Maarten de Jeu has recently pointed out several strong reasons why investors should give commercial real estate a shot. Learn more:


The fact that the investing fees are often much less with commercial real estate than other types of portfolio investments is one of the primary points that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes. Investors do not have to deal with the same type of management fees in terms of paying a financial advisor that they would with other traditional investments. Maarten also points out factors such as the inflation protection that commercial real estate investment offers and the fact that this type of investment is an outstanding way to diversify a portfolio. Given the strong background that he has on this subject, today’s investors would be wise to take note of his points here.

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Gustavo Martinez: True to His Vision

Thirty-five years of Gustavo Martinez’s career have been in advertising and marketing. He has been a leader for many important business firms, overseeing various ad creations that became icons of pop-culture. Martinez was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, the world’s most legendary and largest marketing firm. He was also president of Olgilvy and Mather in addition to McCann Worldgroup before going to Henkel and Price Waterhouse.


Business Acceleration and Consulting’s Role in Marketing


Consulting is a term that means an independent contractor provides services at operational and strategic levels. Consulting has been part of advertising since the start and the model has been proven for almost a century in marketing. Gustavo Martinez worked in consulting prior to running established firms. Creativity is the asset most valuable to marketing or advertising.


Gustavo Martinez’s Typical Day


Martinez’s day begins by having breakfast with his family when he isn’t traveling, he then goes though his email and skims the business news. His work day is typically from nine in the morning to seven or nine at night.


Ideas Become Reality


Campaigns for marketing are focused on creativity. Gustavo Martinez has found that diversity in all areas including team members’ experience and background help to make the solutions to problems more creative and offer a wider range of ideas. The role of a team leader is to keep people inspired as well as motivated. It is important that the projects people are put on are ones that truly interest them. Gustavo Martinez says that it is also important to recognize the quality of work that was done in the past. People are motivated by recognition of their accomplishments.


The Trend that excites Martinez


Internet is the trend that excites Martinez because it is overlooked by a lot of people in marketing. Specifically, internet connected devices such as refrigerators that can make suggests to customers in their own homes. The idea of household items placing and paying for order that are then delivered to the home within fifteen minutes is what Gustavo Martinez has in mind.


Single Productivity Habit and Advice


Letting people know their worth so they feel important, being generous and listening are ways to increase productivity. Everyone can contribute something. Martinez would tell his younger self that he should have patience and be willing to learn from other people.


Gustavo Martinez believes that charity should be done out of kindness and not a desire to be seen as a good person or show off status.


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James Dondero and Aiding Everyone

James Dondero is a sedulous executive who operates out of Dallas, Texas at this moment in time. He wasn’t always situated in the lively Big D, however. He worked for some time decades ago in Los Angeles, California. He went to school as a young adult in Central Virginia as well. Jim Dondero is someone who calls the University of Virginia his alma mater. He studied at the respectable Charlottesville school long ago. He was an honors student there, too. Studying accounting and finance here was something that gave him a feeling of purpose. He exited the school with an impressive B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree. His commerce proficiency grew rapidly throughout his college years.

James Dondero is Highland Capital Management, LP’s President. He created the firm next to investment banking wizard Mark Okada. There’s no denying just how much Jim Dondero knows about subjects like equity markets and credit. He talks to people about distressed investing methods. He talks to them just as much about mutual funds and CLOs or “collateralized loan obligations.”

Jim Dondero’s time with Highland Capital Management commenced in 1993. This is a business in Dallas that accommodates alternative investments that are international in scope. James Dondero handles so much with the operations of Highland Capital Management. Okada’s schedule is equally jam-packed all of the time.

Although there’s no arguing just how much James Dondero cares about investments and similar monetary matters, there’s also no disputing just how devoted he is to the charity field. He sets aside so much time for philanthropic causes of all varieties in the Dallas area. He thinks about organizations that aid children who are ill. He thinks about organizations that simply put joy into peoples’ lives as well. He likes to do anything he can to enhance the Dallas Zoo.

Mark Holyoake World Artistic Gymnast


It is a given fact that among all professions, fewer individuals can pursue full-time athletic adventures. One of the main reasons why this is the case among professional athletic pursuits is the required dedication it takes to overcome personal pleasure for professional perfection. While there are a few who take on the challenge, there are still fewer willing to go beyond a passing pursuit to a lifetime of dedication to push through the pain, struggle and adversity to arrive at the lasting accomplishment that brings with it a success and monetary rewards.

Long-term Career Success

Mark Holyoake beat all of these odds and limitations and brought his talent, discipline, and passion for the sport to fruitful accomplishment and success. His strong gymnastic skills have resulted in world recognition and monetary balance throughout his career. Mark Holyoake balanced the need for obtaining educational activities at university along with his natural gymnastic abilities and shaped his career towards the opportunities he hoped to accomplish as a professional gymnast.

Short Biography

Mark Holyoake was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, on March 1, 1983. His first severe activities in gymnastics were at the age of nine, where he was competent to perform as an “all-rounder” in gymnastic acts like parallel bars, vault, pommel horse, and high bar, at the age of nine.

A year later, Mark Holyoake began developing for the national team squads and recognized by those who knew of his talent as having gymnastic skills recognized the world over. His coaches began instructing him to become a professional athlete at a young age. Mark Holyoake learned at a very young age to discipline his body and mind to a strict schedule that found a balance between his educational pursuits and his many hours as a world-class gymnast under his coaches. Mark Holyoake relocated to Auckland University after completing his primary education and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Sports. It was because of Mark Holoake’s ability to discipline his time and his passion for the sport of gymnastics that kept his focus on the goal of a world-class athlete he was training to become.

Mark Holyoake’s Facebook Page.

Prevagen Can Help Boost Brain Power For Complete Total Health

It is amazing to see people over the age of 70 participating in marathons.

This shows that the physical activities involved in preparing to getting to this point certainly adds to the sharpness of the brain, and increases body function. Seniors can age well when they exercise regularly, and eat nutritious meals.

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Keeping the brain healthy for good cognitive function is as important as keeping the body healthy. Prevagen is a dietary supplement that helps enhance brain health, and it helps with memory loss that may comes with aging. Prevagen has been clinically proven to improve certain aspects of cognitive impairment that are age related.

People have been encouraged to get more physically active because of the studies that have shown the link between physical and mental fitness. This can often protect the brain from the cognitive changes that come with age. Exercise improves the wiring of the brain, but it has a greater impact on the memory formation.

Prevagen points out the fact that exercise can also help your concentration and focus. This is evident in school aged children who tend to function better after they have had a short period of exercise and aerobics during the gym class, or after a recess period. This same theory is true for adults and seniors.

Exercises for the preservation of cognitive function can be as simple as taking a brisk 30 to 45 minute walk just three times per week. Lifting weights is an exercise that helps improve balance, coordination, and agility in older adults, and this only needs to be done twice per week.

Dancing for only one hour per week can greatly restore, and boost the aging brain. Socializing while exercising helps to improve the mood by rendering a feeling of elation. Any activities that raise the heart rate are good for the overall function of the body and the mind.

Prevagen wants to ensure consumers that by reducing stress, they can boost their brain power. When the anxiety and stress levels increase, the heart starts to beat faster, your focus narrows. Yoga, which has a calming effect on the body, is a suggested way to combat stress and anxiety.

Exercising the brain itself by doing popular brain games can often delay memory loss. Thinking skills can be preserved by keeping the mind active. Putting puzzles together, and other games to enhance the brain will slow down mental problems that often come with aging as well as memory loss.

Learning new things like speaking a second language, or playing a musical instrument are activities that will help exercise the brain. Crossword or number puzzles, board or card games will also help boost the brain power.

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Doing activities should become a top priority for a healthier lifestyle, but it should be remembered that exercise alone can not provide the complete change that is needed for better health. Prevagen has been shown clinically to help with memory loss that has been associated with aging. It is a diet supplement that can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

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