How James Dondero Has Benefited Dallas’ Financial And Nonprofit Sectors

Dallas area businessman James Dondero is a leader at multiple institutions around the city. He is a co-founder of Highland Capital Management, its president, and a hedge fund manager. He is the chairman of the board of directors for NexBank. He also serves as a chairman for CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, and NexPoint. He earned degrees in accounting and finance at the McIntire School of Commerce in Virginia and is both a chartered financial analyst and a certified management accountant. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

His career in the financial industry started in 1984. James Dondero was a member of the Morgan Guaranty training program and worked for it as a financial analyst. A year later he found a new job at American Express where he analyzed corporate bonds. He was soon a portfolio manager at American Express in charge of a $1 billion fund invested in fixed income. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

He joined Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary in 1989. James Dondero and a business partner established Highland Capital Management with the backing of Protective Life. A few years later they went fully independent and are still a privately held company. A big focus of their business from the beginning was collateralized loan obligations which are a type of investment that he pioneered.

Along with Mark Okada, James Dondero has grown Highland Capital Management into a multi-billion dollar company that manages an array of alternative investments. They have clients around the world who invest in their funds. This includes retail investors and institutional investors. The types of assets they invest in today include private equity, real estate, public equity, and structured credit.

James Dondero has financially helped many nonprofits in the Dallas community. His donation built the new hippo viewing building at the Dallas Zoo. He has also donated large amounts of money to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Tower Scholars Program at SMU, Education is Freedom, and the Perot Museum of Natural Science. He recently brought one of the city’s top civic leaders, Linda Owen, on board to manage the Highland Capital Management Charitable Giving initiative.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada: The Leader Improving The L’Oreal Professional Products Division

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is someone who has played a significant role in the growth and development of L’Oreal Professional Products Division, owing to the fact that he stands as the Global Brand President of the company. Even though Bethelmy-Rada is one of the youngest General Managers at the company, he has an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in his arsenal. He is considered to be brilliant in terms of his innovation and skills and the guidance that he is able to give the company. He has implemented some of the most efficient business strategies at the company that has not only improved the kind of work that they do but have also significantly improved their overall sales and customer base.

Bethelmy-Rada started working at the company fifteen years ago and since then has showcased exemplary professionalism with all that he has done. His specialty lies in digital strategies, which have helped the company progress into the digital age, thereby establishing their prominence on these new platforms in a better manner. He is also someone who advocates constant learning at the workplace and has implemented new systems within the company that can help them with the same.

The leadership skills that Dan Bethelmy-Rada hones are considered to be admirable, especially when it comes to training candidates and working with teams. He has led several of his own departments in the past and has trained some of the best employees currently working at the company.

His ability to lead the company on such a global scale comes from the experiences that he had when he was growing up. When he was young, he traveled internationally with his family and lived across the globe. During his travels, he realized that there is no true definition of beauty, making this industry incredibly complex and intriguing to work in. Photography is also something that he grew widely interested in during this time and helped him learn more about the different aspects of beauty. His travels also helped him develop a more globalized perspective, enabling him to push the company in a more positive direction for global audiences.

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Heather Parry: The Production Giant

Heather Parry has been the President of Live Nation Productions since December 1, 2015 – and her appointment didn’t need a lot of big and fancy announcements. Heather Parry is most well known before for being one of the giants in concert production, and she has really made a name for herself in the industry. Heather Parry had a no-brainer choice to jump into the industry and to the work right away.

Heather Parry

Even if she was just new to the spot, she has already teamed up with actor and director Colin Hanks, who she had work experience with at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. They worked together on Eagles of Death Metal, a documentary film right after the 2015 tragedy that happened at the Bataclan.

From there, they changed the game of music documentaries and how they operated as serious cinema and the film Heather Parry worked on was nominated for 2 Critics’ Choice Awards, and it was a great honor for Heather and the company – but this will only be a small milestone for Heather Parry.

Heather Parry is also responsible for the birth and development of one of 2019’s top grossing films, the Bradley Cooper-directed movie, A Star Is Born which also served as the movie debut of singer song writer – Lady Gaga.

A Star Is Born has been sweeping through the nation and has topped movie charts around the world. The soundtracks of A Star Is Born has also made waves of their own, with Shallow being the most popular song from the movie franchise. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have definitely made movie history with A Star Is Born.

A Star Is Born has won so much awards from the most prestigious governing bodies like the Oscars and the Golden Globes – a feat accomplished not only by the actors but also of Heather Parry.

Betsy Devos on the Issues

Betsy Devos has been working hard to improve school campus security and better school options for America’s students. Ever since she was appointed to the US Education Secretary office, she has been talking to educators and reporters about her plans for educational choice. However, it’s been a difficult road to get these new policies implemented. Many states don’t want to add educational choice options to their legislature, and Devos has been working overtime to see that states offer these choices to students, as promised.


One of the issues is that parents are having a hard time with common core math. Many parents want their students to be able to pick a school where they can learn and not necessarily go to a failing school that isn’t able to pass standardized tests. These issues have been worsening around the country, and right now, Devos says that the best thing is for states to have more educational choice opportunities.


Last year, Betsy Devos did an interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes.” The interview detailed her plans for educational choice, and why she wants to put students first. It also talked about her struggles with student safety reform in campuses across America, as the nation deals with its gun violence problems.


Many educators have felt polarized by Betsy Devos who isn’t your traditional US Education Secretary. She grew up in Michigan and went to Calvin College, where she became active in politics and joined the campaign for Gerald R. Ford. She also worked in the Michigan Republican Party, and she would eventually become the Chairman for the Michigan Republican Party, leading her to become the US Education Secretary in 2017.


While there are those who don’t like educational choice, Devos has said that people simply don’t understand how it works. In fact, it’s fueled by philanthropy, according to Devos who has had several big names on her donor list. Some of the donations come from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and there are also donations from Bill Gates and Sam Walton. Devos has also contributed to education funds in amounts over $35 million.


She discussed the success of her programs at length with Leslie Stahl, focusing on what she plans next for education reform. She also talked about states where educational choice had been very successful, such as Florida and Louisiana. In Florida, students have the most options for educational choice. They can go to a virtual school, private school, magnet program, homeschooling program, or charter school. There is even a tuition-based scholarship program that students can apply to.


Devos has been working with state educators on new school safety policies since 2018. After the Parkland shooting, she was placed in charge of leading the fight against gun violence in schools. So far, those policies have worked, and Devos has been touring schools with the First Lady since 2019.


It will be interesting to see if any other states sign on for educational choice by 2020. Devos is working hard to see that new policies are implemented in most states by the end of her term.


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Michael Nierenberg and the New Residential Investment Corp

The 55-year-old Michael Nierenberg is the President, Chief Executive Officer and board Chairman of New Residential Investment Corp, listed in the stock exchange market as NRZ. NRZ is a company based in New York and focuses on managing and investing in residential mortgage-related assets in the United States. A popular investor in Mortgage Servicing Rights, popularly known as MSR, the company operates through Servicing and Originations, Consumer Loan Segments and Residential Securities.

New Mortgage Lending Solutions

With the current wave of change in the mortgage industry, different mortgage choices have arisen which involve loans beyond the traditional qualified mortgage definitions. This means that the mortgages provided do not have to meet lending standards established by various federal government agencies. New Residential Investment Corp under Michael Nierenberg blends both qualified mortgage (QM) and non-qualified mortgage. It acquired NewRez, a loan origination company, qualified to operate in 49 states which provides both QM and non-QM. New Residential also combines multiple real estate loans into marketable security thereby creating securitized mortgages. The firm led by Michael Nierenberg has increased their role in the overall mortgage market even though banks are doing otherwise due to the 2007 financial crisis. Since it is a non-bank mortgage servicing company, handles loan delinquency differently as opposed to banks who emphasizes forced sales of assets and foreclosures.

Investing in Servicer Advances

Servicer advances, whose fee originates from the basic fee of a mortgage servicing right, is a type of duty that ensures a mortgage servicer is compensated. They are non-interest bearing, and a servicer is only paid back the cash payments he might have had incurred for the borrower. This is normally when a borrower does not make the scheduled payment due on a mortgage loan or when a servicer is faced with the task of supporting the value of the asset being used as collateral. New Residential Investment Corp provides one with a chance to invest in servicer advances since they focus on actively managing and investing in fields related to residential real estate whereby servicer advances fall. With an objective to manipulate the existing expertise in the firm for shareholders benefits, Michael Nierenberg believes that the advances will provide a fertile opportunity for NRZ to invest in core servicing assets which generate higher yields.

Cytovance Biologics Vice President Of Quality Edwin Miranda

With more than 30 years of experience in the area biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing as a Quality Assurance leader, Edwin Miranda was chosen as the Vice President of Quality at Cytovance Biologics in January of 2018. Cytovance is an Oklahoma-based company with state-of-the-art facilities that is involved with the production of therapeutic proteins and antibodies that are developed from mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation, and cell banking and support services. Before joining the company, Edwin Miranda held positions at several pharmaceutical companies, and at Piramal Critical Care.

One of his greatest accomplishments was leading the Quality Assurance team that was successful in getting the FDA to approve the launch of a new drug called Keppra. When he was recently interviewed about his success in his chosen career, Edwin Miranda said that one of the things that makes him more productive as a business executive is the fact that he wakes up early each morning to get a jump on his day. By 5:30 am, he starts checking messages he received from his clients, and reading news feeds to stay aware of important matters, and projects he has to complete. He also sets aside time to exercise and interact with his family during those early morning hours.

Edwin Miranda, who is a US Army veteran, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, and he also attended the School of Kinesiology to study the mechanics of body movements in humans and animals at the University of Michigan as a PhD student. The Vice President of Research and Development at Cytovance Biologics, Dr. Jesse McCool, Sr., has said that he feels the Quality Assurance expert is a tremendous asset to the company, due to the depth of his experience, knowledge and leadership skills.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Honored By His Patients

Every doctor will say that they got into the profession to help patients. Because of that, any praise that they get from these patients can mean an awful lot to every medical professional. One of the doctors who has found this out is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, who has frequently been named one of the top Dallas-based doctors based on patient reviews. This entitled Dr. Jejurikar to being rewarded with the Compassionate Doctor Certificate, alongside a Certificate of Appreciation. According to reports, the awards are based on the near 100 million reviews that are annually posted to sites such as Patients’ Choice, UCompareHealthCare and Vitals.

The majority of the posts center on feedback on the quality of care and service that patients received from their medical professionals. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to receive the award; on top of needing to offer exceptional patient care skills and extensive knowledge, patients must have near perfect overall and bedside manner scores. Because of this, fewer than 3% or 4% are normally nominated are nominated for or receive the Compassionate Doctor recognition.Dr. Sameer Jejurikar noted that it was quite an honor to receive the award; he also noted that it was especially humbling to receive the award because patients dictate who win them.

Because of that, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has said that he’s very grateful to the patients who went out of their way to give him a positive review on many of these sites. Not long after winning the Compassionate Doctor Certificate, the doctor was also added to The Registry of Business Excellence; this is quite a feat for many and was commemorated with an exclusive recognition plaque. In winning the award, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar beat out hundreds of thousands of other medical professionals in the industry, many of whom were also based in Dallas.

Rebel Wilson Creates a New Workout Routine “The Catzercise”

Rebel Wilson concurs that finding a workout routine can be challenging. Nonetheless, the A-star celebrity believes that nothing is impossible. Rebel Wilson believes that with a little motivation, finding the perfect workout routine is possible, and to prove it, she shared her recently discovered routine aka the catzercise.

The Australian born celebrity turned 39 on March 2nd and had a lot to share with her fans on her Instagram account handle. Rebel Wilson shared footage of her birthday celebration on Instagram; the footage reveals her cake making class and the unique exercise, the catzercise.

The Isn’t It Romantic’s lead role will also be starring in this year’s cats movie. Rebel Wilson shared a video on Instagram in which she is dancing while accessorizing with cat ears and armbands that are pinky & furry. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

According to Wilson, she and her friends had to rehearse for 30 minutes before dancing. In the video, the star’s friends are also donning cat costumes.

In a series of Instagram post, Wilson tells her shares how the surprise birthday party culminated in a Catzercise in the middle of Beverly Hills. In a different post, Rebel Wilson states that she and her pals only rehearsed for 30 minutes before creating the workout routine.

Rebel Wilson stated in an Instagram post that her birthday was a cake walk. There is a video that shows the 39-year old movie star visit a milk bar and takes a cake-making class. After successfully baking a beautiful cake worthy of her big day, Rebel Wilson and her friends called it the celebratory birthday cake.

Besides taking the cake making class and learning a new workout routine, Rebel Wilson and her friends ate four pizzas after which they proceeded to the catzercise workout to burn off the excess calories. Wilson ended her series of Instagram posts by posting, “that’s how you do a surprise party.”

The Pitch Perfect star will be taking a lead role in the upcoming cats movie that will also feature Taylor Swift and Idris Elba. The film will also feature Ian McKellen, Jenifer Hudson, Judi Dench, and James Corden.

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Agera Energy Living Up To Its Corporate Social Responsibility

Before, businessmen and entrepreneurs think of corporate social responsibility as a temporary fad. However, in today’s environment-conscious world, consumers are more intelligent and are now considering the ethical ways of the company that they want to patronize. This change in the consumers’ behavior propels businesses and organizations to do their share and contribute to society. Read more about Agera Energy on

Nowadays, consumers would like to see the business sector actually implement its corporate social responsibility rather than reading about its stand on the subject. They want to see companies with clear objectives and activities that truly pay forward to society. One of the businesses that are really making most efforts in corporate social responsibility is Agera Energy.

It is the leading producer of natural gas and electric energy in the US selling energy to residential, small enterprises, large businesses, and commercial customers. The company is known not only for its products but also for its excellent customer service representatives and outstanding sales staff. The energy retail company is one great example of a business that practices its corporate social responsibility even in its day to day operations.

Agera Energy knows that it is important to make sure that future generations will enjoy clean air, water, and natural resources. Because of this, the energy retail company works really hard so it could offer to its consumers energy-efficient and innovative solutions and renewable products. The company is also leading the retail energy industry in doing positive eco-friendly actions in its everyday operations. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

All of its employees are dedicated in their own little ways to reduce their own as well as the company’s impact in the environment by minimizing its environmental footprint. The company initiated environmental and eco-friendly policies, activities, and education to improve Agera Energy’s environmental performance.

In the workplace, the management installed LED lights to reduce their use of energy. Windows have film coverings to minimize the indoor heat temperature. The trash cans are eliminated and replaced by recycling bins so cans, bottles, containers, and papers are recycled. The company also tapped an independent contractor to take care of their electronics and hazardous wastes.

These ingenious actions implemented by Agera Energy inspired Westchester Green to acknowledge its efforts and gave the company the Westchester Green Business Certification. Agera Energy is the first energy retail company within the US to do this feat.


Sustaining Important Ecosystems With Sharon Prince

With over 80 acres of naturally sustained lands, Grace Farms is a non-profit educational facility in southwest Connecticut. Their dedication to land conservation, sustainability and education comes together with their on-site programs for the community. Grace Farms offers year-round education and activities from a mile-long walking trail to hands-on gardening classes with experts in the industry.

Seasonal activities at Grace Farms allow the community to experience the flourishing wildlife, with over 60 species of birds including hawks, owls, finches and warblers. In addition to bird-watching and other views of wildlife, the facility has guided tours every month between June and September.

The community gardens at Grace Farms give the public a chance to learn sustainability of important ecosystems, with an emphasis on home gardening and basic farming methods. Guests can learn from an industry expert, Nick Mancini, on how to prune trees and plants, sowing, seed planting and much more.

While visiting Grace Farms, the community can enjoy the food and drink facilities that offer organic, nutritious produce and meals. Among the nutritional amenities offered, Grace Farms has donated over 400 pounds each year to local charities, food banks and other non-profit businesses.

At the front of this nature-conscious facility, Sharon Prince works to improve the communication between people in order to advance social and environmental barriers. She is the Chair and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, which was established in 2009 and opened in 2015.

Her vision for changing our world focuses on engaging with people and places in our world, including justice, arts and nature. Her vision has led to many awards to the Grace Farms Foundation, including Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award for Social Good and the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award.

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