Jeremy Goldstein- An In-Depth Interview

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading partner for the exclusive law firm he helped found. The firm is committed to advising management team, CEOs, compensation committees and businesses with issues regarding corporate governance in matters regarding executive compensation rules. Below are some of the questions he was recently asked during an interview about his life’s work.


How Did The Idea For Your Law Firm Come About?


The idea to start the JLG Associates Law Firm came to fruition about 10 years ago. At that time, many government circles were obsessed with conflicts of interest in the matters of executive compensation. Because of this, Jeremy Goldstein saw many firms breaking off from their larger organizations to work on these matters. After seeing many lawyers having success breaking away from their law firms, he decided to take the plunge and branch off as well.


How Do You Stay Productive Each Day?


Goldstein is constantly advising his clients on how to make decisions based on their careers and their own pay. Those issues are very important to him and he takes them into consideration himself. With this type of work, there are no shortcuts to take. The negotiating, advising and drafting requires consistent dedication and 24-hour availability. In order to ensure his time remains productive, he limits the number of cases he accepts.


How Are Your Ideas Brought To Life?


In this line of business, Jeremy Goldstein is not completely surprised by any issues that arise anymore. If a truly new issue arises, it typically rhymes with something that he has seen in the past with a new twist to it. Mr. Goldstein has worked in the area of law for more than 20 years.


Who Is Jeremy Goldstein?


Prior to founding his firm, Mr. Goldstein was a top partner at a huge New York law firm. He had also been involved in big corporate transactions in the last 10 years, including the popular pending acquisition by Express Scripts of eviCore. He has degrees from the New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago and Cornell University.


As a chairperson for a business committee on the American Bar Association, he frequently speaks and writes about executive compensation issues on corporate governance and is a leading lawyer for the Chambers USA. Additionally, he is also a member of the board of directors at Fountain House. This organization is a charity that dedicates itself to recovering women and men who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses.


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U.S. Money Reserve Shares Insight on the Possible Recession

Experts have hold on to the prediction that the country is about to face a recession. While some factors such as decrease in the unemployment rate might point otherwise, the recession is imminent, at least, according to experts who have been observing these metrics closely. The America’s Gold Authority, U.S. Reserve recently released informational resources related to the issue and the findings are not appealing.

According to the U.S. Money Reserve’s “Are We in Another Economic Bubble?”, recessions often occur as a result of businesses falling short of labor force and the wages starts increasing making businesses to reduce hiring people, the end result being raised interest rates by the Federal Reserve. Ultimately, the economy is affected.

With many experts agreeing on the imminent recession, how it will look is making them to worry. It is time to think about what the recession means to homeowners. During the 2008 financial crisis, the median market value of primary residences of homeowners fell by 18.9% between 2007 and 2010. These circumstances led to losses which in turn led to people losing their homes.

Afterward, improper lending practices bringing up a bubble in the housing market. The same path has been taken in the housing markets with experts crying foul of shoddy lending practices. Similar occurrences to the circumstances which surrounded the 2008 financial crisis have started to surface.

Another contributing factor to a future economic downturn is the high partisan nature of the federal government. The government is not showing any efforts to put in place measures to ensure swift response to an economic turmoil. If the political parties are having difficulty to agree on the way to approach the possible recession, it will be difficult for the federal government to formulate a cohesive response.

What remains is consumers finding ways to shield themselves from the effects of the possible recession. One way they can shield themselves is through looking for assets that withstood the past times of economic downturns. Gold is the most viable option for consumers to safeguard their assets.

During the previous financial crisis, gold was the best-performing asset class. From 2007 to 2009, gold retained its market value. Actually, its market value appreciated by a significant factor. As the potential for a recession become even more imminent in the eyes of experts, such information will come in handy for consumers. The information above is based on U.S. Money Reserve’s viewpoint on the state of the economy going forward.

About U.S. Money Reserve

America’s Gold Authority is a leading distributor of government-issued precious metal including gold. It also provides information to help consumers to make informed portfolio decisions. Headed by a former director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve has a vast understanding of personal financial freedom and public policy. It received a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

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It isn’t easy to run a business. Furthermore, it is much more difficult to run a business that is based on high growth expectations. A company has different problems through each stage of its life cycle and it must adapt to each changing environment accordingly. Furthermore, it must never lose sight of its focus within the marketplace, it must understand the value it provides to its user base and it must continue to execute and deliver in a manner that is efficient and makes an impact on the life of the consumer.

The fact of the matter is that for companies such as life can move quite quickly. Companies such as will have to continue to move forward and operate each day because they have to act like Jeff Bezos would say as if each day “was day one”. Acting in such a manner helps them to not slow down, promotes growth activities and provides for protocols and communication that contributes to the furthering of a viable company. Business growth for is not a nice to have, it is a must-have.

Proper business growth will arrive from the correct management of all the resources within the company. Jingdong will have to look into how they can leverage their platform in deeper ways to really help their customers and bring in more partners to grow their relevance within the larger ecosystem. Being able to move quickly as a company that is and its size means that the company will have to operate in a decentralized but focused company, where teams and divisions can collaborate but make certain to focus.

To do a great job to meet the needs of the board of directors, investors, and other key parties within the ecosystem, must act in a responsible manner each day. They must make certain to minimize their expense and to maximize their gains and opportunities.

Teams within the company may have to place in extra hours at times to truly compete with other teams working for other larger companies. Furthermore, quality focus, good work, and deep work would be needed to truly understand the problems they solve and be the best company to meet the needs of customers.

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Jana Messerschmidt of Lightspeed Stands out in the Tech Industry

Jana Messerschmidt has been among the several women to make it through the tech industry. In most instances, many women have been avoiding these industries due to several feminist theories. Thus, creating their wealth in different sectorials. Since time immemorial, the entrepreneurship industry has been much dominated by men due to its competitiveness. Several women have been able to break through the field through their enthusiasm and dedication. Jana Messerschmidt has been one of the few to survive. In the past few years, she joined Light speed ventures where she has been investing ever since. Through Lightspeed, Jana Lightspeed has been able to carry out her investments in high-tech companies across the U.S.

As she has dedicated to offering her best, Jana has mastered the science of implementing the technological advancements in the engineering sectors. Contributing to her wealthy knowledge, she pursued computer Science at the University of Illinois. Later, she needed to continue her foray in the tech industry in different giant companies such as Twitter and Netflix. Working in these companies, she has been able to develop her skills in public relations, marketing as well as enterprise sales among others. Additionally, she has streamlined the course of many companies leading to fruition.

Light speed ventures led Jana Lightspeed to establish her company Angels. She has always been interested in incorporating other women in the technology industries as well as developing their own companies. Besides leading her own company, she has been able to create an upward trajectory in other beginner companies.This is evidenced by numerous ventures that she has engaged on. It is essential to note that Jana Messerschmidt has always dedicated to giving back to the community through different charity missions. Women have embraced her efforts in representing and motivating them in creating wealth in various sectors.


Allied Wallet Remains Dedicated and Selfless

A Chief Executive Officer like Andy Khawaja has the right mindset, skill, and abilities in order to successfully run a company. Allied Wallet has been revolutionizing and influencing the industry of e-commerce for years now by introducing innovative payment solutions and allowing people to experience easy and quick payment processing. They are able to enable merchants to accept global payments because of their PCI compliant merchant services. The company plans to expand their services, maximize transactions for big and small organizations, provide an advanced and modern payment gateway, and to constantly help businesses such as car rental companies, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Andy Khawaja and his good leadership skills have led Allied Wallet into where it is now, the company maintains its core values and continues to be driven, adapts to the rapid changes of the economy, and continuously improves as the years go by.

Today, Allied Wallet is considered as a globally leading provider of online payment processing. Aside from their success, they also know when to give back and to be altruistic. The company has received a certificate of appreciation for their selfless donations and commitment that they have shown to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Andy Khawaja is a philanthropic man, and he made sure that his company will show its support by donating and managing causes. A huge chunk of their outreach has been devoted to the Veterans of the United States of America (Affiliatedork). Their concern and philanthropy have made important contributions to various groups in America such as the American Red Cross, Brent Shapiro Foundation, Hope for Change International, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, STAR Team for the Children, and a lot more.

Andy Khawaja stated that they are willing to share the success of Allied Wallet by giving back to the community and groups such as the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Allied Wallet values the veterans who were able to protect people across the globe and are grateful for what they have done. Aside from their acts of philanthropy, Allied Wallet has been providing outstanding service, authenticity, and dedication to their global communities and clients.

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Swipe Right on Greg Blatt: Versatile Businessman

If you met your honey on Tinder or in the last few years, you have Greg Blatt to thank.

A versatile businessman, Blatt’s education and early professional background is actually in law, but he has had his sights set on the online dating industry for the past 10 years. After receiving a Doctor of Law from Columbia, Greg Blatt worked with a few law firms in the Greater New York City area. In 1999, as the first big show of his versatility, Blatt joined Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as an Executive Vice President. He remained with Martha Stewart Living for nearly five years, during which time he filmed a tutorial with Stewart herself on how to make a “Mean Margarita.” The adorable clip is still readily available on the vast internet.

Greg Blatt got his start in the online dating world as the CEO of in 2009, and has been blessing the industry ever since. As mentioned previously, those who use tech dating in their everyday life owe Blatt a big thank you. No, he did not found Tinder or Match, but he did serve as CEO, chairman, and executive chairman of both entities, and just like every other company he has touched, both have turned to gold in his presence. Tinder and Match experienced enormous increases in revenue and productivity while under Greg Blatt’s direction.

Though he plans to extend his ever-helping hand to other industries, Blatt has no doubt left a mark on the tech dating field. From studying law at one of the most prestigious universities in America, to blending margaritas with the OG queen of DIY, to improving dating sites and apps that many Americans depend on in the modern dating scene, Greg Blatt’s versatility remains unmatched. He has taught the business world that an industry switch actually is possible for those who have the proper resources, and an immortal video file of a businessman making cocktails with a domestic crafts icon is the latest resume booster.

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The Exemplary Career Journey of Bennett Graebner, a TV Executive Producer

Are you a fan of TV shows? If yes, then you must have watched the television series known as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. These favorite shows were produced by Bennett Graebner, as a famous media personality and professional. He resides in California, LA with his wife and two kids; however, Graebner was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. As a producer, he works on the flagship as mentioned above shows and other TV programs.

With an artistic touch familiar to TV audiences, his shows have won various awards during popular events such as the BMI Film & TV Awards, Teen Choice Awards, ASCAP Film & TV Awards and much more. Besides the awards, Graebner’s shows enjoy high ratings in the cherished 18-34 demographic. Furthermore, the shows are gaining much viewership according to various metrics, and continuously exceed longevity bounds in the highly competitive TV industry.

One trait credited by many for his success in the television industry as an executive producer is his mastery of the flow and storyline. As an expert producer, Bennett Graebner has pointed out that successful TV projects tend to adhere to similar strategies concerning their storyline presentation. Similarly, reality television follows the same criteria, with the need for solid characters, tension, plots, and structure which are essentials that spur viewership.

On top of his story mastery alongside other elements related to production, his ability to work closely with other players in the industry has benefited his career in multiple aspects regarding film production. It involves his time with the camera and the electrical faculty working on various projects. With such rich experience put in his work, Bennett Graebner has the ability to the particular TV production challenges on different viewpoints.

Additionally, he has been a longtime arts patron, and he understood from an early age that he was destined to set his career in the creative industry. To fulfill this desire, he took his education from Vassar College to pursue an undergraduate degree in English after which he graduated as Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, he proceeded to the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts where he earned his MFA. While here, he worked with other students to come up with original film production projects, met film experts, and sharpened his ability to survive in the entertainment industry.

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The Impact That The Betterworks Software And App Can Have On Productivity

Established in 2013, as a result of its list of features and scalability, Betterworks became a strong option among pieces of performance management software. The software has Goal Science at its foundation, and is designed to help companies become more productive and more profitable – being an ideal option for growing teams that are ready to scale. In addition to being able to systemize the objectives flow of the company, the software is also able to keep track of significant data points in order to provide help in regards to future improvements.

The Betterworks software focuses specifically on offering helpful insight as far as productivity goes. This insight will enable companies to identify which employees are performing well in certain projects and which ones are struggling. That information can be used by managers, enabling them to coach employees on how to improve their skillset. The easy to use interface of the software gives managers the necessary tools in order to have better control over the way the company moves.

Access to the platform is also available via a mobile app (on both Android and iOS), which means managers can have quick access to things from anywhere, enabling them to stay on top of the way things are operating. The mobile app gives access to reviews, updates, as well as communication and reporting features. The app can be useful for managers who have busy schedules but want to check in on things, but it also has an impact on the feedback culture, with both managers and employees being able to provide helpful feedback.

Boraie Development Leading the Way in Shaping New Brunswick

The Aspire luxury apartment complex in the heart of New Brunswick, NJ is perfect for those seeking modern amenities and outstanding service in an urban setting that is centrally located with restaurants, bars and cafes within short walking distance. In addition to several well-designed and diverse floorplans that can accommodate anyone’s needs and budget, The Aspire also provides an excellent value with convenient amenities. As a resident of Aspire, you will enjoy access to a 24/7 doorman lobby, attached parking access leading directly into the complex, and a state-of-the-art fitness center with the latest in gym equipment. Elegant hardwood flooring can be found throughout the living areas. Gourmet kitchens with islands and ample storage provide a luxurious environment to cook, and oversized closets will ensure everything can be neatly organized. Bathrooms are finished beautifully with frameless glass shower stalls and designer fixtures.

The Aspire is a real estate development partnership consisting of Boraie Development and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Born in Newark, O’Neal is seeking to bring development to the area that he grew up in. The collaboration of these two forces have enhanced and continue to enhance the landscape of the city, ushering in a wave of revitalization to an area that has remained mostly unchanged for many years.

O’Neal is using his partnership with Boraie Development as a way to give back to the city and surrounding neighborhoods that meant so much to him growing up. A surprisingly entrepreneurial individual, the decision become active in real estate development makes sense. In addition to this project, O’Neal has also worked on developing in Newark.

Founded in 1972 by Egyptian immigrant businessman Omar Boraie, Boraie Development is at the cutting edge of urban development in New Jersey. One of the most respected and sought-after developers in the state, they also provide property management, sales and marketing, and exceptional service in both residential and commercial applications.

Different Press Release Trends That Every Brand Should Try in 2018

In 2018, some paid press release distribution service trends in 2017 will undoubtedly remain to be a valuable and also effective methods to drive sales as well as web site web traffic. Some new methods will without a doubt additionally be occurring in the technique.

Pick the ones that offer your trademark name. In this short article, I’ll reveal to you the here and now patterns that every brand ought to try:

Private Branding

Developing your brand name as an optimal leader is one favored news release fad that you can try. There are various methods to do this, which generally consist of approaches that your brand can do to obtain the depend on of your audience.

Uploading email newsletters, short write-ups, blog sites and developing premium training video clips are effective methods to promote what you understand. When done consistently, it can create your brand name as an idea leader, which may use your trademark name a side over your competitors.

Branding is not simply publishing your logo in every product, yet revealing your message and additionally values that you intend to communicate. Personal branding is not only good for your photo; nonetheless, it additionally develops your credibility with journalism.

Influencer advertising and marketing.

Influencer advertising and marketing is amongst the best patterns in a press release. By handling social media sites websites influencers, that can represent your brand; you can spread your message with their followers.

It will stay to be just among the current trends in web content advertising as a raising variety of brand are getting this technique. It is an economical method to advertising and marketing product because it provides appropriate advantages to brands.

Companies need to produce and additionally prepare their project effectively and also picked the suitable influencers. When done right, it can enhance sales, establish brand in addition to fruit and vegetables a lot more leads.

Paid coupon strategies.

Official press releases are not probably to be out-of-date. When combined with paid promo methods, such as Google Adwords, Twitter advertised tweets; Facebook advertised articles and also LinkedIn moneyed updates, your web material makes sure to be a hit. Internet web content improving is a significant trend in material advertising that can help create your brand name, broaden your reach along with improve your conversion.
Start-ups and local business can attempt this technique to produce several benefits. There are additionally various on the internet analytics gadgets where brand names can track development.


Are you sharing essential stats with your target audience? Making use of infographics is one advantageous as well as efficient method to present info in a kicked back as well as clear methods.

Infographics like graphs, tables along with statistics are an eye-catching method to existing tales.

Using the approach also makes it shareable to social networks websites, which aids in producing leads as well as conversion.

Not simply you have the ability to reel in site visitors; nonetheless, journalism additionally suches as infographics. This suggests more attention for you.

Right right here are necessary truths that you need to identify why you ought to not miss on leveraging with infographics:

Concerning 90 percent of the information moved to the mind is visual.
Infographics are 30x a lot a lot more examined by target audience than average messages.
Infographics are visuals that improve the visitor’s desire to look into product by 80 percent.
Internet content with considerable images has 94 percent sights than those without.

Although there’s a decreasing fad being used this technique, it will definitely remain to be just one of the patterns in content advertising and marketing. Infographics are three times a lot more liked as well as shared by individuals in social media than any various other kinds of material. They are additionally useful in lots of approaches as they can be repurposed in multiple various types of web content.

Aesthetic Narration.

Press press reporters, in addition to the target markets, like visuals. Seeing videos along with photos are additional trustworthy in marketing and also preserving your trademark name message than just simple message. This is why incorporating photos, video as well as slides are amongst the crazes that will proceed in 2018.

Visuals are all-natural as well as a quick means to inform stories with superb effect as well as feeling. When visuals are done right, the impacts are amplified.

Furthermore, when sensations are included, participation with audiences is specific. Aesthetic narrative is an advertising and marketing method that: help brands to have a deeper link with their target markets, guarantees that your message reverberates with audiences, aids capture their focus.

Now, examine your existing press release advertising technique. Have you tried any one of these strategies? If not, attempt to use them one by one and also see which one finest help you in broadening your company.