Careers With Neurocore

As one of the leading authorities on applied neuroscience and applied neurofeedback, Neurocore has garnered a rather prestigious reputation over the years but just what is it like to work for Neurocore? A few former employees recently posted their opinions of what it was like working at the company on Glassdoor.

The first reviewer chose to remain anonymous and worked there for over two years. He had nothing but nice things to say about the company, remarking that he met a lot of great people there and that the company is noteworthy for being rather productive. He couldn’t think of any cons about the company. The next reviewer also chose to remain anonymous but did disclose that he was working at the Sterling Heights location in Michigan.

In the review, he mentioned that the interview was particularly easy and straightforward, noting there was one interviewer from corporate and one from the location itself. The process took less than seven days and the questions were rather predictable and easy to anticipate. He received an offer less than 24 hours after he interviewed and worked for Neurocore for less than a year. So if you’re looking for a good workplace, consider Neurocore.

Edwin Miranda- The Difference Created By KOI IXS

The marketing sector is going through a revolution where almost every marketing strategy is spruced up with some modern technology. The role of technology in modern market cannot be ignored, and therefore any serious entrepreneur should be looking forward to working with a marketing agency that understands the important role of technology in growing brands. Businesses need to partner with organizations that have proved to have working plans for their clients. The tragedy of the modern marketing environment is that many companies that purport to offer great strategies have nothing to show as a proven track record or results. You will find very few marketing agencies that show consistency in their ability to deliver to clients.

In today’s marketing sector, there is a need for businesses to implement ideas that guarantee future success. The future of the marketing industry will see numerous changes taking place, and therefore businesses should partner with marketing agencies that are likely to be on top of things as the changes occur. Marketing in a highly competitive market needs one to have superior solutions than competitors.


KOI IXS is a company that is interested in making a difference in the marketing sector. For many years, this Miami-based company has invested in developing solutions that address the most basic needs of every business. Every marketing strategy is aimed at promoting brands and bringing in new customers, but the difference is in how effective a strategy can be. KOI IXS under the leadership of Edwin Miranda is interested in coming up with performance-driven strategies. The goal is to benefit the client even as the company grows. Edwin Miranda has made this company successful through his creative solutions to marketing needs. Edwin Miranda has also established team of experts in marketing to help him manage the company.

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Serge Belamant is a successful entrepreneur in the field of technology. He holds the patent for blockchain technologies that he founded in 1989. Serge Belamant has been instrumental in advancing modern technology. He is notably recognized for coming up with a blockchain debit card that was first of its kind.

Serge Belamant has continued to create more innovations that have contributed significantly to the automation process of transactions. Blockchain technology has brought efficiency and transparency in the financial systems used by banks and other financial institutions.

This is due to the effectiveness of the software that results from these technologies. Currently, Serge serves in Net1 UEPS Technologies as a consultant. He is also a member of the board at Prism Group Holdings and has contributed to the inception of Zilch Technologies.

Serge Belamant has amassed extensive experience in the technological field that has boosted his reputation as an entrepreneur. His technical knowledge can be attributed to his education which laid a strong foundation for his career.

Serge pursued a degree in Computer Science at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. He later acquired a Ph.D. in Information Technology and Mangement. Serge dedicates most of his time in research to keep abreast with the technological trends that are constantly changing.

Notably, Serge states that the idea to establish one of his tech companies, Zilch Technologies, originated from his son. His interest in how social media can provide financial benefits compelled him to take up the idea and actualize it. His mental inquisitive and creativity makes Serge an exceptional businessman.

According to the interview, Serge challenges upcoming entrepreneurs to be passionate about their business ideas. This is because passion will give them the drive to work towards achieving their business goals.

Serge Belamant understands that failures and mistakes should not hold back an entrepreneur from realizing his ideas. Therefore he advises young entrepreneurs to be resilient and believe in themselves. Serge is confident that Net1 UEPS Technologies will revolutionize the financial systems available to business. Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant: A Pioneer Of The Blockchain Technology Of Today

Blockchain is quickly changing the world, but many people don’t realize that the technology behind it was actually created decades ago. The person credited for the first implementation of blockchain is Serge Belamant as part of his Universal Electronic Payment System. Many people call him the Bill Gates of South Africa because of his important contributions to the world of technology. He is one of the founding patent holders of the technology behind blockchain and is a native of Tulle, France. When he was a teenager, his family decided to move to South Africa where he studied Computer Science at Witwatersrand University.

Serge Belamant has worked with many different companies and has had a considerable impact on how financial banking systems work today. The advancements that he spearheaded made such a change in how digital banking worked that VISA partnered with him in 1995 in order to create the chip that is used in most of our card transactions even to this day. Another big development from Serge Belamant was the Universal Electronic Payment System which was first used in 1999 to distribute welfare grants to the various people in need all around the country of South Africa. Because of this, people were able to receive payments quicker and more efficiently. The system was later used in countries such as Iraq and Russia and is still in use to this day.

One of the most recent business endeavors that Serge Belamant has participated in is the co-founding of Zilch Technologies which is based in the United Kingdom. The idea for Zilch came from the son of Serge Belamant, Phillip. His son is also involved in the computer industry as an IT engineer. He earned a degree in Computer Science and graduated with Honour’s from his university. Despite being partially retired, he still keeps busy with his business tasks. Today, he helps the businesses that he is involved with in a mostly advisory role. This includes pointing out problems that could potentially arise and how to avoid or overcome these. In addition, he is currently writing a book when he is not busy with his other responsibilities. Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

Michael Nierenberg Guides Two Prominent Investment Firms to Success

Michael Nierenberg has had a good career, and it looks like he’s positioned to only increase his prominence in the years to come. At 55 years of age, Nierenberg has worked his way through a wide variety of different finance positions. While he may not rank as one of the biggest names in the finance industry, he’s been a steady player over the course of decades.

Michael Nierenberg found his start in the industry cutting his teeth at Lehman Brothers where he was employed for seven years. Following that, he was employed by Bear Sterns. He wore a number of different hats at the global investment bank, overseeing everything from interest investments and foreign exchange rates to structured products to mortgage-backed security tradings. He eventually took as a position on the company’s board of directors from 2006 to 2008. It was this ability to navigate a wide range of different financial needs that drew the attention of JP Morgan where he served as the head of Global Securitized Products. Following his time at JP Morgan, Nierenberg took on a role as the head of Global Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2008. He was also a member of their managing committee.

Today, Michael Nierenberg is splitting his efforts between two prominent firms. He’s served as the chairman of the board at the New Residential Investment Corp. since May of 2016, and he’s been a member of their board of directors since November of 2013. That accomplishment was achieved in conjunction with his promotion to the position of President and Chief Executive Director.

Simultaneously, Nierenberg serves as the Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. This private equity firm has been in business for over two decades, and they’re recognized as one of the premier global investment management firms in the United States. As of late 2018, they have approximately $42 billion under their management. His ascendancy at both institutions may be relatively new, but given Michael Nierenberg’s history in the world of financial investment, both firms can likely look to a strong future looking forward.

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Taking Health & Wholeness to New Levels: Thee Juice N-Aide

The juice bar which is under the supervision and ownership of Tiffany Anderson has taken another step to boost the concept of being healthy. Thee Juice N-Aide which is the juice bar previously known or called as In Thee Beginning are celebrating a total month as their name was changed. The juice bar is located in Fairfield Downtown.

They have invited some people to their Open House which is going to be on 18th August 2018. The owner Tiffany Anderson cleared her stance that the primary goal of the bar is to provide with stuff which is healthy and organic. She has played smarter by introducing many local products which match the actual criteria of their company. The juice bar has already listed many local products on their menu card which are vegetables, fruits, and different herbs. All the items they use are fresh which they use to make different juices, shakes, wraps, and pizzas. The customers also buy Organo Gold coffee which matches their standard of healthiness. Anderson said that she wants to be with the people who are working with the same criteria of providing healthy stuff. She arranged workshops to aware the customers and masses about the importance of nutrition.

Thee Juice N-Aide also provides a customized meal to different people based on the type of nutrition they want. It also includes keto diet and the gluten free diet. The Open House will help to create awareness among people with lots of samples of foods and giveaways

The Rise of Madison Street Capital in Transaction Business

At the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards, M&A Advisors announces Madison Street Capital as the year’s “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year” winner. The Chicago based middle market international investment banking firm was recognized for their outstanding performance as advisory to Sachs Capital Group on its privatization project on RMG-Networks under the leadership of Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen. The awards are expected to be presented in March 2019 at M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit in Palm Beach, FL.


The Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway conveyed his gratitude for the recognition on their transaction project and noted how this award would showcase the company’s strength on helping their clients succeed in dealing and closing financial business transactions.

Several awards were announced at the event from a list 275 participating companies by an independent jury of experts in the industry. Roger Aguinaldo, Founder of the M&A Advisor congratulated the winners by saying “The award winners represent the best of the distressed investing and reorganization industry in 2018”. He also pointed out that through this award, M&A advisors were able to hand pick the best of companies, people and transaction projects from the industry.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a premier middle market international investment banking company specializing in private equity, mergers and acquisitions services, business valuation services, advisory, investment banks, corporate tax planning services and venture capital services. They are headquartered in Chicago, IL with corporate offices in North America, Africa and have been in operation since fourteen years. The company claims to have earned the trust of clients around the world through unwavering dedication to the highest levels of professional standards emerging as a premier organization in Corporate Finance and Mergers and acquisitions advisory in investment and transaction business.


Madison Street Capital’s reputation is committed to providing exceptional professional services to their clients and also strives to make a difference in local and global communities in partnership with philanthropic organizations. According to reports, hedge fund asset transaction performance by Madison Street Capital were at an all time high in 2015 despite low performing markets and smaller hedge fund managers struggling to succeed. According to “Today in America” show, for Madison Street Capital, educating the client about the financial services and key investment strategies for their business becomes a large part of the job. Madison Street Capital reputation is built on integrity and transparency providing best possible advice considering the business situation irrespective of what the client wants to hear thereby navigating the clients to reach their goals.


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Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian investment advisor born in 1947 at Curitiba. Born naturally sharp, Igor Cornelsen started pursuing his university degree at a tender age of eighteen years. He joined the school of engineering but later opted out for economics at the Federal University of Panara. Igor was excellent in calculation skills, seeing him top his class of economics severally. He finally left the institution; a graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1970.

Igor Cornelsen’s competitive calculation skills enabled him to calculate compound interest rates without the use of technology. Due to this extraordinary ability, he was hired immediately after his graduation to work in an investment bank. This opportunity had him start his journey in the investment field officially in the year 1971 in which he would later flourish and start his own company that offers consultancy services in investments.


Igor’s hard work, right skills, and innovative nature catapulted his first promotion barely three years into the job, freshly from the university. He was promoted to join the Multibanco’s Board of Directors in the year 1974 where he consequently headed it two years later as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. However, he did not work for long as the Bank of America moved in to acquire Multibanco. After the company was acquired, he found his way to Unibanco where he worked until the year 1985 then later started working at Libra Bank PLC. His transfer from Multibanco to Unibanco was a door opener to Igor Cornelsen as he later became a member of the board in Standard Charter Merchant Bank and the representative of Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen gained sufficient experience in the investment field that saw him venturing into private consultancy. He opened his own Investment Company in 1995 where he works as the investment manager up to date. He attributes his growth and success to great focus and commitment.

Jason Hope’s Career as a Philanthropist, and Tech Guru

The SENS Research Foundation is prominent for hosting the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference annually. The assistant founder of the organization Aubrey de Grey is a scientist trained to research various forms of anti-aging treatment. Experts attend the event to learn more about emerging treatments and therapies of age-related diseases. Their ideas are central toward providing treatments that target the growth of cancer cells, Alzheimer’s disease, and cellular damage. Building the rejuvenation biotechnology sector and offering preventive strategies are priorities too. SENS Research exists as a private company that supports scientists, researchers, and healthcare practitioners. It also supports entrepreneurs seeking to venture in the development of treatment methods for patients. Jason Hope joined in the company’s efforts to come up with a viable solution for expanding anti aging research.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated one of his notable contribution of $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. The generous donation, as well as the contributions of other like-minded individuals, was used to construct the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The organization also utilized some of its donations to start a new research program based on finding anti-aging treatment for age-related diseases. In one of his recent interviews, Jason Hope reiterates the fact that he was pleased to be part of the foundation’s funding venture, where he would spearhead the movement of finding the best treatment for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and lung disease. He added that SENS Research Foundation would offer therapies to patients who have such conditions since they affect the body and mind.

Toward that end, SENS Research Foundation has created a program called AGE-Breaker. For a treatment to fit the breaker standards, it has to be breakable through advanced glycation end products. Jason Hope is confident that the treatment method will enable elderly patients to access better treatment. About Jason Hope is a serial entrepreneur and a committed philanthropist. Born in Tempe, Arizona, he studied finance at the Arizona State University. He also went to the W.P. Carey Business School for an MBA. Today, he spends most of his time coming up with his viable strategies for business. He is admired by many youths who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Hope believes that commitment shapes a person’s career.


Who Is Felipe Montoro Jens?

Felipe Montoro Jéns may be the CEO of EnergiparCáptaçãó T. A. This individual also acts as the Chairman of Concessionária perform Centro Administrativo perform Distrito Federal government H. A. Felipe provides many years of encounter in finance, ánd financial technique for both people and companies. A big párt of this experience came from his period in Santo António Energia since thé Movie director.

Generally, Felipe Montoro Jéns specializes in infrastructuré. Which includes economic waste materials, and getting solutions that condition government authorities, in addition to companies can utilize to get rid of waste and be more rewarding, ánd accountable financially.

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Jens pursued á business level at the Getulio Vargas Base. This school is among the best in Brazil, and it’s been offering quality businéss schooling since the inception in 1944. Right here, Jens could join at the very top group designed for académic schooling, and the institution providéd him with the data and abilities he had a need to get his begin in the competitive business world.

After graduation, Jéns was prepared to face the fierce competition of the business enterprise world. Even though thére can be under no circumstances an assurance for new workers, Jens quickly discovered his footing in the organization globe of Brazilian businéss. During this time period in his profession, Jens was under no circumstances standing up still. This individual accepted several plank affiliations, which allowed him to broaden his experience into new sectors.

Jens didn’t end his educational uses right now there. In fact, successful companies will most likely possess worldwide holdings. Jens’ ambitión to determine himself as a significant portion of the business community required an international leaning. For this reason this individual continuing his education át the Thunderbird College of Global Administration. This illustrious businéss college is a part of Arizona Condition University. This program is extreme ánd challenging, but its network of alumni is definitely reputed through the entire business community all over the world.