Dr. Sameer Jejurikar-A Plastic Surgeon That Can Be Counted On

People will decide to engage in cosmetic surgery for a wide array of reasons. Some have the expectation that they will look younger. Others may be looking for a way to change a particular physical feature about themselves that they have always been unhappy with. Whatever the reason, making the decision to get plastic surgery is a highly personal one and choosing a plastic surgeon should be researched thoroughly and each candidate considered with the utmost care.

If located in the Dallas, Texas region and considering cosmetic surgery, look no further than Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. Board-certified and a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jejurikar has been practicing for almost twenty years. He obtained his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been mastering the art of cosmetic surgery ever since. His experience lies with specializing in surgery for the eyes, face, body, breast and nose.

Dr. Jejurikar has a sensitive and comforting bedside manner that puts his patients at ease. He has a track record of providing thorough examinations and answering patient’s questions clearly and appropriately. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides patients with a satisfaction that their surgery will conducted with careful precision to achieve the best result possible. He takes his time with each client and builds a level of trust; from the beginning of the process all the way through to final result.

The decision as to whether or not plastic surgery is appropriate is specific to each individual. Each person’s body is a unique entity. Should one decide to partake in cosmetic surgery, consider Dr. Jejurikar. With his extensive experience, caring disposition and proven track record, one is always in good hands when working with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Find out more about Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Sameer_Jejurikar.html

Omeed Malik’s Life and Career

Omeed Malik’s parents are Iranian and Pakistani, but he was born in New Jersey. Raised by traditional and immigrant parents, he learned to respect and how to appreciate his diverse upbringing. He graduated from Colgate University in 2001 and then earned a Juris Doctor from Emory University’s School of Law in 2006.

After Mr. Malik graduated from law school, he transitioned his way into finance and joined MF Global. It was there he became a senior advisor to Jon Corzine, former governor, US senator, and Goldman Sachs senior partner. Omeed Malik started a new career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; he worked hard for his new position: Head of Global Capital and Head of Americas Prime Brokerage Organization.

Through his diverse expertise in the finance sector, he was able to bring about a different approach for the next move in his finance jobs. Omeed Malik has an enthusiasm for the development and progress of his business and his personal life. He moved away from Bank of America and founded Farvahar Partners, which is a type of merchant bank. Farvahar Partners works carefully with other businesses to deliver capital services and consultative services. Mr. Malik has a high performance, and his resume speaks for itself; he is a sought after man when it comes to businesses needing a professional in investment.

Interviewed by a major news network, Omeed Malik shared his viewpoints of public and private finance sectors. He is highly respected in his realm and has done so by his intelligence, skill, and charm. Mr. Malik is shedding light onto hard to discuss topics; he wants to aid other businesses so they can also achieve their lofty goals.

Contact Omeed Malik: medium.com/@omeedmalik

Sharon Prince, Hopeful Space Matters


Sharon and her husband, Robert Prince are the founders of Grace Farms and the Grace Farms Foundation. The Grace Farms Foundation was founded in 2009, and they purchased 80 acres of land in 2015 called “Grace Farms.” Grace Farms is free of admission and open to the public six days a week.

There are several activities at Sharon Prince Grace farms, along with a river building, which was built to break down the barriers between people. There is a library, garden, church, fishing ponds, park, walking trail, and more. The place sits on 80 acres of beautiful land, which is a great place to go and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are also over 80 bird breeds that have been spotted. And the view is beautiful throughout every season.

Sharon is the president of Grace Farms. Sharon Prince had a big vision when seeking the property. She believes that powerful open spaces can make a difference in the life of many, and can bring good into the world.

She has built an incredible team to help run the place. Her team all have been built on the fields of nature, arts, justice, community, and faith. Sharon Prince is also a part of an organization called Freedom Needs Fighters, that works to end modern day slavery.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a peaceful place full of wonder and several learning experiences. In hopeful spaces matter, they are trying to advance as much good in the world as they can. Everyone is invited to visit Grace farms and join their hopeful spaces matter.

Hopeful space matters is a place to discuss the problems in the world, and the hope that comes along with unity. In Sharon’s own words, “And joy is not always talking about joy, but it is also talking about sorrow and despair, so we will know what joy is.” Go Here to learn more.


View source: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/17/arts/design/thespiritual-and-spectacular-meet-at-an-ultramodern-community-center-in-connecticut.html

Isabel Dos Santos Shares How Entrepreneurship Is Spreading Across Africa

During the first two decades of her career, Isabel dos Santos earned over $2 billion. She invested in companies that are diversified across multiple sectors. She is the wealthiest woman in Africa and has used some of her money to expand her philanthropic work. She has created many opportunities for young Africans to advance their careers and become entrepreneurs, especially women.

She has helped women create businesses in the agricultural industry. By creating thriving farms that use environmentally friendly practices, these women boost the local economy by bringing in money from elsewhere and providing jobs. This also leads to a more stable supply of food. Isabel dos Santos has taught them how to grow and manage their businesses and what technologies are available to help get the most out of their farms.

A large amount of her wealth has been derived from the telecommunications industry. Her company, Unitel, built a nationwide network through which people can place phone calls and access the internet. Isabel dos Santos says there is a modernization trend across Africa that is unleashing that continent’s economic output. Increasingly, Africans are involved in the global economy. She sees great promise in providing people with education in information technology, app development, and other technologies. View more on Instagram

She asks what type of world people collectively want to build. One of the important considerations is that nobody is left behind as new technology changes entire industries. Isabel dos Santos wants to help build an inclusive world where everybody has a role to play. She attended the 2018 Bloomberg Global Business Forum, which took place in New York City. At the event, she said that her concern was that decisions are being made that don’t consider how they impact Africa. These decisions were instead being made based on concerns that business leaders in the Western world have.

Writing on her blog, Isabel dos Santos wrote that there are many more entrepreneurs in Africa than ever before. Some of them are familiar faces to people all over the world. She wrote that success creates more success and she is hopeful that many more Africans will become entrepreneurs in the years to come.

Source: https://pt.everybodywiki.com/Isabel_dos_Santos

Igor Cornelsen Service in some of the Largest Investment Companies

Hard work does not only pays, but it also gets people to various places and positions. Igor Cornelsen is an excellent example to describe this. He is among the most prominent investment experts in Brazil. He was born in Brazil in 1947. He joined Parana University and pursued an engineering course. Igor Cornelsen has worked in some of the largest Brazilian investment companies which have, in turn, earned him vast experience as an investment advisor.

Igor Cornelsen changed his mind two years after his admission for an engineering course at Parana University. It was after his great interest in economic that drove him towards improving his career to economics, which he pursued in the same institution. He started working at an investment bank right after he completed his course in economics. At times, there were no calculators and computers. As a result, it was usual for engineers to pursue economics since they could apply some of the engineering methods in the calculation of compound interest. Igor Cornelsen emerged as the best in his career. As a hard worker, he managed to rise through various leadership positions gradually.

Igor Cornelsen hard work finally got him a job at Multibanco where he became one of the board of directors. Two years down the line, he got a promotion as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The bank gained tremendous success and impressed the Bank of America that finally acquired it. Igor decided to get a new job, and he moved to Unibanco. It was among the best investment company in Brazil. However, the inflation boomed in 1985, and so he decided to leave. He then moved to Libra bank. This bank offered Igor an opportunity to get his salary indoors. This company incredibly grew and developed. Igor Cornelsen potential was clearly defined and impressive. He then moved to Standard Chartered Bank in London where he served as the board member as well as a delegate for Brazil. Igor Served in this company for seven years. He has made himself a big name in the investment all over Brazil, making him one of the best investment advisors. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: https://affiliatedork.com/economic-confidence-is-improving-in-brazil-according-to-igor-cornelsen

Nitin Khanna Has An Interesting Take On His Professional Career

The fact that he came from an entrepreneurially minded family was a huge influence on the career of Nitin Khanna and it is a factor that he credits with playing a major role in him becoming an entrepreneur in the first place. His life began in India in the early 1970s and he got to witness a great deal of business-related activity during his childhood. This had a major impact on the mindset of Nitin Khanna and that impact led him down the path of eventually starting his own business in 1999 alongside his brother. They had just moved to the United States and wanted to give entrepreneurship a real shot. This business, known as Saber Software turned into quite an impressive success and great a great deal over its first decade. As a part of his work with Saber Software, Nitin Khanna developed some innovative election software that eventually ended up in twenty-one different U.S. states.

It was after his successes with Saber that Nitin Khanna decided to move onto his next business venture and found a company called MergerTech. He now serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. With MergerTech, Nitin Khanna and his team provide valuable advisory services to businesses in the areas of acquisitions and mergers.

An early day is a common occurrence for Nitin Khanna. He endeavours to be as available to his clients at all times as possible and so starting the day early helps with this. Starting work early in the day is a great way to get caught up with any emails from the night before so that his inbox is always kept under control. Rising early also gives Nitin a chance to have some time in the morning with his family before becoming fully immersed in his work day.

Days at the office for Nitin Khanna tend to involved spending a good amount of time thinking about where opportunities exist in order to grow. He also spends a large percentage of the day addressing issues on a personal level. This mindset has helped Nitin Khanna to consistently maintain a high level of success in all his business dealings.

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Sadie Keller Impact on Affected Cancer Kids and Families

Sadie Keller is a survivor of Acute Leukemia and is ten years. She is the motivation behind the mission of Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation is committed to empowering and supporting children and families struggling with cancer. For families who have young patients and feel terrified due to the illness, the foundation is there offer love, support, and care. Also, they want more resources to be allocated to cancer research institutes to curb pediatric cancer. By doing this, they will be able to transform lives and innovate better treatment. It will lead to fast therapy and early diagnosis of the illness.

Her inspiration by making videos

Sadie Keller began taking videos talking about her experiences with battling cancer as a kid. It was only two months after she knew about her illness. The purpose of creating those videos was to assist other kids who felt scared. Also, she was able to make them aware of what they should expect in the future. The videos became a source of strength and inspiration for numerous childhood cancer patients. She acted as a role model to the ailing kids suffering in silence and have inadequate support in their growth.

Her involvement and partnership to fight cancer

Sadie Keller videos got broadcasted on ESPN concerning the cancer research program. Later, she started to work with The Truth 365, which is a documentary film. It is a social media campaign which offers a voice for kids fighting all types of cancer. When she was struggling with cancer, she managed to be an outspoken advocate for families undergoing the same issue. The primary purpose of Sadie Keller Foundation is to improve awareness and offer support for families. Also, it intends to motivate more allocation to cancer research facilities for kids. By doing this, they will assist more children to continue with their usual activities like playing with other kids.

Academy Of Art Univeristy Prepares Students For Careers

Academy of Art University is the place where many people have come to explore. College is a time to grow. College is a time to evolve. College is where many people find their purpose and place in the world. Academy of Art University is a place that has spent the past ninety years dedicating their insulation to students who want to advance in their purpose, in the world and in their career. Academy of Art University still is the go to place for many creatives who want to flourish creatively and professionally. Their host of degree and certificate programs allow creatives to discover their purpose and to become educated about many various creative disciplines.


Emerging talent is something the university promotes heavily. They work to create a platform and opportunities for newcomers to evolve in their talent. Film students sit in on films. Fashion students participate in fashion shows. Artists get the chance to showcase their art. These are just a few examples of how the Academy of Art University helps propel the future of their emerging talent.

Exposure is key to the learning environment of the Academy of Art University. The university exposes students by offering them internships, by hiring staff who have professional experience, by creating partnerships with employers seeking talent and by truly connecting with students to learn their interest. The success of these students starts long before graduation. Their college career with the school helps them to gain what is necessary for them to become highly successful career professionals.

The history of this fine private institution starts back generations ago. They are truly a family business with the company being passed down from one owner to the next within the same family. The couple that began the school had previous experience in advertising working for a magazine. They launched this school as a place for people to get educated about advertising. When enrollment picked up the transferred to a larger location and expanded their curriculum. Today, the school boasts dozens of degree programs and have a very large campus. The school’s history is a part of their foundation, growth and future plans for success.

Tim Ioannides Raises Awareness Of Skin Cancer

With many medical fields in the country few are as unique as Medical Dermatology. Medical Dermatology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and care of many skin related concerns. Tim Ioannides leads the practice with his professional team at Treasure Coast Dermatology clinic to provide excellent patient care. With 15 years of tenured knowledge from some very notable universities in the country and business experience, Tim Ioannides hopes to make an impact in the Florida counties in which he serves.

Tim Ioannides is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology in the state of Florida. For many years Tim Ioannides and his professional team has built a strong patient care relationships in several counties in Florida. He first acquired many of his patients by actively treating their skin concerns, informing patients about skin care and providing a friendly, companionate environment toward his patients. Tim Ioannides continues his medical dermatology practice in Indian River, Martin and Port St. Lucie counties in Florida.

Tim Ioannides has an extensive history of education. He attended The University Of Miami School Of Medicine. After receiving his medical degree Tim Ioannides went on to intern at The University Of Florida School Of Medicine, Health And Science Center. Today Tim Ioannides volunteers as Associate Professor at the medical university. He has never forgotten his many years of experience at The University Of Miami School of Medicine and serving as Associate Professor is Tim Ioannides many ways he gives back to his medical community.

As Tim Ioannides provides Medical Dermatology care, he is very concerned about the growing number of skin cancer patients. Florida has one of the highest rates of skin cancer patients at 7%. Tim Ioannides wants to educate patients and raise awareness to many individuals about skin care, safety and reduce the growing rate of skin cancer patients. By reducing skin cancer and other skin related concerns, Tim Ioannides and his professional team can make a difference in the quality of life for many patients.

Tim Ioannides’s: Twitter.

For The Next Generation: Nick Sarnicola

Nick Sarnicola is a man who has worked hard to get where he is today. He is also a man who wants to make the world a better place by giving back to others. He has been working on these principles in his businesses for more than twenty years. He wants people to take action and live their lives to the fullest extent. He is a man who motivates people to get things done. He tells people to stop dreaming about what they want to do and start acting on those dreams to make them become a reality. that is why Nick Sarnicola has become such a success over the years.

One of the jobs that he has is being one of the founders and CEO of a business called ViSalus. The company started in 2005 and has been growing steadily ever since. The founders wanted their vision of healthier people to become a reality. Nick Sarnicola did not just let the idea sit in his and his friends’ heads. They took action to make that dream a reality. Now ViSalus has grown to have businesses around the world. In 2019 the founders of ViSalus held a conference in Italy this year and here is what happened. Check out Nick Sarnicola on his youtube channel.

The conference was put together in order to recognize the people behind the success of ViSalus in Italy. Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen wanted to use the conference to promote two new products and congratulate their salespeople on a great year of hard work. The group also heard more success stories from people who have taken the ninety day Vi Challenge. It has helped many people over the years lead more active and healthy lives. The conference was a huge success for the company and they are already looking forward to next year.

This is why dreams can pay off big. Nick Sarnicola has illustrated that he can do what he loves and never work a da in his life. He is passing these skills on to the future generations of entrepreneurs. This is how a person can climb the ladder and be successful as well.

Learn more: https://www.zoominfo.com/directory/person/nick-sarnicola/8664404?utm_source=discoverorg