Omeed Malik’s Life and Career

Omeed Malik’s parents are Iranian and Pakistani, but he was born in New Jersey. Raised by traditional and immigrant parents, he learned to respect and how to appreciate his diverse upbringing. He graduated from Colgate University in 2001 and then earned a Juris Doctor from Emory University’s School of Law in 2006.

After Mr. Malik graduated from law school, he transitioned his way into finance and joined MF Global. It was there he became a senior advisor to Jon Corzine, former governor, US senator, and Goldman Sachs senior partner. Omeed Malik started a new career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; he worked hard for his new position: Head of Global Capital and Head of Americas Prime Brokerage Organization.

Through his diverse expertise in the finance sector, he was able to bring about a different approach for the next move in his finance jobs. Omeed Malik has an enthusiasm for the development and progress of his business and his personal life. He moved away from Bank of America and founded Farvahar Partners, which is a type of merchant bank. Farvahar Partners works carefully with other businesses to deliver capital services and consultative services. Mr. Malik has a high performance, and his resume speaks for itself; he is a sought after man when it comes to businesses needing a professional in investment.

Interviewed by a major news network, Omeed Malik shared his viewpoints of public and private finance sectors. He is highly respected in his realm and has done so by his intelligence, skill, and charm. Mr. Malik is shedding light onto hard to discuss topics; he wants to aid other businesses so they can also achieve their lofty goals.

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