Matt Badiali is Recommending Investors to Invest in the Growing Marijuana Industry

In the recent past, the growth, use, and legalization of Marijuana have been on the rise not only in the US but globally. In the US, Oklahoma becomes the most recent state to legalize the use of cannabis for limited purposes, such as in the medical industry. More than 25 states in the US have already legalized the use of cannabis but in limited cannabis. It is not only the US that the use of Marijuana is becoming increasingly allowed, but also other nations are beginning to accept and have seen the tremendous benefits of Marijuana such as Canada. Read more about Matt on

Canada becomes the latest state in the G7 group to legalize the use of Marijuana. Canada by October is expected to legalize cannabis use in all its provinces. The news that Canada is going to allow the use of all forms of Marijuana in all its provinces has been well received by Investors. According to Matt Badiali investors wants to have a share of the billion dollar industry. In 2017 the legal marijuana Industry was estimated to be worth more than 6 billion in the US alone. With increased acceptance of the product in many states and nations is expected to push the figure even higher and Badiali says this is the right time that investors should start investing in the industry as it is set to explode.

Matt Badiali is such an authority in the investment industry and has decades of experience in research, market analysis, and in the financial investment sector. About 90 percent of what Badiali predicts in the investment sector comes to pass. Badiali makes investment decisions after doing extensive research and analysis of the market. Badiali is an alma mater of both Penn University and Florida Atlantic University where he pursued an undergraduate and master’s degree in geology respectively. Badiali is a hands-on person and has traveled far and wide to conduct market research and see firsthand investment opportunities. Some of the investment regions that Badiali has traveled to include Singapore, Switzerland, and Papua New Guinea, among others. Badiali currently is an editor of the Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing. He authors articles on lucrative investment opportunities and has a successfully been able to command a massive following.